Thursday, May 11, 2006

Answering a Rumor

If you're a reader of the Western College Hockey Blog you might have seen mention of a rumor regarding UAA recruit Kevin Clark posted on the Northern Hockey Blog. Supposedly Kevin is having "second thoughts" about coming to UAA this fall because Keith Morris' dad is part owner of the Winnipeg South Blues.

I had a bit of an internal debate on whether to answer this rumor here. Rumors are interesting things. Once born they don't die easily. I suppose (in a way), rumors on the internet can be thought of as a sort of "thought virus". Since the earliest days of the Web these sort of "thought virii" have infected people's minds via email. The early incarnations were messages designed to propagate themselves by encouraging recipients to forward it to their friends in order to get a disabled kid a trip to Disneyland or some such other seemingly worthy project. The sole intent of the message was to get recipients to resend it. Hence my reticence in addressing it at all. Doing so just gives the rumor more life. Not doing so could lend credibility though. So ...

I write this Blog to show my support for the UAA program and because I've seen simply too many misconceptions about the program on the internet. So naturally when I read the rumor I inquired at the highest level and was told that Kevin has "confirmed" his attendance at UAA in the fall. So that's that in my eyes. One rumor refuted.

Now as I'm writing this and happen to refresh the aforementioned Blog I find another rumor posted about UAA. It's about a possible assistant and it's called "Rumor of the Week". LOL. Ok. Um ... does it really matter who Coach Shyiak brings in as assistants? Doesn't matter to me. He'll find whomever he thinks are the best guys to help implement his plan to make the UAA hockey program a feared opponent in the WCHA. In my mind, speculation about it isn't worth the time it's taken for me to write this sentence.

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Anonymous said...

It has been confirmed however, that Walsky will not be back in the fall. He wants to go play for the Gophers, but UAA will not release him so he'll be sitting a year.


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