Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kane Lafranchise: WCHA ROTW

Congratualtions to Kane Lafranchise on being named to receive the WCHA Red Baron Rookie of the Week award. Kane played two of his better games of the season this past weekend though I'd add that his play has been strong in every game this season. Besides notching his first goal and contributing the shot on Brad McCabe's tip in (both on Saturday) he blocked quite a few shots and was solid (if not stellar) on the penalty kill. Here's what I said about Kane in my evaluation of him last Monday:
Kane Lafranchise has been everything that I'd hoped he'd be as a freshman defenseman (and more). He is very poised. Very. His skating is fluid and his passing is true. His head is always up allowing him to see the ice well. By every measure and/or indication I can muster he is a top notch defenseman. He has future power play quarterback written all over him. He is leading all blueliners in shot attempts and I've been impressed with his abilities getting that shot off. He's got a quick release on wristers and excellent coordination on the one-timers. In his own end he is all about responsibility and is adept at coming up with the puck. All in all he looks to grow into a stud and perhaps become an All-WCHA performer at some point in his career.
Nothing he did this past weekend would change any of that. He was definitely the best freshman defenseman on the ice last weekend. This the second Rookie of the Week award for a Seawolf freshman this season. Here's what the WCHA release said:
University of Alaska Anchorage defenseman Kane LaFranchise, who played a key role in a two-game conference series at Minnesota last weekend, has been named Red Baron WCHA Rookie of the Week for Nov. 20-26.

A 6-1, 198-pound freshman from Edmonton, Alberta, LaFranchise recorded his first collegiate goal and multiple-point game last Saturday (Nov. 17) to help the visiting Seawolves to a 4-2 victory over the two-time defending league champion Golden Gophers at Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis. He scored a game-tying goal at 15:56 of the first period and then drew an assist on teammate Brad McCabe's insurance goal at 10:02 of the third.

LaFranchise, who skated on UAA's top defensive pairing, also helped his team kill 10 of 11 opponent power-plays in the series, earned a +2 plus-minus rating, and fired four shots on goal.
Once again congratulations to Kane. Let's hope that it's just the first in a long series of awards during a long career at UAA.


Runninwiththedogs said...

He's cute.

Anthony Lemons said...


annabelle said...

Congratulations Kane!!

larissa said...

Off topic from Kane for a second--

But please remember that Governor Palin is asking all Alaska residents to e-mail in suggestions on how to spend some of the $$$$$ the state is rolling in now that oil prices have gone through the roof.

All you have to do is log onto the state's main webpage and click on "Voices Across Alaska", fill out the quick survey and then give your own input on how you think some of the money should be spent.

The form that you fill out doesn't ask for your name or other personal info, but they only allow you to send one e-mail in.

(Well.. one per computer I suppose?)

If you decide to fill out the form ( and you should! ) don't forget about the Sully's roof repairs being slashed (while the new Menard Rink in Wasilla was given buttloads of money to build a new kitchen).

And don't forget that the planning money for the UAA Sports Center was completely cut!!

If I were Governor for a day ---- with the windfall of money they're sitting on right now, I'd at least spend enough to repair the Sully roof, replace that antiquated center-ice scoreboard with a NEW one, and rip out the pathetic yellow seats and replace them with dark green ones.

Those 3 changes would at least give the aging Sully a much-needed upgrade while UAA awaits the planning, building and completion of their sports facility/arena which could take YEARS.

When I wrote in, I spoke of why Governor Palin should reconsider the money UAA asked for and why, and I suggested those upgrades to the existing facility while the dump.. er.. while the Sully is still standing ;-)

Hope every Alaskan takes a minute and fills out the "Voices of Alaska" form!


Oh, and p.s. Congrats Kane! :o)

Suze said...

Thanks for the heads up, Larissa. I just sent off mine. It does ask for personal info, and you can only submit one per computer.

larissa said...

"It does ask for personal info"

Uh oh!!!! Thank you Suze! Maybe mine didn't go through then? :-O!

I was expecting to fill out my name (etc.) and for some reason, that screen never came up.

I'd better go back and try to figure out what I did wrong.

DD.. You should've mentioned the governor's suggestion form in the Sunday Potpourri ;o) ...

I think it's really important --- now that they're asking to hear directly from Alaskans on how to spend that money.

Our governor says she's a major hockey fan and I don't doubt for a second that she is... but now that they're asking us to suggest how to spend all those bonus bucks, she has the opportunity to be the first governor to invest in an overdue truly state-of-the-art facility :o)

xoxox (hugs!)

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