Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Potpourri

I'll have a Freshman class preview up pretty soon (a week or so). It isn't that it will take long to write it (since I don't know all that much about the rookies). It's just that I'm trying to spread what little real content (stuff other than posts like this) over a wide timeframe.

So I puttered around here a wee bit today and finally put up a new poll. Scroll down and tell me where in the league you think the Seawolves will finish. Also between now and the beginning of the season I've directed the "Bitty Browser" to the WCHA Blog. It's been showing The College Hockey (&other stuff) Blog for the last couple of months so as you cruise down the page take a look and see what sort of content Ryan has up. Besides his Rink and Road Trip rankings he promises a league-wide preview at some point. A daunting task to say the least. The best part will likely be the comments. I'm not saying he won't do a fine job on the preview but regardless of what his preview says there'll be more than a few folks show up to bash his conclusions.

Over at Runnin With The Dogs, the wonderful Donna says she is both "lazy" and "surly" (alas I thought I had those particular "states of being" copyrighted). I always appreciate her way with words and as a fellow hockey blogger she keeps me on my toes. Read her more often than you do ... k? Damien at LetsGoDU continues with his high quality bashing of all things CC this time picking on a kids sandwich toasting abilities. Man oh man ... UAF fans should be glad they just have to deal with me. Scary picture too.

Lastly, I noticed that Blogger has added the ability to post Video into the blog. I'm not talking about "Embedded" video but instead any personal video that I might have available. I don't have a video camera so don't expect much of that sort of thing here in the future but it is a nice upgrade. Speaking of "Embedded" video. I was cruising around YouTube the other day and thought I'd post a couple of videos (even though you may have seen them before). The first has a mom at a what looks to be a midget or high school game somewhere and she is pretty ... um ... distressed ... upset ... no, she's straight up pissed and letting the whole rink know it. It's both horrifying and hilarious. I'm unsure whether I want to punch the woman or marry her (I'm leaning toward a proposal). Like so much else here this video is definitely NC-17.

This second one doesn't need a lot of explanation but it's cool to look at. It's a "Will It Blend" spot featuring hockey pucks. My favorite part is when he puts his safety glasses on.


Runninwiththedogs said...

How did you get that photo of UND's HockeyMom driving her scooter???

Donald said...

I've infiltrated their most sacred inner sanctum. They have no idea who dwells amongst them. My nefarious plans will come to fruition in the blink of my evil eye.

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