Sunday, January 29, 2006

Three Entries In One

Saturday Night vs. U of D
As has been the case virtually every weekend this season the Seawolves redoubled their efforts following a Friday loss. Saturday's game could have been one of complete redemption with a win but once again settling for partial redemption is as good as it gets. A glance at the box score would seem to show that UAA was dominated. The reality though is that UAA was dominated for one period on Saturday night. The first period produced a whole three shots on goal for UAA while at the same time allowing 15. It was an ugly first period that ended with the Seawolves trailing 2-0. The second saw UAA cut two goal deficits to one twice by outscoing UofD 2-1. UofD reversed that in the third for the 5-3 win.

Positives for UAA? John DeCaro played a solid game. Brent McMann scored his first goal in forever. Jay Beagle continued to show leadership by his effort. Luke Beaverson once again was defensively excellent and also continued a slowly progressing trend of contributing to the offense. His second period rush from center-ice was a classic situation for a defenseman to step up and Luke saw the opportunity and "made" McMann's goal. Justin Johnson once again was the most active player on the ice for UAA doing especially good work on the penalty kill. For the weekend the penalty kill went 2 for 14 showing it's continued good effort and play.

Another season of not living up to potential has me depressed. Looking at the players that returned this season was the overwhelming reason for my preseason optimism. I'd also expected a bump from the enthusiasm of having a new coach (especially after the previous one had kicked the program in the teeth); but that never happened. I'm left but to think we should change the name of the mascot from Spirit to Waytul (as in Waytul next year).

Visitor's Well Hosted
I'd mentioned last week that a couple of U of D fans from USCHO made the trip to Anchorage to watch the series. I was responsible for their entertainment Saturday night. Suze from USCHO (along with Mr. Suze) played tour guide Saturday and took the pair sightseeing (glaciers and mountains and such). Saturday night was an entirely different story. The urban indoor sightseeing was highlighted by an extended visit to one of Spenard's finest sightseeing destinations (PJ's). There aren't exactly any glaciers at PJ's though I'm sure I saw a couple of mountain-like protruberances for CO14er's to imagine conquering. Much Ale (and other adult beverages) accompanied the bawdy revelry at PJ's and all in all it seemed that our visitors left our fine state with an enriched view of "The Greatland" ... I think a couple of dancers left PJ's "enriched" as well. I'm pretty sure I managed throughout the evening to pay off a couple of Long Island Ice Tea's that I owe to an SCSU fan who'd graciously assigned the visiting U of D fans as surrogates. I'd be amiss if I didn't mention the excellence of our very own Booster Club president in welcoming Dubbie31 and CO14ers. Our team might be in the basement but the sky-high welcome set UAA fans apart from others this weekend.

Note to a few other fans in attendance:
Turning around after your team scores and giving the Sullivan arena crowd the double-finger is about the most assinine display from a fat-assed slob that I've ever seen. It's good that your fetid John Candy-like ass only comes to the arena once a year. I doubt that the stands could support your gargantuan form more than that.

ASS is not an obscenity. If you think it is then don't bring your chillen's to a hockey game. I'm going to say dumbASS; ASSwipe; ASS-biter; stupid-ASS and various other ASS combinations; If you don't let your little ones watch certain channels on TV where ASS is a commonly used term then don't bring them to the Sully. Either get a babysitter and come cheer the team on or learn to live with the fact that you will never be able to shield your precious kids from such horrendous vulgarities as the word ASS.

I'd think that an otherwise nice old lady in a Pioneer sweatshirt would understand that it isn't up to her to attempt to silence my loud mouth by throwing stuff at my head. But that's the virtue I guess of being a senior citizen. You get a pass on the rules that apply to the rest of us especially from the blatantly ignorant part-time John Wayne wannabe's that are employed by the Sullivan arena to handle such incidents.

