Tuesday, April 04, 2006

USCHO Suspension Pt. II: Admin Responds

I feel either priveleged or singled out. Not sure which one. The USCHO Admin actually deigned to reply to me this time. Every other time I was suspended they sent an email; I sent a reply and that was that. But this time I guess the admin figured I needed some additional information. Thanks admin.

Drop The Puck,
You are making the common mistake of thinking that this is about me, when really, it is about you.

*You* broke the rules. The rules are posted for all to see, and you knowingly violated them. The only reason that this is a two month suspension is because you have done this again and again, so clearly you have not learned your lesson. It's *your* fault, not mine, and not the fault of anyone else.

Here's the lesson, since clearly it hasn't gotten through yet: don't insult other posters, under any circumstances. The identity of the poster you are insulting is irrelevant. Doing so is a violation of the rules, and doing so can get you suspended.

Don't make slurs about their education. Don't make references to their sex life. Don't ridicule their home life. Keep the talk about hockey. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? If you are really unable to control yourself, then how about just staying out of a thread that doesn't concern you?

Your next suspension will be permanent. I hope you take the next two months, before your posting privileges are reinstated, to learn how to treat other people with respect and consideration, even if their opinions differ from your own. If you can't, then our message board is a better place without you.

My reply:
Dear Board,
Where did I say I didn't insult anyone? Where did I ask for the identity of anyone? Where did I cry about being suspended for my actions? Then you chide me with a finger pointing condescending parental ramble? You assume that somehow I don't know what I posted? All that mommy-dearest "YOU" stuff is bad form and unecessary in this case. What part of "I understand the process" in my response didn't you read? It wasn't some sort of questioning of you. It was an aknowledgement of the process you described. Most of the rest of what I wrote was clearly sarcasm in response to being suspended for what are CLEARLY minor insults and from my perspective your overreaction to it.

Thanks anyway for reminding me that my next suspension will be permanent. Is that like where you ban "eaglebunny" and he comes back with 42 different names and you give up? Or is it like "Rabid Husky" where he straight out tells you to fuck off and just comes back as "mornprod"?

Should I exceed your tolerance for me at some point in the future and you find it necessary to ban me I can assure you at least you won't have to be wondering what new ID I've created. I wouldn't want to be a member of a club that didn't want me as a member.

In fact it wouldn't take another suspension. You just have to say you'd prefer that I not post again (at ANY time for ANY reason) and nary a character from this keyboard would EVER find its way onto your site again.
Most Sincerely,


MeanEgirl said...

Board needs to get laid. Plain and simple.

Since hardly any of my Misfits post on my forum, you're welcome to. And if you want to insult anyone, feel free... Especially Foxton. I won't suspend you for it.

Anonymous said...

And I thought board hated me, guess they hate you even more. At least you do stuff that is against their stupid rules to get suspended, though. On the plus side of this suspension, you won't be able to annoy people for the duration of the Poser of the Year contest and therefore I may be able to win it. I thank you for your excellent timing.

Donald Dunlop said...

Did you beat me in the first round? I didn't think so. But good luck in winning (if that's what it is ... winning I mean).

Board gets emails from people who say they won't post because of (not necessarily me) but people like me. You know um ... assholes. What board doesn't realize is that those people won't post no matter how many assholes he tosses from the boards. They won't post because they're ineffectual lazy doofii that like to act shocked and whine when they see the word ASS. Basically I think he/they pay more attention to that feedback than they do to the members of their site.

Every conversation I have about the board with non-users includes references to assholes on the board and how the people don't want to deal with that. Gee ... how do they leave their homes everyday and go out a face a world full of assholes?

Anonymous said...

That just plain sucks. Board is just plain insane by saying "you new what you were doing". Yes it's against the rules, but the fact is that just about everyone engages in that sort of thing without getting suspended.

The simple fact is "Board" is one of the worst board monitors out on the net. He/she is non-existant for months at a time and ignors what it happening. Then board comes back suspends a couple of people for doing what everyone is doing all along. Board even suspends people for doing things that are allowed in the rules, A.K.A. "The Dirty Rule".

Board sucks.

Anonymous said...

We tied in the first round and I currently more votes in the second round, though you have a higher percentage of votes. It's gonna be a true battle of wits.

dggoddard said...

Wow. Good publicity stunt to get suspended during the "Slow" offseason. Should bring tons of visitors to your site who miss your funny posts and offbeat humor.

Fight the good fight and we're behind you 100%...

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww. So sad for you. :)

Donald Dunlop said...

Without my most excellent domination of you and your bitchy husband you'd be relegated to picking your nose anonymously. You believe in wrestling and you call yourself a hockey fan?

What sort of mind altering substances did your mother put in your baby bottle? Do all "wrastlin fans" eat their boogers?

Anonymous said...

Bummer, boss. I miss you stirring things up on USCHO, keeps it fun and interesting.

Wouldn't it be ironic if your suspension was the result of a post being reported by a poster who had been (supposedly) nuked permanently? Makes one go Hmmmmmm.

Enjoy your vacation. ;)

Donald Dunlop said...

It gives me two months to plan my next post. Thanks for the props.

