Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WCHA Rinks from Google Earth

Here are pictures I grabbed from Google Earth of each of the WCHA rinks. To see the larger version just click on the picture. This was mostly an exercise in boredom as I can't really think of any good use for these other than satisfying a bit of curiousity. I grabbed them all from a height of about 2000ft. Note that Google Earth's levels of resolution (detail) for St. Cloud, Houghton and Duluth is lesser than the rest (it's not an indictment per se... obviously all the other cities are just more important) but I put them first here to ensure any feelings of inferiority which Google's disrespect causes is somewhat mitigated. The Houghton picture is pretty much superfluous (Google Earth barely knows it exists) but anyway, it's from 20,000ft.

The National Hockey Center
Houghton, Michigan (No idea where the MacInnes is...)
The DECCColorado Springs World ArenaMariucci Arena
The Midwest Wireless Arena (oops .. Alltell Center ... they love name changing in Mankato)
Magness Arena
The Kohl Center
The Ralph
The Sully

It's interesting to note that 3 of the 4 rinks in Minnesota are not aligned on a North/South basis along with the World Arena (no wonder they couldn't figure out Black Bears is a million times better name than Tigers) while all the rest (except who knows about the MacInnes in Houghton) are so constucted. Also you can clearly read the "Fighting Sioux" name in the Ralph picture; I guess someone actually believed that Uncle Ralphie would be able to look down from heaven to make sure they never change the name. Yeah ... ok. Parking at the Magness and the Alltell Center rinks must be a pain in the ass.


Anonymous said...

You have way to much time on your hands, don't you have a job? :)

Donald said...

I really shouldn't dignify an anonymous question like that with a response (even if it has a smiley). But I think it's important for a number of reasons to engage with my readers as often as possible ... so ...

Let's just say that my personal and/or professional responsibilities and the relative speed with which I can post some pictures I'd made during the past season (and never used) and then type a couple of irreverent paragraphs (just to fill blog space) certainly isn't a concern to me so um... why is it to anyone else? (that question is rhetorical) ...

Runninwiththedogs said...

Wow, someone's desperate for content.


Hey, thanks! Now I don't feel so bad.

Donald said...

If by desperate for content you mean posting some junk that I was going to use in a different way but never manged to then fell prey to my sleep deprived boredom the yup, you hit the nail on the head. ;-)

Please respond here with some good chants that we UAA fans can use (besides "Sucks to BU clap clap .. clap clap clap) when we play BU in our tourney this year. Thanks ... or do I have to ask a BC fan?

LetsGoMavs said...

The parking at the arena in Kato isn't bad. It doesn't have a huge parking lot right there but has several ramps and lots all around it and right by the bars. Thus, you just go downtown before the and drink...walk over to the arena..and then walk back to the bars. It's actually a sweet set up.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for adding the photos Donald ~ :o)

The World Arena parking lot in Colorado Springs is pretty damned nice!

Looks like they put a great deal of thought into when they initially built it.

Then there's us -- with the football fields, Boeke Arena, and Sully all crammed into one area with NOT ENOUGH ROOM (and not enough entries and exits)

Neat looking at all the photos though. The Ralph of course looks beautiful even from an aerial shot.

We need a new arena. Someone needs to contact the Rassmussen Foundation. They'll foot the $$ needed for the plans UAA had (if UAA doesn't already have it) but someone needs to write up a case, and then submit it to the Rasmussen Foundation.

They just funded millions more in soccer fields as well as a running track, etc. to be added to Cuddy Park.

Sooner or later, we'll get there!!

Larissa :o)

Donald said...

I'd think the Rasmusson foundation wouldn't be good for big money but maybe they'd fund something like a high tech TV production facility in the building? KAKM is less than a half mile away and they have plenty of upload capacity (99.9% unused) for broadcasting.

Certainly though corporate partnerships should be explored fully for any portion they can or will provide. The Conoco/Phillips Arena? The BP Colliseum? The Alaska Airlines Center? The FedX Arena? I'd say 50 million could buy the naming rights eh?

Hopefully this time next year we'll be looking at something more concrete and permanent than just a planning process that is moving forward.

MeanEgirl said...

I hate the crappy images of Houghton/anywhere in the UP on Google Earth. Maybe one day we can get a clearer picture. But for now, here's about where the Mac is:

You should've also posted a picture of the X... as that's where you and your Seawolves will be headed in March. ;)

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