On The Road vs. The Saint Cloud State Fantasies
The absolutely stunning amount of chest-pumping coming out of low-rent central Minisoduh is astonishing. After a couple of good win's the Bluffski fans are once again in the midst of a Viagra-like extended hardon about how "great" their team is. St. Cloud has had a nice little bump from their pathetic 04-05 season due primarily to one player and a new coach. In a situation much like when UAA sent Dean Talafous packing SCSU dumped their long-time mind-game playing head coach Craig Dahl and chose a UofM assistant as their new head coach. In UAA's first post-Talafous season the Seawolves won 5 more games than the previous season mostly due to the fact that they no longer had to suffer under the twisted regimentary thumb of a manic head coach. The St. Cloud team is getting that bump this year though they've improved their pathetic record substantially. Many of the (more foolish) St. Cloud faithful are talking NCAA playoffs like it's a done deal. They really are gopher-wannabe's in every sense of the word. The feigned arrogance though is laughable. I guess they think since they live down the highway from one of the all-time great D-1 programs that they are somehow in the same boat. Maybe circumstances will turn in their favor through the end of the season and the all-time leading NCAA chokers will get another shot at actually winning an NCAA game (they're 0-4 all time in the NCAA's).

UAA can do something about all the chest thumping and hardon pumping that defines St. Cloud's fanbase. They can win a game or two this weekend National Hockey Center; please. I'd like to see a win; not because UAA hasn't won at the NHC before; not because UAA needs the points in the league; not because it would give the team a little boost of confidence going into the final few weekends of the season. Not for any of that would I like to see UAA win this weekend. I'd like it to happen just to hear and see the lamentations their women (fans I mean ...).


Anonymous said...

They're 0-6.

Anonymous said...

Obsessed with St. Cloud much? Seriously...

Donald said...

Obsessed? What kind of stupid rhetorical question is that? It's the second time they've been mentioned in the blog.

I'm glad though to see that you "care".

Donald said...

And oh yeah; The whole "obsessed much" rhetoric originated in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Just another classic example of the whole "wish we were gophers" millieux that pervades the wannabes in low rent central Mini-so-duh.

MeanE said...

DTP, hope you guys are as nice to me when I come up to UAA! I want site seeing tours too! Within two years, my friend... Hopefully next year, but if not... the year after for sure.

Good luck this weekend, btw. Just enough luck to where your team does good... but stays below Tech in the WCHA standings. ;)

Anonymous said...

You guys better sweep SuCkSU to bring them back to earth.

Any news on Lawson's injury? I think it's pretty ridiculous that after Elliott gets injured there is news about him on EVERY damn site, but when Lawson gets injured there is no mention of it anywhere...PATHETIC.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that a couple of the guys who are thinking the NCAA's are a done deal include some of your favorite SCSU posters....yet the one guy you blast on a consistent basis has been the one now saying one step at a time.

And isn't it just hilarious that the picks I made at the Christmas break don't look so unrealistic right now...especially when you consider the fact that the Huskies are right now 4 points better than where I thought they would be....and your team is right where they should be....last.

Donald said...

Assume much? Where did I identify any SCSU fan as having any specific viewpoint?

Donald said...

As notorious as you have become I'm certain that UAA fans can come up with some interesting and enriching extra-curriculars whenever you do get to town.

Anonymous said...

Rabid, get over yourself. The Huskies are better right now than anyone thought they would be, INCLUDING YOU!

I don't the NCAA tourney is a given, but the Huskies DO control their own destiny, something that NO ONE thought was possible before the Denver series.

Quit acting like a newbie chest thumping, bandwagon fan and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry MEg, we'll show you a good time. You need a few days though, there's so much to do and see!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying the ride...and yes they are doing better than i thought they could...but I also saw they had this in them.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Thanks for the link, I'm going to have to frequent this site now, too. Good to get the info on all the WCHA teams.

--The mastermind behind Runninwiththedogs

MeanE said...

I'm hoping to get a few days! If I can fly up with the team, I'll have some time to explore the awesomeness that is Anchorage.

...Sorry DTP, didn't mean to turn your comments board into a chat room... =)

However, I will say that it really pisses me off that I can't capitalize my "E" on my name..... =P

Not MeanEgirl said...

I can type MeanEgirl.

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