Monday, September 29, 2014

Preseason Media/Coaches Polls: Seawolves 6th & 7th

In a league where most everyone thinks that every team has improved since last season, the Seawolves have been picked to finish 6th by the Media and 7th by the Coaches.  Last season UAA finished the regular season in 6th place with 28 points.  3rd place Bowling Green and UA_ had 30 points each with 5th going to MTU at 29 points.  7th place NMU finished the year with 27 points. Needless to say it was very very close in the middle of the pack.

The voting this year reflects that closeness to some degree.  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Charlie Sokaitis Interviews Matt Thomas

In case you didn't see it … This interview was on Sunday Sept. 21st on Charlie Sokaitis' "The Show" from KTUU TV.  I spent about an hour trying to figure out how/where to add a "time" parameter to this code (I could do it for other YouTube or Flash players but not this one) which makes this video on this page.  I was unsuccessful sooooo … in order to skip to the portion of the video where the interview begins; go to 17:35.

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It's a typical preseason interview and Coach Thomas sounds pretty positive about the upcoming season.

Green and Gold Game Report

The Green and Gold game tonight was a pretty fun event.  The evening started with an informal meet & greet on the concourse of the Wells Fargo Sports Center.  Hot dogs, chips, cookies and juice were enjoyed while chatting with players and staff.  I was personally happy to meet the new folks I met and thrilled to see people I've known from the rink for a long time.  At 6:30 the Skate With The Seawolves portion of the evening kicked off and lots of kids seemed to have a good time skating with the little ones.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What I Love About Our Juniors

Last night I emphasized our Senior class; tonight it's the Junior's turn.  First though a reminder that tomorrow night is the Green/Gold intrasquad game preceded by the Meet & Greet with food beginning at 5:30pm.  Between the Meet & Greet and the game will be a Skate With The Seawolves session.  Make sure to bring the young 'uns for this.  Between periods of the intrasquad games there will be a skills competition i.e… fastest skater, hardest shot etc.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What I Love About Our Seniors

As is almost always the case in NCAA Division 1 Hockey, upperclassmen are the key to success for each program.  Every team of the 59 will live and die based on the performances of their returning players.  Once in a while a Thomas Vanek shows up and destroys the paradigm I've just established.  But that's so so rare as to not consider it a real factor.  This year's Seawolves' success will be based on what our veterans produce.  And as a whole, I'm pretty stoked about the potential.  Lemme splain why and how I love our vets …

Friday, September 19, 2014

Catching Up, Staying In Touch, Going Forward

Walking into the Sullivan Arena today was a somewhat surreal experience for me.  I didn't think two years was a long time but it felt like a long time since I'd been there.  It was nice to have another concrete experience since arriving Monday night to help give me a sense of home.  The first was the crisp clean fall air I noticed when I arrived.  The second was not having to look down at Google Maps on my iPhone to figure out where the heck I am every 15 minutes.  Man, I was straight up LOST so many times over the last two years.  Taking a wrong turn and going a mile out of your way is a big deal when you're travelling by bike.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Pick-A-Seat" On Thursday - Don't Forget

Mother of a 11 year old to son: "Are you going to the movies?"
11 year old: "Wut"
Mother: "I asked if you are going to the movies ..."
11 year old: "No.  Why are you asking that?"
Mother: "Because I see you're picking your seat already."
Son immediately stops scratching his butt.

Sorry, I can't help but have that visual for the phrase "Picking Your Seat".  Thank goodness that UAA's Athletic Department called Thursday's event "Pick-A-Seat" instead. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

This ... Also That

Saw this pic on Reddit.  Had to share it.

Also the Pick-A-Seat event is this coming Wednesday, September 18th.  Here's the relevant text from
On Thursday, Sept. 18, Seawolf Hockey will hold its Pick-A-Seat gathering from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Sullivan Arena. Whether pre-purchasing or buying on the spot, fans who buy season tickets at the event will receive a complementary lunch.  
The UAA Hockey team will host 16 games at Sullivan Arena in 2014-15, starting with the Kendall Hockey Classic, Oct. 11-12. The Seawolves are coming off their best season in 20 years, including a berth in the 2014 WCHA Final Five.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pictures Of The 2014-15 Seawolves Rookies

Here's your 2014-15 Rookie pictures:  It's a group of good looking young men.  The interesting side note for me is that of all 9 guys none of their last names are in the 2nd half of the alphabet.  Hopefully that means something good.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Latest Athletic Department Presser

Keith Hackett hosted a press conference a couple of days ago to talk about Dr. Cobb and his contributions to the opening of the Alaska Airlines Center.  He correctly credits Steve Cobb for his efforts to bring the new center to fruition.  

