Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Potpourri: Corrupt Bastards Edition

This past week saw the second conviction of one of our state legislators for illegally taking money from oil industry ne'er do well and general all around scumbag Bill Allen. We're still in the petty crimes version of nailing some self-anointed members of the Corrupt Bastards Club. Of the first two convictions I don't think any single bribe exceeded $7,000. The other non-members of that unofficial Club (yet equally greed ridden) continue to be investigated and can look forward to serving time for their disservice to the public. Some of them include pocket-lining in the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's all pretty entertaining stuff especially when the bastard convicted this week is named "Kott". I loved the irony this past week when Ben Stevens (Uncle Ted's vile spawn) called into a radio show to proclaim his innocence all while saying he and daddy would never give the federal prosecutors what they wanted. Apparently, this great American isn't too fond of the judicial system; I don't doubt he'd be singing it's virtues had he not been "Kott". I mention all this purely for the fun of pissing and dancing on the beds they themselves made. Sleep in it boys. Now onto some hockey talk.

I've added another in a growing list of firsts for the College Hockey Blogverse. Look on the right hand side and you'll find a widget through which you can send a text message to my cell phone. Just like the comment section here you can maintain your anonymity if you wish. It's simple to use as RunninWithTheDogs blogger Donna can attest. I got up early yesterday to watch the Fulham FC vs. Chelsea game (started at 6AM) because I wanted to see all the moaning about the departure of Jose Mourinho aka "The Special One". I'm not sure what was so special about a guy that knew how to spend his bosses money to get good players and then let them do their job. Perhaps it was the massively special nature of his grandiose ego. In any case, I'd found this text widget a couple of months ago and decided to debut it at the beginning of the season. So, bleary eyed at about 5:30 in the morning, I stuck the thing on the page. To my great surprise I received the first text message (from the aforementioned Donna) about 30 minutes later:
"I'm using this widget merely to be annoying"
My Reply:
"At 6am no less, you sure accomplished that goal nicely"
And then she says:
"It is 9am"
And I say:
"In crazyland"
Some minutes later I'm startled again by the phone beeping:
"Well I don't know that you are in a position to judge who is crazy"
So naturally, instead of trying to watch the game and send another damn text message (and because I didn't have anything to "one-up" that comment), I made an actual phone call to chide this Bulldog loving person. I mean there's no way that I can look at the TV and push the little buttons. To end this harassment and allow me to cringe at Fulham's inability to finish, I had to take action. And somewhere during the 15 minute conversation (after me explaining the whole time-zone concept) with RWD I find out she's texting me from her car while driving. I guess I do know where "crazyland" is. Fulham couldn't beat the evil Chelsea though, but the draw was fun to watch and I got to see a bunch of spoiled rotten fans walk out at halftime in protest. It reminded me of a certain spoiled rotten college hockey group of wanker fans. Anyway, the intent of the texting widget is to give you the reader another venue to express yourself to me. I'm hoping some insider will fill it with valuable data ala "Deep Throat" (the Watergate one not the movie one) but I anticipate most of what I get will be some sort of adolescent crowing from some WCHA or UAF fan that won't be able to resist if their team manages a win against the mighty Seawolves. I'll see how it goes. If it gets out of hand it's easy for me to delete the thing. Send me a text, eh? Now onto some hockey talk.

The new Seawolf Forum at Bornintheak is going great guns. Membership still isn't as high as I'd hoped for but most of the 20 or so registered are participating regularly and contributing great information and useful ideas. Please sign up if you haven't done so. It's painless; nobody is going to crap on anything you have to say; in the short term it's a chance to interact with a great group of fans and in the long term it will be a chance to contribute something useful to the program. In a couple of months, I'll compile the best suggestions for improving attendance and atmosphere at the Sully and the forum membership can decide how best to submit that to those in charge of such things. Got an idea? Sign up and share it. Regular readers will know that I don't spend any blog time covering Alumni of the program. I don't do so because when I started the blog I decided to keep the focus squarely on current players. But there is a thread over at Bornintheak that is doing a great job of updating that information. Did I say sign up? Now onto some hockey talk.

I won't be attending the exhibition game in Wasilla versus SAIT (I ain't typing all that out). So I'm hoping that someone who reads here and does attend the game will email me a report. It's something I'd like to get from anyone attending any road game this season that isn't available on TV. A pair of eyes giving impressions is an important thing. So I'm encouraging that from you fine readers as well. I don't care if you think you can't write ... if you can write I'll publish it unchanged, if you can't, I'll expertly edit it for you and then publish it. I know there are Seawolf fans at virtually every road game. I hear you on the radio and see you on the TV. Gimme some info and I'll share it here. That's what this joint is supposed to be all about. Now onto some hockey talk.

Ok ok, you "Kott" me. I'm not actually posting anything about the team today. I've got to get busy writing a Seawolf preview for the readers over at the BU Hockey Blog in anticipation of the UAA/BU game (they got picked for 3rd by Hockey Least coaches and as you probably know the Seawolves got picked for 10th by WCHA coaches; so the teams should be pretty closely matched). I'm hoping to get mine to him before he gets his to me and then we can simutaneously publish. Naturally, I'll link to it.


DC said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I wasn't TWD. When I texted you, I was at home. When you CALLED me, I was driving.

And I don't think anyone's going to want to use this widget if they think they're going to have to TALK to you.

Donald Dunlop said...

Thou doth protest a bit much. But ... if you say so I'm sure my readers will take your fine word for it. It isn't like you're an Alaska State Legislator. We can believe what you say.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a third year in a row at the bottom of the league for your great Head Coach. He must be doing a great job.

Donald Dunlop said...

Dear John Hill @ 7:11am:
Yeah I know ... geez. I guess they shouldn't even play the games. Congrats to North Dakota on winning the league. I can't wait for the first USCHO Division 1 poll so I can congratulate 07-08 National Champion.

This whole thing about teams playing each other is sooooo unecessary. Lets save wear and tear on the athletes and just do away with actual competion so they can totally focus on classwork.

The WCHA preseason coaches poll has proven to be sooooo accurate, ya know?

Anonymous said...

At least Shyiak doesn't have the worst record in school history, one win in a season. We all know who THAT honor goes to.

Anonymous said...

hay u guyz like a team that sux lololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!111one!!1

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