Saturday, December 15, 2007

UAA Flag Flying in Iraq

United States Air Force Capt. Donald R. Leaver II (UAA Alum) sent me this picture today of he and his team rockin the UAA Seawolves flag at Camp Victory Iraq. Known as Wolfman on the USCHO fan forum, Capt. Leaver was recently reassigned from Shreveport, Louisiana to Iraq. The UAA flag had previously proudly graced his home there but Wolfman wanted to make sure he took it with him on his assignment.

Thanks to him for sharing this picture and lets all hope he and his men keep their heads down and are sent home soon. He assures me that each and every one of the men in the picture are current Seawolf fans! Wolfman is third from the right holding up his index finger in the classic "we're #1" pose.

I thought about posting his email address here so you could all send him you best wishes but since I hadn't asked his permission and I wanted to get this posted I'll just ask that everyone reading this post pass along their positive comments here. Thanks Wolfman for the pic and of course for "representin"!


Anonymous said...

I have always know U were a good guy but now I know U as a great guy -- & if U get the Capt's email B sure to pass it on -- further, I am always plzed to see/hear the reaction at Sullvian when returning servicemen/women are announced and the nice reaction from the crowd


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