In terms of hockey there's some benefit in the new center even though it's not a home for the team. The training opportunities are available and with all the other sports moving out of the Wells Fargo there'll be lots of room for the hockey team.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

2014-2015 Seawolves Hockey Preview

There's much room for optimism for 2014-2015 edition of the Seawolves Hockey team.  The bad news is that Matt Bailey (20-18) and Jordan Kwas (13-19) took 33 goals with them when they graduated last season.  The good news is that the next 14 highest scoring players are returning.  The top three; Blake Tatchell (7-25), Scott Allen (17-14) and Brett Cameron (10-13) return 34 goals.  Sophomore Brad Duwe (7-1) headlines the rest of the returners.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

It's Not a "Great" Day To Be a Seawolf

Dr. Steve Cobb had much to do with this blog's existence.  Conversations I had with him nearly a dozen years ago led to me starting this.  His support and encouragement helped me grow it to eventually gain credentials from UAA Athletics.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Don't Come Here, Go There

I'm not here anymore.  My email address for this blog will also disappear soon.  Send me a message at if you need my forwarding address.  Good luck Seawolves.  I have been and will continue to follow as a fan.  But not as a blogger.  I'm not shutting this down because the name will get stolen if I do and whatever history is here should remain.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blogopalypse: Unceremoniously 86'd

The UAA Hockey Fan Blog will no longer be credentialed by UAA.  Yesterday I sent what I thought was a housekeeping email regarding 2012-13 credentials ... same as I'd done in the past.  Then today I receive word that the UAA Athletic Department (in a decision Steve Cobb fully supports) will no longer supply the credentials.

Well isn't that an unpleasant surprise just days before I leave town.  Why?  Because I won't keep fighting battles that I've already fought and won.  Content here is my choice and I've honestly endeavored to strike a balance between my style and content for all readers.  I have no illusions that some content offended some people.  So what?  Be offended and move on.  Don't like colorful language?  Stay off the internet.

Their decision to pull my credentials is up to them.  They credentialed this blog for three years, I've been writing for what ... like 7? But, I'm not one to walk back into a bar that 86'd me.  You get kicked out of a joint arbitrarily and unceremoniously you don't go back in ... it's a Man Rule or something. Anyway,  it's a message that they don't want you there.  Message received.  I think I've done my share of promoting their program.

It's important to note here the awesome help I've received from Dallas Baldwin.  Thanks for everything Dallas ... it's been my honor to have been associated with you.  Thanks also to the wonderful Jane Pallister who so often simply took care of whatever I needed and always did so with grace and humor.

By the way.  Mike Peluso will have his number retired by the program.  I fucking made that happen.  Suck it Tim McDeffit.  It's Dunlop ...  With an "O".

Lastly, I'll still be at the Buckaroo Club on Thursday night at 7pm and hope to see those of you who still like me ....

Sunday, September 09, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Before I get to the Sophomore and Freshman class previews (coming soon) I thought I'd give everyone a little story.  I'm leaving Alaska for Chicago this coming Saturday but mostly everything else here will be the same.  I'll be hosting (not as in "buying" though) an opportunity for anyone who is interested to come say goodbye in person.

Monday, August 27, 2012

2012-2013 Junior Class (Plus 1)

This seasons junior class is now Matt Bailey, Brett Cameron, Rob Gunderson, Chris Kamal, Andrew Pickering and Quinn Sproule.  I'd thought Jordan Kwas was amongst these guys when I started this post but ....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012-2013 Senior Class

Here's the first of the "class" previews for the season. I've provided some brief highlights and tried to focus on some individual things that each of these players could bring to the table to help the team succeed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear 2012-2013 Freshman Class

There's a few things we need to talk about.  First of all, welcome to "The Greatland".  That's what us arrogant Alaskans call the state we live in.  I know you think it's "The Last Frontier" but come on, outer space is "The Final Frontier"; so calling Alaska "The Last" is horribly inaccurate. 

