Monday, August 28, 2006

Roster Updated

So I'm firguring that since all of last year's pictures are dated 8/31/05 that I'd wait til after that date to do the freshman preview so there's some uniformity with the pictures from the other classes previews. But then yesterday (Sunday) I stupidly went ahead and spent 30 minutes editing/resizing and cutting/pasting their pics from last years junior teams as well as the time it took me to find that crappy picture of Backstrom two posts down. And whaddya know? The UAA Website comes through with quality goods today on the newly updated roster. My compliments to them.

So there's all 9 of 'em. Left to right, top to bottom in alphabetical order.


Runninwiththedogs said...

You really got banned for life from USCHO?

You are a legend.

I guess there's no danger of you ever getting press passes to hockey games.

Donald said...

I've been offered passes. I haven't accepted.

As for USCHO ... when you give enough people a hard-on eventually you're gonna get screwed.

Anonymous said...


Didn't they just recently fill a new moderator(s) position over there?

Maybe whoever took that job has been pacing like a wild cat to get back at you for years for some lame reason, and now that they're in power they thought: "Bwwaahhhhhaaaa, where's the ban a member button?"

Should Suze, RunningWtheDogs and I go over there and plead for your return? ;o)

BTW ~~~~~ A few threads back, you talked about a new Sports Arena for UAA.

I'm not sure if you've seen this or not, but it's the first time I've actually seen something in writing that mentions a new sports facility.

It's from a speech by the Chancellor just last week:

"Our requested planning funds for a new Sports Arena will link the Seawolves dramatically and organically with the city of Anchorage."

(There's a little more in the speech, but so far no info that discusses seating capacity, exact location, or other nitty gritty details yet).

It's a start though!!!:


Donald said...

It was no surprise to me that I committed my final (apparently grevious) violation of their "granny-rules" right around the time of new moderators.

No action required on my behalf though... but thanks very much.

I gave the convocation address a read and with the other priorities she mentions (Integrated Sciences Building and Nursing and Allied Health bldg are on the top of the list) I'm not necessarily hopeful. But, "planning funds" are a start. However with the historically piss poor job that the state does allocating funds to higher education (hey dummies ... you've got like um ... 35 BILLION dollars... bust some loose ya tightwads ... VECO won't mind much!!) I'm not going to hold out hope for anything concrete soon.

Runninwiththedogs said...

The "press passes" joke was referring to what WCH posted about the "guidelines" for bloggers obtaining press passes. One of them was "You have to act professionally." And getting banned for life from USCHO, while "unprofessional" I suppose, is also very awesome.

However, I'm sure at UAA they're just desperate for the warm bodies...

And aren't all your violations grievous?

Donald said...

I was trying to indicate my own realization of the unprofessionalness that I embody.

But next time they're offered I'll probably accept them.

If by "grevious" you mean stringing together a serious of insults in an ad hoc homage to the best of the best in comedy then yes all my violations are grevious.

And all your base are belong to us.

Runninwiththedogs said...

somebody set us up the bomb.

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