Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Short Video Break

Housekeeping for me doesn't include picking up my clothes. Instead, it is the straightening out of the various stuff I have on this computer. I'm a Mac user and Apple includes this brilliant little application called "Stickies" on every machine they sell. It's a great little tool for saving links without bookmarking them. I've usually got 10 or so of these little various colored notes on my desktop but doing my housekeeping this weekend I found 18 of these buggers. I started in on the housekeeping and find these four video links that I'd completely forgotten about.

This first three are links to Bernie Pascal's Inside The BCHL series. Clicking that will take you to an archive of video spots that Bernie provided for BCHL fans over the last couple of years. Last year he must've been on a UAA recruit video binge as he talked with 3 of this year's freshmen.

The low-bandwidth versions are downloadable but I am unable to post them here (but if some Blogspot-proficient person wants to tell me how I'll be deeply appreciative) or I would happily do so for my valued readers. The high bandwidth versions use a script from the site to stream them so I can't even hot link them here. If your interested in seeing what Trevor Hunt, Josh Lunden and Jon Olthuis had to say in the high bandwidth format then follow the link above and scroll down Bernie's archive to the one(s) you want to watch. If low resolution if good enough for you then click one of these three links to download the small one (around 4meg) to your computer: Trevor Hunt; Josh Lunden; Jon Olthuis.

Last and certainly not least is a video completely unrealted to UAA Hockey. Sometime after the end of the season it was announced that that St. Cloud TV viewers lost their regular bumbling TV announcer to a better job. His replacement hasn't been announced as yet but because of the staggering worldwide positive reputation of the UAA Hockey Fan Blog I'm able to provide the video submitted by their new guy which landed him the job. Impressive stuff.

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Yet another lame shot at SCSU, what a shock.

Having fun enjoying your banning?

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