Friday, September 29, 2006


Before I go watch "Alaska" play the U-18s I figured I'd fill the void. I plan to take a sweet-riding Mac G4 Titanium and a digital camera to the game tonight and use it as a test for the season. I'm hesitant because having that gear will mean that I'll have to change my modus operandi as a fan. I can't jump up at a moments notice and scream obscenity filled tirades at the referee's with a computer in my lap. So I'll find out tonight if that is how I want to do this. I don't want to change my experience as a fan so I'm hoping just to use the computer to take notes so I can give a more accurate account of the game.

Now to the linkages. Eric Carlson up in Fairbanks has been posting on his Alaska Nanooks Hockey site much more frequently as the season gets closer. From following their recruits with their junior teams to giving a rundown of all preseason activities to righteously griping about Ticketmaster and getting tickets to tonights game. Eric is "The Shit" when it comes to the Nookies so I'll try to link him often during the season. I know all of us UAA fans are anxious to know the scoop up there. I didn't give direct links to the posts because there's just a ton of stuff you should go read.

In the WCHA; the Wisconsin Hockey Blog has been detailing (and perhaps bemoaning a bit) the losses that Bucky suffered from last year's NCAA Championship run. But Badger Backer has a grasp on reality even if he is sandbagging the teams chances a bit. I feel sorry for them, don't you? Over at Let's Go DU dggoddard recently celebrated the 1st Anniversary of his Blog and has been doing his usual excellent job of tracking alumni, dogging the Sioux, copying/pasting articles from established media outlets and shamlessly plugging the website of some cat named Todd who has turned from hockey fan into Anchorage strip bar critic.. DG's self-admitted thievery is refreshing. Hammy at the Golden Gopher Hockey Blog covered da gophs Media Day. Lucia hates hockey in football stadiums and thinks upperclassman will determine the WCHA standings; me and Donnie are on the same page there (that's a bit creepy for me). The post has details about the players and new positions they'll play this year. The long summer slumber at Colorado College Hockey Blog has ended as cchockey posted his News and Notes a couple of weeks ago. They wake up slowly at 6,000 ft but I'll assume there'll be much more info there soon. Meanwhile MeanEgirl has a series of posts detailing MTU's skating treadmill and interviews with incoming freshman Axtell, Bunger and Vlaisavljevich. Nice to see MTU gives access for such interviews. I guess the Houghton "established media outlets" probably suck at covering the Huskies. Out in Mankato they've been busy covering alumni NHL aspirations. Sadly for them its AHL for all but Backes will probably get some time in a Blues sweater this season. Down in Goon's World there is much consternation over CHN's preseason all-american list as well as some questionable pics of his retriever on his can't wait to see exploding feathers post. RWD has recently totally ignored her blogging responsibilities but appears to have returned to use physics as some sort of excuse for that laziness, practice some text formatting, and detail the qualities of new volunteer assistant Bill Watson; all in one post! Finally, Kevin Allenspach at the St. Cloud Times continues his thorough coverage of St. Cloud.

That's a wrap up of all the WCHA Blogs that I regularly check. Go have a read.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe you are taking your Mac without having a place to put (other than your lap). My wife just got a new MacBook Pro - I can't imagine taking that thing anywhere - yikes! Maybe you can talk Woody into letting you sit by him. You know he has to have some sort of pull over on press row.

Eric J. Burton said...

Just to give you a up date on the duck hunting, I must say the feathers have been flying, and so have the ducks have been falling and I have managed to bag a few honkers as well.

Opening weekend my group of 6 shot 52 green heads and 21 honkers.
Dakota has been a retrieving fool.
The new vest works well for him.

Anonymous said...

How bad is the UAA volleyball team. Could be the worst yet.

Anonymous said...

How bad is that UAF basketball team? Theft, drug dealing, and someone from UAF helping cover it up. Not cool.

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