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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Kendall Tournament Preview: St. Cloud State University

For a long time I was more familiar with SCSUs team than any other WCHA team. Since the old WCHA's collapse and reassembly ... I haven't given their hockey program a second thought. So I know little more about them than I do ASU. They're *17 in the preseason poll.  Let's learn a little about this year's Huskies.

College Hockey Inc Podcast with Matt Thomas

Here's a nice 12 minute interview from College Hockey Inc. that they posted yesterday. The interview was conducted during the BCHL Showcase where Coach Thomas was scouting. I enjoyed it. It'll be great to see the action this weekend; I'm even looking forward to watching the UA_ v. SCSU game.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Kendall Tournament Preview: The ASU Sun Devils

What's a Sun Devil? Clap, clap ... clap clap clap. You'd think such a question would find a bevy of Google reponses. Alas, it takes more than surfing a Wikipedia article or two to get the answer. And yeah, I still don't have the answer after 15 mins. 

Monday, October 05, 2015

Rumor Quash Central: Sully Will Be Ready

I've been getting questioned and hearing rumors that the Sullivan Arena renovations will not be complete for this weekend. Man, that would be the suck. Well, being that it's crunch time I thought I'd check out things for myself. So, I stopped by the joint and took a look.

The boards are in. The new glass is being installed. The seating is 99% installed. I'd expect them to slush the rink and start flooding it pretty quickly. The place didn't look much different that it would have any Monday afternoon of the tournament week in any other year. Ok, different colors.

I spoke with an unnamed authoritative source. The place will be ready to go. Have no fear. If someone asks you or questions whether or not it will really be ready you can now tell them it's game on and you can say Donald said so.