Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blogopalypse: Unceremoniously 86'd

The UAA Hockey Fan Blog will no longer be credentialed by UAA.  Yesterday I sent what I thought was a housekeeping email regarding 2012-13 credentials ... same as I'd done in the past.  Then today I receive word that the UAA Athletic Department (in a decision Steve Cobb fully supports) will no longer supply the credentials.

Well isn't that an unpleasant surprise just days before I leave town.  Why?  Because I won't keep fighting battles that I've already fought and won.  Content here is my choice and I've honestly endeavored to strike a balance between my style and content for all readers.  I have no illusions that some content offended some people.  So what?  Be offended and move on.  Don't like colorful language?  Stay off the internet.

Their decision to pull my credentials is up to them.  They credentialed this blog for three years, I've been writing for what ... like 7? But, I'm not one to walk back into a bar that 86'd me.  You get kicked out of a joint arbitrarily and unceremoniously you don't go back in ... it's a Man Rule or something. Anyway,  it's a message that they don't want you there.  Message received.  I think I've done my share of promoting their program.

It's important to note here the awesome help I've received from Dallas Baldwin.  Thanks for everything Dallas ... it's been my honor to have been associated with you.  Thanks also to the wonderful Jane Pallister who so often simply took care of whatever I needed and always did so with grace and humor.

By the way.  Mike Peluso will have his number retired by the program.  I fucking made that happen.  Suck it Tim McDeffit.  It's Dunlop ...  With an "O".

Lastly, I'll still be at the Buckaroo Club on Thursday night at 7pm and hope to see those of you who still like me ....

Sunday, September 09, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Before I get to the Sophomore and Freshman class previews (coming soon) I thought I'd give everyone a little story.  I'm leaving Alaska for Chicago this coming Saturday but mostly everything else here will be the same.  I'll be hosting (not as in "buying" though) an opportunity for anyone who is interested to come say goodbye in person.