Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Picnic

A couple of interesting "news" items from this evening's "Meet The Seawolves" picnic. Recruit Jeff Carlson has made it through the NCAA clearinghouse and it is anticipated he'll be joining the team sometime in December. Additionally, BGSU transfer Brian Bales will be eligible to play sometime in December. Both of these bits of news are great; it opens more options to the coaching staff and creates the kind of depth that guarantees everyone will be competing for playing time each and every week. With the extra depth the coaching staff can make little adjustments based on what they anticipate or see from an opponent. Nobody can take shifts off, there'll be no dogging it in practice; whoever works the hardest and matches that effort with good game performance will be the guy skating in the games the next weekend.

There was a good turnout. More than just a few players were unable to attend because of conflicting class schedules but there were still about 15 players there. Brush Christiansen attended and was duly recognized by Coach Shyiak. It's always good to see the man who built the program at the rink or an event like this. Shyiak expressed some of the same optimism about an improved season as he did in the Blueliner Newsletter which I reprinted here last week but he also indicated that his primary goal was to post a best record since UAA joined the WCHA. The two previous high marks were 15-19-2 in 93-94 (the first year in the WCHA) and 15-18-3 in 99-00. With 13 wins last year it sure seems to be a reasonable mark to attain. He also spoke about how important it is to the fanbase and city to earn home-ice this season and of course retaining the Governors Cup.

It was certainly nice to see familiar faces and meet some new folks as well. The food was good and if I have a regret it would be that I didn't make enough of an effort to partake. As a group the players seemed confident about the season; even if they all weren't so confident holding the wireless mic. One of the big laughs was the question that Mr. Suze asked when he wondered (already knowing the answer), "Who talks most on the ice?" Every veteran player immediately pointed to Kevin Clark (who was probably pointing at himself as well). Of course on the darker side of humor was the story about Chris Tarkir's couch (at the house already referred to as "The Morgue" in honor of a murder that occurred in the kitchen) and the old neighborhood guy who wandered over then fell asleep on it ... only to never wake up. And yet the five guys living there apparently like the place. I guess that sort of history makes for cheaper rent.

Thanks have to go to the fine Blueliner Boosters for putting on the event and to all their volunteers as well. My personal thanks to everyone for the complimentary comments about this place and what I say here. That sort of feedback makes the effort worthwhile. There's about two weeks until the first official practice, three weeks before the preseason game against Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and a bit more than 4 weeks until the regular season.

'Bout time.


Anonymous said...

I was a fun time, and was so nice to touch base with fans again. Someone needs to start a new topic on the USCHO, any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Guess who showed up at Washington Captials camp?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Found! Another UAA skater from last season


just add it all together to get the link, I know the article is old news, but I dont know if it was covered on the blog

Anonymous said...

Just killing more time...
Shea Hamilton is no longer with UND according to their 07-08 roster

Eric Walsky is on the CC roster for this year, granted he was not in the mix up with UAA and CC last year, but I am expecting at least one good check from Clark to Walsky? It could happen

Nick Lowe was spotted on UAA two days ago, seems to still be attending classes

Chad Anderson reported to Flyers Rookie Camp, along with UAF's Kyle Greentree

Charlie Kronschnabel is at Oilers Camp, they got pictures on the Edmonton sun, including one of Charlie with the medicine ball on Sept 6th.

Could not find anything new on Justin Bourne in the "google" world, last seen going to Islanders Camp

John DeCaro is back with Bossier-shreveport mudbugs, if you go to www.mudbugsinsider.com you can find him on the left in "player signings"

No Lawson news from the "google" world

Anonymous said...

Hadn't heard about Hamilton, interesting. Yes, I was told by the UAA coaching staff that Lowe returned to school to finish his degree. Good for him.

Lawson is still looking for someone to pick him up.

Anonymous said...

Great news for Beags! I sure will miss him, but wish him the best of luck. He played his heart out for UAA and I will always remember him fondly.

Anonymous said...

Lawson's signing is coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

Annon: September 12, 2007 10:04 AM

I'm sure we'll all awaiting with bated breath.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting to see where Charlie K ends up; I can't help but hope he goes far.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, we got to the picnic late. Does Jeff Carlson get to practice at the start or does he wait till December?


Anonymous said...

any news on Rengert then?

Donald Dunlop said...

Coach Shyiak said Rengert did not get through the NCAA clearinghouse.

Anonymous said...

jjack- read this about Charlie:


Way to go Charlie!

malainse said...

I'm so ready for the season to start!

I have to leave Guam to go Seattle on business so of course I'm jumping up to Anchorage for a few days.

I'll be able to catch the game in Wasilla and drink some hometown Valley Trash. My first Hockey game in 18 months *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Dammitall. I wish I could've attended the picnic at Kincaid :o(.

Donald, why didn't you partake in the food? I'll bet anything that whatever Suze brought, it was a hit!!! ;o)

Thank you to Tyler on this thread with all the "where are they now" updates! I love keeping up with the former Seawolves.

Last thing I saw in writing about Nate Lawson was what Doyle Woody put on his blog in July about him possibly playing for the ECHL Phoenix Roadrunners - http://community.adn.com/node/109284 - but it sounds like anonymous on 9-12/10:04 am is coming out with some news soon. :O)

**Does anyone happen to know if the Wasilla Avalanche game will be available on the net tomorrow night?? ~Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I understand there are ongoing talks between Lawson and the Roadrunners, although nothing has been finalized yet.

If this happens it means Nathan might get to play, but not at the level he wanted. Last year he only wanted a NHL/AHL contract. He did not want to play in the ECHL.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well.. they all want an AHL/NHL contract. ;o)

I'll bet we see him when the Aces play Phoenix. ;o)

BTW, I meant to add: Have a safe trip to Alaska Mala in Seattle! We're just entering our Autumn weather.. leaves starting to change and it's a little more rainy than our beautiful August was.

Also, I meant to say "Alaska Avalanche" not Wasilla. DOH!


Anonymous said...

Suze, that's good news indeed. Glad to see Charlie's still around the game, hopefully he'll go far.

As far as Lawson doing an AHL/NHL contract, that always seemed pretty far fetched considering he dropped out of college coming off two consecutive mediocre/injury plagued seasons.

Donald Dunlop said...

We wish you could have attended as well. I didn't get to eat so much because I got there about 30 minutes late and spent the rest of the time talking to folks so there was no room in my mouth for the food.

I'll commend Tyler or anyone else that finds info about former players and posts it in these comment areas. I do follow explayers but I decided when I started the blog that I'd maintain a tight focus on current players. I did so for two reasons; the first is that it is much less work for me.

The second is that I consider my most important readership to be the people that are associated with the current program and it's players. I hope all former Seawolf players reach the heights of their potential in their post-UAA careers; I'm just not able to cover it without taking the focus away from my primary purpose here.

I hope that explains why I never have the same sort of alumni updates as other fine blogs.

Lastly, there better be some point in the season where you and I actually meet. You comment here regularly and provide some great info so I'd definitely like to shake you hand as thanks for that.

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