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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Seawolves Ink Goal Scorer

Chris Heisenberg has added Cowichan Valley's Mickey Spencer as a 2009 UAA recruit. Spencer is in his rookie season in the BCHL and is currently 3rd on the league goal scoring table and #1 amongst league rookies. 12 of his 22 goals have come on the power play. Mickey is 6'1" 180 pounder from Gibbons, Alberta; his birthday is June 11th, 1989.

Early in the season this kid sure looks to be a top notch goal scorer in a league with lots of kids that put up big numbers. He has a little bit of bulking up to do I'd think but that will surely take care of itself by the time he enrolls at UAA.

And again I'd ask any readers who've seen Mickey play to feel free to add a comment or email me your thoughts. Sometime in January or thereabouts I'll do a complete update on all the future recruits.


Anonymous said...

This actually looks like the type of recruit that I just whined that we were not getting (under another article). Although his points are not up there, the fact that he can apparently finish makes me happy. Hopefully he continues to score and develop. Unfortunately I will probably not be around to watch him play but at least the program seems to be headed the right way.

Donald Dunlop said...

I've got to do a bit more research on him before I label him as a "sniper" but he does sound like he could be a pretty good player to pick up. Lets see how the rest of his season goes as well.

Anonymous said...

ADN is reporting that Gordon might be out for career after getting hit in the eye with a puck. We might be picking up an emergency goalie for the spring semester.

Jeff said...

gordon had to get half of his aretna sewed back on. He had surgery yesterday

Donald Dunlop said...

Holy Shit.

Suze said...

A good article about Spencer on the team website:

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