Friday, August 03, 2012

Finally Eh?

It's been a fully delightful break for me since the season ended.  Years of year round focus on Seawolves Hockey does come with a price in personal time.  So I took lots of time off.  With that explained and excused, onto a big announcement.  I'm moving.  To Chicago.  Around September 15th.  What does that mean here?  It should mean very little actually.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

WCHA Playoffs versus Minnesota

Nothing short of last year's effort and execution in two playoff wins versus the Gophers will likely result in success this year.  There are plenty of guys on the squad that know exactly what that took.  There's more than a couple of rookies who could step up in big ways.  Everyone has to play their best hockey game of the year as individuals and combine that with a committed team effort.  Nothing short of that.

That's what I think.  Share your thoughts in the comments.  I won't be doing any sort of live chat during the games other than the Chatango box in the right column.  If I can work the iphone magic.  The game is on GCI Channel 1 and Fox Sports North (whatever channel).

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Post Game Interviews vs Bemidji State 3-3-12

And so ends another regular season of Seawolf Hockey. Although it is one that many of us would seemingly like to forget I hope that many of us will remember this season as a) The last season of a fantastic group of seniors that gave a lot to the team and to the program and b) Hopefully the beginning of something special for this large group of underclassmen.

It was disappointing not see a win for the group seniors in their last home game and certainly that seemed to be the mood of many of the players. It was great the effort put in by Brad, Curtis, Jade, and Dusan tonight, this season, and throughout their careers here at UAA. I hope for better in the playoffs and wish them luck in their futures, whatever they may be.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Post Game Interviews vs Bemidji State 3-2-12

2011-2012 Senior Tribute

It's that time of year again when after this weekend we fans won't get to see some of our favorite players in Seawolves Green and Gold on their home ice ever again.  It's always somewhat bittersweet to write these senior tributes because there's never a time when I didn't wish the NCAA had five years of eligibility in it's rulebook.

This year's graduating senior class is Brad Gorham, Curtis Leinweber, Jade Portwood and Dusan Sidor.  Finishing 4 years of schooling combined with playing this level of hockey is an accomplishment to be hailed.  These four young men represent the pinnacle of what being a successful NCAA student-athlete is all about.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recruit Blake Tatchell Named SJHL League MVP

UAA Seawolves recruit Blake Tatchell was today named the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey Leagues Most Valuable Player for the 2011-2012 regular season.  Below is the text from the SJHL announcement.
1991 F Blake Tatchell (North Battleford SK) finished second in the SJHL scoring race with 42-goals and 44-assists.  He also finished 31-points ahead of the next highest scoring player on his team.   In addition, the Stars were pretty much guaranteed a win whenever Tatchell recorded two points or more.  His hockey career will continue next Fall at Alaska-Anchorage (NCAA Div I).
The North Stars finished 2nd in the 6 team Bauer Divison with a 41-15-0-2 record in 58 games.  Tatchell, a 5'10" 180lb left-handed center played in 57 games.  The North Stars have a bye in the first round of the league playoffs.

Congratulations to Blake on this very nice recognition.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recruit Blake Leask Named AJHL Top Defenseman

UAA Seawolves recruit Blake Leask of the AJHL's Bonnyville Pontiacs has received that league's W.G. (Bill) Scott Memorial Trophy designating him as the "Outstanding Defenceman" for this season.  Below is the text from the announcement.
 Blake Leask of the Bonnyville Pontiacs has been selected as the Top Defenceman for the 2012-2012 AJHL Season. The award is given annually to the defensive player who demonstrates the greatest all-round ability in the position throughout the season.
Leask led all AJHL defencemen in scoring with 49 points and was second overall in team scoring. During the 2011-2012 regular season, Leask recorded his first AJHL hat trick, 8 powerplay goals, 2 game winners, and enjoyed 7 games in which he scored 3 or more points. Leask was awarded the Pro Hockey Life Star of the Game five times.
Congratulations to Blake on this nice award.  I'm betting that we'll see more of him at forward here at UAA than we will of him playing on the blueline.

