Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wanna Buy an AAC Brick? I do ...

Seawolves Athletics just announced a fundraiser related to the Alaska Airlines Center.  For 250 bucks you can buy a 4 inch x 8 inch brick with 3 lines totaling 60 characters. For 350 bucks you can buy an 8 inch x 8 inch brick with 6 lines of text totaling 120 characters. Or for the same 350 bucks you can get an 8 x 8 with Seawolf logo and 4 lines of text.

It's all tax-deductible of course and all the revenue raised goes to support the Athletics Department at UAA. I'm all for supporting my hockey team's Athletic Department. So who's with me? 

Let's buy a brick together and come up with something really sweet to put on it, eh?

Names I'd suggest we could use:
Whereda Hockeyarena
Builda Hockeyrink
Oncampus Hockeynow
Nohockey Hereforever 
Whyno Hockeyrink
Whendo Wegethockey
Mr. and Mrs. Buildus A. Hockeyarena
A'ithing Cepthockey

I'll kick in 25 bucks as my share. Does this interest anyone else? There's gotta be another 9 people that want to do this too. 


Anonymous said...

My Minnesota Vikings are also doing this, except that they planned it for before the new football stadium is done.

Don't know if this will get through, the Vikings were really stringent on names. You might have to get even more creative.

AKfan said...

LOL - great idea Donald. :)

Donald Dunlop said...

I thought of another name .... Mr. Kno I. Serena

Suze said...

HA! Very clever. :)

arcticfox said...
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arcticfox said...

Ok.. My submission was too lame because I didn't consider the fact that they'd probably boot anything they thought was controversial or insulting. ;)

I like your "Mr. and Mrs. Buildus A. Hockeyarena" ! Seriously - if you decide to see if we can get enough donations, maybe you could put a paypal button on here? If you want to start a list of pledges to see if we can do it, put me down for $40.00

arcticfox said...

So that means we need 10 more donations of $21 bucks, right? ...Or 20 donations of $10.50

arcticfox said...

Mr. No I. Serena is even better! C'mon guys, put up your pledge! Do we have 42 fans on here?

$5 bucks x 42 donations will pay the $210.00 left of the $250.

Do it! Ok, I'll leave you alone now. ;0)

Donald.. I'm in!

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