Tuesday, August 25, 2009

UAA Release Details Freshman Class

In a move reflecting the presence of syzygy in our little corner of the college hockey universe, the University of Alaska Anchorage has released a statement from Head Coach Dave Shyiak which details the addition of each of the players I welcomed here yesterday. Here are some quotes from the release:

Lee Baldwin (6'4" 203lbs):
Victoria Grizzlies general manager Jackson Penney said,
"Lee worked very hard this summer to become a complete player. He's a great skater for his size and has both good shooting and passing abilities. Lee is very good in the locker room and leads by example."
Mitch Bruijsten (6'4" 195lbs):
Sioux City Musketeers coach Todd Knott said,
"I am very happy for Mitch and his family right now. Two years ago he took a chance and moved a long way from home in hopes of this opportunity. He will be playing for a well respected program at UAA while working towards a college degree. It's just another great example of what junior hockey can do for a young man."
Chris Crowell (6'2" 205lbs):
Jason Williamson, head coach of the Vernon Vipers said,
"Chris is a great teammate and will do what it takes to win. Crowell is a strong skater with good size and plays a punishing role. He can also chip in offensively."
Alex Gellert (6'1" 170lbs):
Cowichan head coach Scott Robinson said,
"Gellert is a very dynamic player who moves the puck well. He has great feet and a lot of potential."
Daniel Naslund (6'4" 205lbs):
Vasteras coach Jorgen Holmberg said,
"Daniel has very good size and play-making ability. He's a smart player that understands both ends of the ice. He goes to the net hard and is difficult to knock off the puck. Daniel is a talented player with a good attitude that was able to produce offense for us."
Mickey Spencer (6'0" 189lbs):
Cowichan Capitals coach Robinson said,
"Spencer is a pure finisher with a great shot and release, who will score when he has the opportunity. He is a great kid to have on your team.
Drew Darwitz (5'8" 165lbs):
Josh Hauge Ice Dogs coach said,
"Our organization is very happy for Drew to be getting an opportunity at a great program like the University of Alaska Anchorage. Drew has been a big part of our success the past two seasons. His hard work paid off this season as Drew led all defensemen in scoring this past season and was voted the NAHL Defenseman of the Year."
Tyler Currier (6'1" 198lbs):
Dave Boitz, the head coach of the Avalanche
"We are excited for Tyler as this is a dream come true for him. He has always wanted to play for UAA and this is a great opportunity for him. Tyler will bring a good skill set with very good skating ability and size. He will do what it takes to win."
Transfer Brad Gorham will be eligible to play in January. Scott Warner will be sitting out his transfer year and hit the ice next fall. Finally, Dave Shyiak said,
"I think this class addresses a lot of our needs and will give us depth at every position. We've brought in a good blend of size, skill and speed. The transition to college hockey is a big step and we will need our new players to contribute to our success this year. Our staff and players are excited to get things started and feel we are ready to move ahead in the WCHA."


Suze said...

I just received this in an email and came here to see if you had seen it too. It's good to see this kind of info from UAA. Can't wait for the season to begin.

Anonymous said...

Our recruits always look so good on paper. Some pan out, some don't. Let's hope that all of these guys live up and beyond their expectations and we may just have something here.

Donald Dunlop said...

You have a valid concern.

Anonymous said...

We need leadership from tuton, clark, lunden and backstrom.
A winning team will build confidence in the new recruits.
A never say die attitude is what this team needs, the future is now.

Have a fun year winning games.

Anonymous said...

When und plays exhibition games or pre-season they pound teams and take no prisoners. Uaa must become a feared team to play against.


Anonymous said...

WTF? UND? Who gives a crap about those morons? UAA will become a feared team this year, a physical, punishing team that will be able to score. I see a better more consistent team this year out of the Wolves.

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