Anonymous said...

It was all me. There are two things that I won't stand for when trolling: calling me gay or taking a shot at my family. Just because you're a douchebag and have to resort to insults from 5th grade doesn't make me the bad guy.

I'm looking forward to you coming back from suspension. Just one step closer to getting your dumb ass banned for good.

Donald Dunlop said...

We're all a little sensitive about those sorts of personal foibles. I have some advice; (It's the same sort of thing I would say to any miserable trailer-park fudge packer raised by monkeys) ...

If you just accept your sexuality and then realize that you don't pick your family; then such random comments won't bother you so much that you have to go crying to daddy to make yourself feel better.

Anonymous said...

So what will you do with your time when I inevitably get you banned?

Donald Dunlop said...

I'll come to your "wrastlin Blog" and make comments about your sexuality and your family.

Do you really think I care if you're gay? It takes all sorts of people to make a world. It's not like your the first gay person ever. Relax. Millions of gay people lead perfectly fulfilling lives. You can too.

Anonymous said...

It'll be a great pleasure removing you from USCHO permanently.

Donald Dunlop said...

No DL. I won't marry you. I don't swing that way. Just google "gay related blogs" and I'd imagine you'll find lots of bloggers to whom you can propose.

Cos that's how you roll.

Anonymous said...

Every single time you continue this attempt to smear us by saying we're gay..all you do is make yourself look more and more like the childish homophobe we all know you are

So....when's the next time you are going to try to "get" me by using BANNED on me....cause whatever you are trying to accomplish with that, its not working.

But keep it up...you'll be gone soon enough...and no one would miss you...hell...I didn't even know your dumb ass had been suspended again till yesterday. And that you tell you all you need to know about how much you'd be missed.

Anonymous said...

And once you are gone...maybe the rest of the UAA fans will grow a set because all they ever seem to do is bitch about hill and follow you around like lost little puppies..

Anonymous said...

Where's the popcorn?

Donald Dunlop said...

The abyss of your stupidity apparently knows no bounds. You and your pre-menstrual concubine are pretty much the only 2 SCSU fans devoid of reasoning faculties. That'd be the key factor in explaining ANYTHING to you. I'd try to explain the socio-dynamic that makes me more welcome in an SCSU thread than YOU are but the liklihood that you'd understand it precludes me from doing so.

I don't have to "try" to get you banned dumbass. You are banned. Any reminders I give on the board about it are intended more to point out how ridiculous "board's" implementation of his rules are. The secondary benefit of twisting your pink panties is just a bonus provided for real SCSU fans that already know what a insipid little tool you are.

Why would you care is the more appropriate question. You tell the board to fuck off (btw ... props for that) but then you sign back up? What kind of man are you? When you get 86'd from a bar do you go out and buy a fake beard and try to go back in? I'd bet you do. You're a punk. By every definition of the word.

Go to the board; start a thread called "I was Rabid Husky: And I got banned" and in it describe your banning. Tell the cafe you rashly told the admin to fuck off because you were soooo pissed. Maybe you were smart enough to send an apology letter (which board ignored) and when you got no response you created "mornprod" because you wanted to be a part of it all and couldn't stay away or WHATEVER reasoning you had. Take a step toward becoming a man. It'll be good for you. If board bans mornprod then you can just create another name (cause "mornprod" is just stupid isn't it?) and keep being a punk ... if he doesn't then you pat yourself on the back and look forward to a happy USCHO-life "sans" DTP insults.

Anonymous said...

Where did i say you'd try to get me banned?

Read it again mush for brains....i said when would you try to "get" me by saying I've been banned. So i was banned....big fucking deal...cry me a river, build a bridge, and get the fuck over it.

I've explained numerous times why i came back, so i don't feel the need to explain them again.

And you more welcome in an SCSU thread? Please...you have never once added anything to a Husky thread than your lame ass gay insults at DL and I...not once have you been able to talk hockey in an intelligent manner, you only come there to flame and prove to the entire world what a little boy you truly are.

And if you hate the fact that board let me back on....then why do YOU bother to keep posting? Is it my fault they decided to let me back on? Is it my fault that even though i have major contempt for their system and have never and will never apologize for anything I've ever done, that I'm allowed to post on there? No its not....because I don't make the rules...so really you should take it up with board and quit trying to insult me. Because everytime you do...I shake my head at it...laugh at you...and move on.

Why should i create a thread in the cafe telling people i told the admin to fuck off? People know this already....what good would starting a thread about it prove? How about this....when you get back...why don't YOU start it...and see how long it takes before you earn the banning so you richly deserve...Yes i have been banned, but I've never been suspended once for anything I've ever done on there....so If my only crime is telling the admin to fuck off...maybe the admin realized that hey....people in this world tell each other to fuck off all the time.....doesn't mean they can't associate with one another and bring some level of intelligence to the proceedings they are engaging in.

You on the other hand have been suspended SEVERAL times because all you do is personally attack the sexuality, education and home life of anyone who doesn't complete agree with the bullshit you constantly spew out of your hatefilled, uninformed, uneducated and completely bigoted mouth.

