Tuesday, June 06, 2006

2006 Alumni Golf Tournament

A couple of weeks ago I noticed this link on the UAA website for the annual golf tournament on July 8th. It's been a while since I swung a golf club in anger so I figured I'd sign up. Procrastinator that I am, I figured I'd get to it this Friday (payday) so I went back to the site to find the sign-up form. The skinny is that for a hundred bucks you can golf 18 holes at Moose Run in a foursome including one Hockey Alum.

Oh wait that's not the skinny. There's another (newer) link from the main Athletic's page and when you click on the entry form link you find out that the tournament is now August 8th at Eagleglen and the price has SKYROCKETED to a hundred and seventy-five bucks. My first guess is that Eagleglen's carts must have V-8's installed which would account for the $75 increase.

Interestingly, now the tournament is "presented by Lexus of Alaska". Well that's nice. They got some sponsorship. They're also selling $100 raffle tickets (200 of em) for a chance to go to the Lexus Champions for Charity torunament at Pebble Beach in December. Not to be critical of an organization that I'm not a member of but wouldn't adding a sponsor tend to keep the price for participants down instead of JUMPING UP to $175? The entry form says "Full Field Expected". No doubt all the proceeds will go to UAA Hockey so if it's in
your budget go sign up and enjoy.

Thanks very much to the person who commented below and straightened out my massive dysfunction in not understanding that the 2 golf tournaments above are actually 2 distinct events. The July 8th event is put on by the UAA Hockey Alumni Association. The August 8th event is put on by the Athletic Department and supports all Seawolf sports. Go to both of 'em if you can ... but if you can only make one of them, then July 8th is the best day for you. I'm thinking I should make it a rule to not post things here after 1 a.m.

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Anonymous said...

Those are two different golf tournaments. The one sponsored by the hockey alumni is July 8th and proceeds do go to the hockey program. The annual Seawolf Golf Tournament that is put on by the athletic department is August 8th.

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