Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Last of My Hopes

I'm not totally hopeless even though the season is pretty much in the toilet. Here's what I hope for the rest of the season:

I hope everyone in the Senior class gets to skate as many shifts as they want. Parez (if he can get back from the injury), Gilchrist, McMann, J.J. and Underwood have ALL earned the right to finish out the season playing the game for the school where they've spent the last four years.

I hope John DeCaro isn't soo busy enjoying his new family that he doesn't get the opportunity to cherish his last few games and I hope he plays every minute of the remaining regular season.

I hope Shyiak changes the lines around as much as he'd like.

I hope he sends Luke Beaverson out as a Center on the Power Play.

I hope Adam Corrin can move out of the neck and neck points race he has going with Nathan Lawson (both 0g-1a).

I hope Lawson can return for the playoffs.

I hope EVERYONE that follows UAA hockey turns up at the Sully for the last series to send the Seniors off with a well-earned ovation.

(For whatever its worth at this point) I'll supply some sort of CC/UAA preview in the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

gotta love you DTP, your unmatched support of UAA hockey should be commended. too bad other UAA fans don't have the same burning desire as you do.

dggoddard said...

Keep the faith buddy. You're still an interesting read.

Battle Hymn said...

Do you have any updates on possible returns of Lawson/Parez?

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