And if I'm so hated...then please explain to me why EVERY SCSU poster that I have ever talked to in person, regards you as a complete child who when he doesn't get his way...has to rely on mindless insults in an attempt to prove he's the bigger man.

In doing so, they also acknowledge that DL and I have figured out exactly what that board is and has become...a place of 12 year old children to throw their toys in anger when they don't get their way, with a little bit of hockey talk thrown in by those who, unlike you, are informed.

So why do we stay? Because despite all the crap that comes out of people like you, it is still the best place to interact with hockey fans and to share opinions on the game.

You called the SCSU thread "pretty much nothing but dick jokes and innuendo." Yet if you were to read the thread...you'd find that none of those things come from DL or I...and in fact, with the expception of when two trolls..you and go4puckfan decided to poke your heads in where they were not wanted....I have done nothing but talk hockey in that thread, which is more than i can say for you.

But as i always say to you....keep trying to insult me...keep calling me gay and punk and stupid and whatever else you see fit to call me....I'll just keep laughing at you.

Donald Dunlop said...

Rabib doesn't care.

Did it feel good to once again tell us how much you don't care? All the while squealing like a partially eviscerated pig? Have you ever even begun to see the ironic dichotomy in your continuing foolish protestations? You don't care so much that it's perfectly acceptable to you to delete the weekly SCSU/UAA thread in a hissy fit? You don't care so much that you have to come onto this blog to pass along your drama-filled commentary? You don't care so much that you defended yourself more than a dozen times in the above response?

Rabib doesn't care. Gotcha.

Anonymous said...

I love you DTP.

Donald Dunlop said...

That makes two of us! ;-) LOL.

Anonymous said...

Must this be explained to you YET AGAIN?

I don't give two shits what you think of me personally...but if you are going to try and attack me...you might at well have your facts straight....which you consistently don't

Your problem is with board and whatever personal demons made you a bigot and an asshole....not DL, and not me...

Anonymous said...

This fucktard has no idea when to quit. I'm such an awful troll. How many times have I been banned? Zero. Hope you have fun on your break. Maybe you can write some new material. If not, me and Rabib can just keep schooling you.

Anonymous said...

And once again I have to set your facts straight...I didn't delete a SCSU/UAA thread...I deleted an SCSU/Colgate thread..and again...big fucking deal...get over it...it had nothing to do with you, yet you felt the need to start the new one...and point out that I'd deleted it....so what? Is that supposed to make me feel bad? Am I supposed to care that you pointed out i deleted a thread?
I did it...big deal...no one seemed to care...except you.

Donald Dunlop said...

Go STALK someone else you weird fuckin nutbags. I could give a shit whether you give a shit or not. Why are you posting here? You both could do with an in-depth pharmacologically focused mental health regimen.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, talk about "people" with way too much time on their hands, lol! DTP, keep up the great work, those that really know thee, well, you rock!
I *heart* you ;)

Anonymous said...

This is just sad and pathetic. DTP=Hypocrite.

Donald Dunlop said...


The Stearns County Official Adjective put to use again by one of it's fine citizens. Did everyone down there go to the same school and have the same teacher that was obsessed with the word pathetic.

Speaking of obsession ... I'm sure there's plenty of people on USCHO that find me and my posting distasteful and/or offensive. But you know what POV? You and your two DIPSHIT mental cases are the only ones reading and posting on my Blog.

Why is that? You have plenty of time? Because the last significant hockey related post you made on USCHO was your 2nd one? When the sum total of your content on that site is as pitiful (that's an adjective sort of like pathetic ... feel free to substitute it next time instead) as yours coming here and criticizing me with lame insinuation about me being hypocritical is beyond ridiculous.

Enjoy your next circle-jerk under the bridge with Mr. and Mrs. Troll.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Yawn...same shit from you...different day

Still can't win the argument based on anything factual...so lets attack his sexuality and intelligence simply because he disagrees with you and happens to be friends with us....sounds about right for you.

Anonymous said...

So...instead of something insightful or funny....you just call him gay. That's something new.

WAIT! No it isn't! It's the same bullshit you always say!

Anonymous said...

For two or three people who don't like you DTP - they keep coming back for more. Such tools.

Every media needs satire. DTP, you bring that to the often tame sometimes lame USCHO.

Bruce Ciskie said...

"Every media needs satire. DTP"

-->While I agree that USCHO is somewhat lame sometimes (OK, a little more often than that), the idea that it can be brightened up by a bunch of gay jokes directed toward a couple St. Cloud fans is kind of odd.

I don't find this particular angle by DTP funny, though much of his other stuff is pretty edgy and/or humorous.

No disrespect intended to anyone, but I think there are at least three people posting on this blog who are behaving like children, and one of them is the blog's author.

Just my $.02. Nice blog, DTP.

Donald Dunlop said...

I didn't know just calling them Mr. and Mrs. counted as a "gay joke".

I also didn't know that DL had been appointed "hall monitor" by USCHO. If only beersong had told me that DL was enough of a punk-ass little whiny bitch to not only report me but to message everyone he knew that he'd done it. So it's all beersong's fault.

But anyway ... that's my last reference anywhere ever to their lamentable existence.

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