Saturday, January 12, 2008

Better Game But Same Result

Sometimes no matter how hard you push it just isn't likely you can get the job done. After a 1st period tonight that looked awfully similar to the 1st period on Friday I was a bit hopeful that the team could put it together and climb the CC hill. Though CC mostly dominated the period there did seem to be a bit more jump in the Seawolves legs. They continued to keep CC on the outside and did a good job of staying in the CC offensive lanes. In my analysis last night I think I missed a big key. CC's defense ain't nothing to sneeze at. Yes, they can wheel with the puck in transition. Yes, they have speed and effective scorers. But overlooking the commitment that they showed both nights in their own end of the ice was short-sighted on my part. Yes, Bachman is a good goalie. But in the last four games he's faced less than 25 shots each night. That is a credit to the team in front of him.

Regarding the Seawolves game tonight I thought overall they played much better than Friday. Obviously it wasn't enough of an improvement to make a huge difference but losing 5-2 with a late ENG vs. losing 6-1 shows some improvement. I still think the Seawolves are a better team than their place in the standings would indicate. But that opinion is meaningless when it comes down to it, isn't it? What matters are the scores at the end of the games. I thought the team overall showed much more energy in transition. At times they looked more determined than the Black Bears and that translated to at least a few shifts where we saw the cycling game plan work as designed. They physical game was better I thought than Friday but still didn't reach a level where it probably should be. The team has utilized it's size more effectively than it did this weekend.

So yes I bought the B2 feed again. I think I figured out why it is how it is. B2 just uses the arena feed which is primarily intended for the folks in the arena to look at. Tonight we got slightly less floating Tiger head and instead got to look at intermittent shots of some boring faggotty football game and the feed from the DU loss to Wisconsin. I guess for six bucks I shouoldn't expect or hope for anything remotely like an actual TV broadcast but hey I'm stupid that way. In response to yesterday's post I get this lovely text message via the widget on the right side of the page:

From: real uaa
Get a life you shit bag

Nice. I love getting stuff like that. It's really life affirming and uplifting and just generally restores my faith in humanity. I know with folks like that in the world that humanity will be able to reach the heights of our genetic possibilities and eventually dominate the known universe. Just one thing my dear "real uaa" ... shitbag is one word or at worst a hyphenated word. You could have chosen to use the passive voice and said "bag of shit" if you insisted in separating the insult; but congrats at least for not making that mistake. Active voice is much more effective, but next time you want to flame me for my years of cheerleading and active support of this hockey team please parse your words correctly.

So with all that I'd like to make an open invitation to any real Seawolf fan to take over this blog. Email me indicating your interest and I'll give you the password and even answer any questions about how to change the look or whatever help you might require. Here's your chance "real uaa". Jump on it. I'd just ask that you write about 3 to 4 times a week and try to keep the focus on the team and supporting it the best you can. Let me be clear, I'll be happy to step away at the first sign that there is someone willing to fill the space. If you're willing, then let me know. It's all yours.


Anonymous said...

I hate the old adage that a team is better than their record. Good teams win games, this team is not winning games. That is a problem. I know I am not spouting off something profound but things have to change. This is not going to cut it. Winning must begin and soon, in a season sense and a program sense.

Donald Dunlop said...

I don't think anyone could blame you for feeling that way.

Anonymous said...

Ditto here, man. Same old story year after year. We get excited about the possibilities and let down again and again. Different players, same results. And we wonder why there are only 2000 butts in the seats at the Sully.

Anonymous said...

tough as it is at least we have won games I have watched UAA from the age of 3 i know im only 24 now but i can still remmber the winning years as an independent. My freshmen year at UAA we didnt win a game the next year we won like two or something like that, we have been improving and yes its a long fustrating road but i feel that the coaching staff is pushing us in the right direction and talking to many of the players i get the feeling that they are starting to buy into what the system is. TO the students who read this I chanlange you to bring 2 freinds to this weekends game agents madison and have them bring 2 freinds and get bodies in the student section and if you go the game sit with your fellow students damn it thats what a student section for. Former Seawolve always a fan

Suze said...

UAA asbolutely needs to sweep the Badgers this weekend. They do NOT want to go to CC for the first round of the playoffs.

To get butts in thes seats you gotta WIN. To get the fans to make some noise you gotta give them a reason to do so.

Will said...

The guys have to learn to win some games before the season slips away. Four points are needed this weekend not only to get the wins but to get us out of the cellar. Enough of being at the bottom looking up. I'm sure though the team is just as frustrated in not getting points as us fans are.

Anonymous said...

I realize that for the long-time fans, this has to be frustrationg. Trust me, the boys are feeling it as well. They work very hard, they practice hard, their committment is there...I could go on. But what they really need (besides winning - that is obvious) is for the fans to keep the faith. This is an entertaining sport and you can't tell me that you have not been entertained at least 90% of the time. These boys have committed to play in Anchorage because they were excited about the program. Be excited for them and just enjoy the sport.

Anonymous said...

Most of us are diehard fans that have been following the program for up to 20 years now. You can only "enjoy" so much losing. Most of the old fans have moved on to the Aces or other sources of entertainment that don't make one feel so let down after spending $15.00 or more that night. They need to start winning some games, now!

TigerPride said...

I lose faith in humanity when I read things like "some boring faggotty football game", boy that's deep

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