Friday, July 14, 2006

Seawolf HOF Adds Derek Donald

Derek Donald will be inducted into the Seawolf Hall of Fame this October 15th. UAA made the announcement on July 13th. Here's the link. Along with Derek they've named Allegra Stoetzel and Harry Larrabee. All three are nice additions for lots of reasons. The ADN also has a story.

In four years at UAA Derek amassed 165 points on 74 goals and 91 assists for 4th on the all-time goals and total points list. He was one the most hard-nosed players ever at UAA. He played with the grit and determination of Justin Johnson with the hustle of Brian Kraft and a nose for the net like well ... Derek Donald. I don't ever recall him backing down from a confrontation. At 5ft 8in he always surprised and delighted fans with aggressive style. He was part of the UAA squad that beat Boston College in the 91 NCAA's (a great account of which I copied into a post at the beginning of April). Derek also cranked out a nice 239 career penalty minutes. I'm sure a few of those were slightly inappropriate or even mildly selfish but that's what scoring 20 goals a season earns you. It earns you the right to knock an opponent on their ass every once in a while and if the referee catches you; you go out your next shift and bury one. That was the kind of player I remember Derek being. I remember being proud that Derek was a product of Anchorage hockey.

Congratulations Derek. I hope the current team all attend your induction and some of that determination (and goal scoring) you showed game in and game out rubs off on them.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Derek!

Whatever happened to him anyway?

Donald said...

The Daily News article says he is in the Real Estate business in Seattle.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Hey, I backed you up on Western College Hockey. I was much nicer, though.

Donald said...

I saw that.

I backed me up too.

I didn't concern myself with "nice".

But I'm recording your positive actions in my "book" and giving you 28,305 bonus points!!

Runninwiththedogs said...

Do you ever concern yourself with "nice?"

I guess I am lucky I've never pissed you off. Although now I've got 28,305 bonus points to fall back on.

Donald said...

You've got a few more than that. I just never bother to announce anything less than 10,000.

I'd think if you somehow trip into some offense UAA/me that you'd still be well within the protection of those bonus points and safe from my massive nuclear retaliation.

Runninwiththedogs said...

See the real Walsky story here:

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