Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Seawolves: Alabama Bound

If the team has been as inactive as this blog over the holidays then it could be seriously bad news for our guys in Huntsville this weekend. Don't think for a moment that this Chargers team isn't capable of some WCHA points against UAA this weekend. Cos they are. Let's hope that the Seawolf players relaxed and recreated over the holidays but stayed competitively focused. 

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Brett Cameron 4 - The Beav 4

Sitting here during intros just hoping for a better performance tonight. I don't think last night was bad but I also think this team is honestly capable of much more. Let's see if they can repeat their game from two weekends ago eh; dominate them guys! Please.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Seawolves 3 - The Beav 3

An generally evenly played game ended up with an even score. There was good and bad play at various points from our guys. Goaltending was good. Defense had a few mistakes but not costly ones. We had scoring chances that didn't get finished; so did The Beav. 

No Bemidji Preview: Blame Crime

So earlier tonight while I was performing my last zam of the evening some ruthless criminal went into the office at Dempsey Anderson and stole my backpack. Yesterday, today and tomorrow were my days to complete my move to my new digs. And so everything of note in my life was in my backpack; Birth Certificate, Passport, DD214, Seawolves Media Pass, prescription sunglasses and a host of other papers and things relevant to living one's life.

Did you know that as a victim of crime you have to pay six dollars to receive a copy of the report that you've made about the crime? Delightful.

Enjoy the games this weekend. Go Seawolves.