Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oops. I Did It Again.

Yup. I've gotten myself suspended from USCHO once again. I'm incarcerated for two months this time. This one is the biggest surprise to me yet. The posts have been deleted so here's a summary as best as I can remember it.

A poster named SCSU Helmet Guy made a post that tickled my grammar police radar and I provided a somewhat smarmy reply (purely for the sake of edification). Unfortunately I had my hat handed to me in a small way when my reply contained a glaring usage error (of all things the word "too"). Trying to "learn" someone something never works when your first volley is fatally flawed. Oh well ... anyway when Mr. and Mrs. Troll heard my "clack clack clacking" on their bridge they immediately came out from under. In the ensuing exchange I posted the following things. The admin provided these quotes in their suspension notification e-mail.

"I'm sure when you get to 7th grade they'll reinforce this lesson but it's never to early to learn something."
"Just tryin to help Rabib and DL's progeny with English. Jeez. I'm so misunderstood."
"Then I'll certainly defer to your minor-ness in any future consideration I give to educating your spawn."
"Then I sure don't understand genetics. I would have thought such articulate communicators as you and DL wouldn't be saddled with embarrassing offspring but god works in mysterious ways I suppose. Better luck with your future procreation."
Unfortunately the offending posts have been removed from the thread so I can't provide the other side of the conversation but a quick read through that thread will give you a general idea of the level of communication. Yeah ... its pretty much nothing but dick jokes and innuendo.

So here's the admin's notice:
Drop The Puck,
Several posts of yours in the thread "SCSU Off-Season: Domo arigato, Mr. Bob Motzko!" have been deleted. These posts were insulting and offensive to other posters, and as such, violated our rules.
Some examples of your posts: ===== *"all included above"===== You have been warned and suspended before, so your account has been suspended for two months. --- Fan Forum Admin

And my reply:
Dear Board,
Your arbitrary enforcement and the seemingly schizophrenic interpretation of the posting guidelines never ceases to amaze me. Of course those posts were insulting and offensive to other posters. Did you remove the "SCSU exception" from the "don't be offensive and insulting rule" and forget to tell me? You guys are Red Sox fans too ... huh?
I'm well aware of the process here. The posts you forwarded were reported to you as offensive or insulting. Your hands are tied huh? That's how you've explained it in your infrequent interactions in the "Talk with the Admin" threads. Ever consider replying with a "jeez ... don't be so thin skinned" or is the black and white nature of your rule really so absolute that me dusting up a banned troll and his wife a bit is worthy of a two month suspension? It's too bad that so many other SCSU fans understand their place on the board is to act as a necessary repositry for ribbing, taunting, flaming and yeah ... insults. Alas, the nature of posting means none of them reported me for making them laugh.
Yours Sincerely,


MeanEgirl said...

Sigh. You seriously got suspended for saying THOSE things?! What a fucking joke.

Donald Dunlop said...

I left nothing out of the interchanges between admin and me. So yeah ... those were "the examples" he provided of my insulting and offensive remarks. I didn't have any other posts that I know of on which he could have based his assessment so I conclude that the "examples" were the sum total of my offensiveness.

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