Monday, August 27, 2007

God Bless Fairbanks

October 19th and 20th: UAA versus UAF at the Sullivan Arena, be there or be square. And bring your indignance. If your indignance tank is empty then just read on to get all filled up.

There are only a few things in this universe that I'm pretty sure about. One is that any visitors from another world sure as hell don't need a spaceship with lights. Anyone that sees a "UFO" that had lights, sure as hell didn't see a spaceship from another civilization. Do you really think some aliens sharp enough to build an interstellar spaceship to come visit Earth (from how ever many light years away) need flashing lights when they get here? Puhlease ...

The second is that traveling backwards in time isn't possible. If it was, then (either today or at some point in our history) someone from the future would have stopped by. Since they haven't then it's simple to conclude that traveling back in time isn't possible (without even having to mention the paradoxes that arise from the concept).

The third thing I'm sure about is that a University which is 397 miles east of, 371 miles south of and 275 miles north of the nearest ocean certainly shouldn't have an Institute of Marine Sciences department. Don't get me wrong. Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the United States combined and the comprehensive study of all things Ocean is completely and entirely necessary and I support it wholeheartedly. But having the center for that study located in the middle of Alaska is beyond stupid. This came to my attention today because the National Science Foundation approved 2.5 million dollars toward building UAF a 123 million dollar research boat, the Sun Star. What a joke.

We Alaskans all recognize that the state government has to artificially enhance the Fairbanks economy in order keep it... lets see ... um ... "afloat". Fairbanks had some geographic relevance about a hundred years ago as a key location for travel and trade amongst pioneers and gold seekers. It even had a sort of usefulness in the 70's as somewhere for pipeline workers to buy drugs and hookers. Unfortunately, in the modern world there is zero reason for Fairbanks to exist. So in order to keep Alaska something other than just Anchorage and a bunch of villages in the bush; the people of this state through their legislators have created the Fairbanks Welfare District. Fancy museums with ridiculous sound galleries and now a freaking boat to be parked in Seward are the latest in a long line of WELFARE thrown at the Golden Heart City to keep it from arresting.

The Omniscient Orifice (otherwise know as Shelia Toomey of the Alaska Ear) reported this past Sunday,
"Invitations are out for the installation of former UAA president Elaine Maimon as president of Governors State University in Illinois on November 3rd. Rumors persist that she got pushed out because she dared to defend UAA in the eternal Anchorage vs. Fairbanks campus war."
You couldn't make this kind of shit up if you tried. Thank God they have this joint up there.


mmf said...

Settle down. You’re just upset because we will probably get a new boat before you get a new hockey arena…and that our new boat will have a higher average attendance.

Donald said...

Timing of the boat vs. a new UAA arena doesn't enter into it. As it should be clear from what I said having the Institute for Marine Studies in Fairbanks makes about as much sense as putting the US Naval Academy in Wichita, Kansas. The lack of logic is undeniable.

The attendance crack is funny at least. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the UAA's arena situation, last week Mayor Begich was on 1080am radio and he was asked again about the muni being cut the money for a new ceiling at the Sullivan Arena.

He said that they've had to scale back to doing only "patch jobs" this summer and had to cancel the major renovations.

He also brought up UAA's plans for their new arena and mentioned how many more seats it would have compared to the Sully.

The mayor said that the city has been involved with UAA in the meetings regarding that new arena. :-O

Mayor Begich didn't come right out and say that the Aces are interested in being a tenant at the Seawolves Arena, but then again, maybe he did? What he said was "even if both of our hockey teams move to the campus location, we can still utilize the Sully".

They moved on to some other topic after that, but I wish they would've discussed it longer.

I'm wondering if UAA is toying with the idea of leasing to the Aces when they're not using the place? If you ask anyone at the Aces, they'll just smile and say no comment. :o/

Mayor Begich is on the Shannyn Moore show (KUDO 1080am) every Wednesday at around 11:00 a.m., so I'm hoping he talks more about UAA's arena again tomorrow.

I'm guessing there would be mixed feelings about having UAA rent space to the Aces? But with the $$$ some of those owners have, I'm also wondering if it's one way UAA plans to expedite the center? It wouldn't change scheduling, but it wouldn't be an arena exclusive only to the Seawolves.


Suze said...


I just read your post on Woody's blog. You did a nicer job, by far, than he did. :)

Anonymous said...

Correction to my earlier comment. That should have read "roof" not "ceiling" as far as the Sullivan.



Donald said...

Thanks for the awesome update. I don't listen to the radio much so it is great that you pick up on stuff like that and share it here. Ceiling? Roof? Two sides of the same coin.

The ADN is less and less interested as time goes by in providing any sort of in depth coverage of anything. They've been "pwnd" by more than a couple of other media outlets on virtually all the political corruption cases while hiding behind the "we don't use anonymous sources" banner.

More often than not I've seen their editors defending the elite power structure in this place while the elite power structure criticizes them for being liberal. It's quite funny but it is what they deserve for being less than righteous. I don't think much of them as journalists.

I've defended Doyle Woody here more often than criticized him. Look for me to comment more often on his blog in the future and I certainly would encourage other UAA fans to do likewise.

Jimjamesak said...

