Saturday, April 04, 2015

Seawolves Land Suprise Transfers: Renouf Twins (Nathan & Jonah) For 2015-16

Twin forwards Jonah and Nathan Renouf (5'8" 155lbs) from Mississauga, Ontario are transfering from Quninnipiac U to UAA for this coming season. The twins didn't play as freshman at the Q in 2014-15. 

I heard about this transfer about a week or 10 days ago. Unfortunately, my chance encounter with someone in the know didn't include names. I spent more than a few hours doing searches which I'd hoped would enlighten me as to the names. 

Well, I couldn't be more surprised. D1 transfers usually include a year where the player has to sit out. But it seems that Rand Peckold at the Q has given these two players the release which allows them to play right away for the Seawolves. 

On the surprise scale this one ranks as very pleasant. In their last year of juniors in the BCHL these brothers both average 1.2 points per game which placed them in and near the top 10 of the league. For comparative purposes ... Jeremiah Luedtke was a 1.2 point per game player this past season in the B.  In 2012-13 the brothers played in the OJHL for the Oakville Blades. They pretty much tore it up and it landed them their gigs at Quinnipiac.

It's difficult to say why these guys didn't make the lineup as freshman. But whatever the reason, I'm imagining they'll be pretty excited to show their skills here. 

My skepticism about the incoming class (which I expressed in the last recruit update) has faded dramatically. These two brothers should certainly be quality pieces of the future UAA success puzzle. 

From my excited and perhaps rushed research I'm seeing that everyone likes the snot out of these brother's stick-handling abilities. They're both noted to be quick on their feet. When you look at next year's UAA roster you're going to see quite a few smaller players. I say anything 5ft 9in or under is a smaller player because I'm 5ft 10in. The Seawolves are going to be a very different looking team next season. And I think there's a couple of identical reasons to be more optimistic. Nice gets UAA staff; good on you.

EDIT - Wednesday April 8th: There's no reason to expect that these brothers will be eligible to play for UAA during the upcoming 2015-16 season. My excitement regarding the players clouded my reasoning and I assumed they were going to be eligible based on other people's assumptions and statements. They'll be good players when they're eligible; but that looks to be 2016-17 at this point.


Suze said...

I read two posts / articles last night where these twins were referred to as speedsters - that is great for UAA. This past season UAA didn't have a full roster. Much different picture this coming season!

Anonymous said...

The exorbitant ticket fees are in the contract with Ticket Master.
You pay the fee no matter where the ticket is purchased.
It was a 10 year contract which I do not know the ending date of.
Not next year.

Anonymous said...

"It's difficult to say why these guys didn't make the lineup as freshman."
Donald, not being in the "know" with either team I have no idea either. That's your job.
Are they "quick" but not "quick" enough to outweigh their "small"?
Can't imagine them winning many puck battles at their size.
Are they so much a pair that they didn't "fit" with the other guys on the team?
Their hockey history shows them joined at the hip.
Did one of them piss off the coach and the coach couldn't decide which one it was?
Do they dress identical when not in a team sweater?
Or was the team just so loaded with talent neither of the 2 could make it?
"It's difficult to say why these guys didn't make the lineup as freshman."
You're right, it leaves a guy wondering..

AlaskaAl said...

I'm guessing it's their "size".
The little fast guys do fairly well when younger.
When guys reach this level of play the less talented, slower guys have been winnowed out and the remaining guys are all relatively big and fast. It's much harder to get by on fast alone.

Anonymous said...

Steve Cygan was pretty small, and we have had other players this size in the past who did well. College is tougher than juniors, yes, but junior teams are pretty rough and tough as well ... and most of the college teams are made of players coming from juniors.

Anonymous said...

War Cygan!

Hopefully the twins beefed up during this past season, that should help them out.

Anonymous said...

Speed kills, and we desperately need speed. I think every team we played was faster than we were.

Suze said...

You guys want a good laugh? Watch this video:

Joey Crabb is in the shootout - the goalie doesn't hear the ref signal him to shoot. The goalie never moves a muscle and Crabb hits his leg pad. The goalie's reaction is priceless and the refs signal is delayed, also funny. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard I cried.

Anonymous said...

Both players are not going to go onto the boards to win a battle no toughness they rely on fishing the puck out instead. Other smaller stature players can play a very aggressive game, Renouf's take advantage of time and space both of which diminish at the college level. The twins are ideally suited as PP specialists, and instinctively know where each other will be on the ice having played all their minor and junior hockey on the same line.

Alaska Al said...

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Just guessing but I doubt that phone number is answered outside of regular business hours.
Should be a good event.
Hope to see you there.

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