There'll be a comprehensive recruit update here following the season.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Post Game Interviews vs UAF

82 ain't pretty, but it still counts. The Seawolves took the lead in the Governor's Cup with a 3-2 win over Nanooks. It wasn't pretty, in fact the first period had me yelling for them to wake up (sorry guys, but like many UAA alum I don't take poor play against UAF very well). UAA came back in the second period, getting a quick goal from Eric Scheid. UAA then got a bit of a break, Kory Roy was hauled down on a breakaway and given a penalty shot (karma of the water bottle I said, one that didn't get called two years ago). He missed and on the ensuing faceoff Curtis Leinweber scored one past Greeneggsandham for a 2-1 lead. Brett Cameron scored the game winner on a sharp angle shot that went off eggsandham's stick. UAF got one back that needed a review to count but the Seawolves played well down the stretch and got some great saves from Chris Kamal (Rob Gunderson reportedly picked up an injury in practice and did not dress).

At least a point tomorrow and the Cup comes home. On another note, if you can't be in Fairbanks please head out to the Wells Fargo Center and watch the UAA Womens BBall team play UAF. Both games are important as, if my research is correct, no UAF team has beaten UAA this school year and these are the last two meetings. I Want A Clean Sweep! Go Seawolves!

Also: I'm hitting the road and will be up in Fairbanks. I can't guarantee interviews but I will taking some video highlighting the road trip.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Seawolves Burned In Last 10 Minutes

Losing by a big margin in the WCHA can carry the burden of shame.  Such a thing is not the case for the Seawolves after losing 8-3 to St. Cloud tonight.  Why?  Because tonight's game didn't turn into a blowout until about the 10 minute mark of the 3rd period.  It wouldn't be the first time a team ran out of gas on the road in the last 10 minutes of a two game road series.  No shame in that.

For 110 out of 120 minutes this weekend the Seawolves played exactly the kind of hockey that they'll need this next weekend against Fairbanks and during the last furlong of the WCHA season and playoffs.  There were lots of bright spots and things we can look forward to.

Hopefully there aren't too many hung heads on the trip home.  This team should actually be feeling pretty confident.  We've all been saying here that they've been playing good hockey and well ... they have.  So I can imagine this is a team that will come back hungry to take care of the state bragging rights business.  And one that going forward will have something to prove to it's WCHA opponents.

Finally, just let me say that there is too much good going in with the team for me to spend any time thinking about or concerning myself with that last 10 mintues.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blaine's Eric Scheid Ends Drought with OT GWG vs. St. Cloud

Thank god nobody can say that UAA hasn't beaten SCSU on National Hockey Center ice anymore.  More appropriately, thank Eric Scheid as he scored the Seawolves first and last goal of the night.  I didn't see the game so this entry is about nothing other than putting that long stat of not winning in that joint behind us.

The Seawolves did everything to get a win a couple of years ago as a clock adjustment in the last 30 seconds gave St. Cloud the extra portions of a second along with the clock person at the NHC starting the clock VERY slowly.  It took a 6 on 4 extra attacker and power play to deny that win with .1 second left in the game.  

That night the Seawolves weren't able to score the game winner in OT.  Tonight Eric Scheid picked up that responsibility with his second goal.  I hope Eric's family was at the game to see it.

Good on the boys for the nice win.  That is all.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Post Game Interviews vs Minnesota State 2-11

A really short interview from Coach Shyiak as your idiot blogger forgot to charge his camera and the battery died in the middle of the interview. Oops.

Another close game where a single mistake did the Seawolves in. It is often a broken record that seems to be going on this season. I will defend to the point that it is, for the most part, not Coach's fault. Some onus needs to be taken by the players on their own play. They are after all, adults and should be held responsible for their own faults and successes. A coach is only responsible for so much.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Post Game Interviews vs Minnesota State

Back to the old ways it seems. Just when things seem to get going good the Seawolves come out and lay one out. Yes, the Seawolves scored the first goal on the PP but a bad second period lead to the Seawolves being 2-1 down. Another PP goal tied things but some bad play in front of the net gave the Mavericks the winner.

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. Mistakes will be punished. It is a hard lesson that needs to be learned once and for all.