It may not be an arena exclusive to Seawolves if the Aces lease the building but there is a major difference: UAA owns the building. Meaning UAA gets money every time the Aces would play there, not just from rent but from parking, concessions, advertising etc. Plus they would have little control over what days they get to use the building. Now exactly why the Aces would want that kind of situation is beyond me but hey.

Jimjamesak said...

Ohy, and if true. God Bless Elaine Maimon. As the saying at UAA goes: "UAA gets the students, UAF gets the funding."

Anonymous said...

Yep JJ_AK, very good points!

I'll bet that the Aces are only weighing all options in the event that a new place is built.

Plus ~ just because the mayor and Aces owners have attended the meetings on the arena @ UAA, that certaintly doesn't mean they are drafting up an agreement.

If the dream of a new UAA arena actually becomes a reality (hope, hope, hope) we'll have a new muni administration by then and who knows if they'll be interested enough in the topic to attend meetings :o/.

I have a feeling that when (if?) the new place is built, that whoever is running the city will bend over backwards to keep the Aces put.

I do know that the Aces are aware of those details and drawbacks that come with being a tenant in a college facility.

I sure wish we knew the odds of having a new sports center/arena at UAA in the forseeable future.

I could care less if UAA rented to the ECHL or not. I just want to see the ground breaking! :-)

In any event, It's nice to hear that there are actually meetings taking place and the need for the arena is being discussed!

Now to a new topic: Donald, time for a new thread so we can kiss that poopy toilet farewell. LOL!!

I'm looking forward to seeing some UAA hockey with six... count em... SIX Alaskans this coming season! :-)


Donald said...

First, I had anticipated that I would be posting an email interview with um ... a certain person integral to the Seawolf program at the end of last week. However, either some sort of email dysfunction seems to have delayed that or ... I dunno. I re-sent my part of that to the person this afternoon when I found I still hadn't received the promised timely answer.

Secondly, I've got much of the text for the Freshman preview completed but have been waiting for the school to post pictures so I can put faces to the names just as I'd done with each of the other classes. Since I really don't like leaving this place updateless for so long though I'll go ahead with the freshman preview later tonight.

I thought the whole "Shit a Brick" picture was perfect for this post!

Suze said...

From the UAA Blueliner Newsletter:

We will start our season off September 11th at Kincaid Park Chalet with the meet the Seawolves Hockey Team BBQ Potluck. Bring a side dish or dessert and join us for an evening of fun starting at 6:00PM until 9:00PM.

Friday October 5th @ 7:37PM in Wasilla, is the exhibition game against Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

This year we are hosting Parents Weekend on Oct 19th & 20th during the 1st series of the Governor's Cup.

A complete listing of dates, times and locations for the 2007-2008 Coaches luncheons will be available soon.

Season preview:

I think our team and program made some progress last year . We learned how to win in some tough arenas on the road and regained a winning record at home. However, we still have a lot of work to do in order to reach the success we want to achieve in the WCHA. We want to be a team that is in every game and build on some of the achievements we had last year.Our players are starting to understand what kind of commitment and dedication is needed to win on a consistent basis.

Our team will be one of the youngest if not the youngest in the league this year. In saying that I think we will have the most depth we've had in years and it puts a more competitive environment in our practice sessions.

The coaching staff is very excited about this upcoming season and fully expects the team to improve on our finish from a year ago. In order to do that we must be better defensively and score more goals. A big part of that is special team play and I think we need to be much more productive on the power play as well as the penalty kill.

The biggest loss from last year's graduating seniors was their leadership on and off the ice. We have a group a guys in that locker room who we feel can fill that void. Leadership, teamwork , work ethic and consistency will be the foundation of our success this year and we will need everybody to contribute on a daily basis.

On paper, our speed, size and talent is solid and it will be a matter of time where everybody fits into their roles. The make up of our team is one that likes to be aggressive and gets after the puck. We want to be physical puck possession team that is difficult to play against night in and night out.

Forwards: We were able to generate more shots and scoring chances last year. I think with our current roster we should be able to convert more of those chances leading to an increase in goal production. I would like to see 6-8 forwards that can be effective producing offensive numbers. Players like Clark, Crowder, Lunden, Tarkir, Waldrop and some newcomers will be looked upon to lead us in that category.

Defense: Defensively, we can continue to improve on our experience from a year ago. This year's group of defensemen is very solid and brings size, speed and scoring ability. I think Robinson and Beaverson were a very good shut pair against opponents best lines . Both Backstrom and Hunt gained valuable experience in the minutes they played last year. Lovdahl is eligible and is capable of producing as well. Freshmen recruits Lafranchise and Vidmar will get opportunity to play on a regular basis and provide us with puck moving and skating skills.

Goaltender: Goaltending will be a key to any success we have this year as it is with any other team. We need to bring our goal against down and save percentage up and we feel we have capable goalies that can do the job.

Jon O. will get the opportunity to be the number one guy. He played in some tough venues last year and came out of it with a passing grade.

Matt Gordon is an athletic goalie that will push Jon and get some games as the season progresses.
Aaron Mayo is a walk on local player that will challenge for ice time as well.

Overall: Our Goals; Win Nye Classic, Defend Governor's Cup, Host Home Ice WCHA Play-offs AND play for a championship in St.Paul (WCHA Final Five)

I would like to thank everybody ahead of time for their support of Seawolf Hockey. We look forward to another exciting season in the WCHA and we'll see you at the Sully!

Yours in hockey,

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