Friday, June 03, 2011

Welcome New UAA Assistant Coach: T.J. Jindra

Just a day or so over a month since Ryan McKelvie departed as UAA Assistant Coach and the Seawolves have hired a replacement.  Welcome to T.J. Jindra who spent last season as a volunteer assistant at Notre Dame where he played from 2003-2007 and captatined the Irish for two seasons.  Jindra was a dedicated two-way player who was willing to sacrifice at Notre Dame in the same mold as every Seawolf player on last year's squad.

Prior to last season's stint coaching in South Bend, Jindra was an assistant coach at Shattuck-St. Marys for two seasons.  Dave Shyiak said,
“We are excited for T.J. to join the coaching staff here at UAA, He has learned and been exposed to some high-level coaching at both Shattuck-St. Mary’s and Notre Dame. T.J. is a young, enthusiastic coach who will bring good energy and championship experience to the position. His background as a leader and his work ethic will be assets as we continue to build a successful program.”
This UAA coaching position has during Shyiak's six year tenure typically been used as a platform for younger up and coming coaches and a springboard for their careers.  Regg Simon filled it and moved on to a head coaching position back in the USHL and McKelvie moved up the coaching career ladder following his employment by landing a head coaching gig in DIII.  Damon Whitten had a bit less luck when he moved somewhat laterally to MSU to oversee their video and when things didn't progress there moved to MTU as an assistant.

What the future holds for T.J. is anyone's guess at this point but there are some things of which he can be sure.  He can count on building up his frequent flyer account and visiting lots of small bergs in western Canada for one.  He'll often evaluate and contact prospects first on UAA's behalf.  No doubt there is a player of two he's already coached or come across that may be prospects already.

Best of luck to T.J; welcome to the prettiest place you'll ever live.  By the way; the T stands for Taylor.  When I figure out the J, I'll let ya know.


Anonymous said...

Welcome T.J!

D - You said "He can also be sure of living in one of the He'll often evaluate and contact prospects first on UAA's behalf.


Anonymous said...

Ohh shite:

UAAalumni09 said...


Anonymous said...

Hill's cockiness finally caught up with him. I don't know of ANY fanbase who likes the man. He'll probably end up in admin at UM or go back to juniors. What head coach in his right mind would hire him as an asst. now?

Anonymous said...

maybe the Aces will hire him lol

Anonymous said...

LOL to 2:26! The Aces would never hire John Hill. They win way too much for him.

I'm not really sure how I feel about him getting the boot.

On one hand - it sounded like Coach Lucia was pressuring him into dumping everything and taking a position there. I wonder if he made the deal sound too sweet to refuse? Maybe he told Hill that he was a shoe-in for the Head Coaching job when he retired?

On the other hand - John Hill screwed over UAA by LYING about why he was leaving. "I'm only leaving because the assistant coach's aren't getting the bennie's they deserve". Problem is- that wasn't true and they both debunked his BUNK.

It's incredible that by his fibbing his way out of here, it wound up being the best thing that could have happened to UAA. We wound up with a Coach who Hill can't hold a candle to! Funny how things work out like that.

Given the trail Hill has left behind, it should be interesting to see where he lands next.

Anonymous said...

Hill's wife wouldn't let him come back to Alaska anyway.

Anonymous said...

TJ is a stud...and a great guy. UAA is lucky to get him. He'll do very well there.

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