Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I Did On Your Summer Vacation

Nothing worth noting. I took that picture and the one I used in my July post. This one is at 3:40 A.M. on June 26th. I could do that because I got a snazzy new Fuji Digital Camera for my birthday. I'm hoping I can use it to take a decent hockey picture or two that I can post here. I doubt we'll see any visual eloquence from a lens that I'm behind but I'll give it my best. This offseason I think I may have forced myself a bit in terms of not writing. It wasn't that I was jonesing to hit the keyboard but instead it wasn't like I stopped following the usual trickle of information. So I wasn't taking a break from the college hockey world per se ... just from mouthing off regularly in it.

You may have noticed I made a post Monday night announcing my petition regarding shootouts. Sign the petition here. I started it because I am genuinely concerned about the effect having shootouts will have on the game. Sign the petition here. I will be referring to it often during the season. Sign the petition here. I will dedicate a space on the right hand column to the effort. Sign the petition here. I invite a discussion of the issue in the comments section of that post. Sign the petition here. In addition to the emailing it to all the D1 Athletic Directors, I will send the final numbers to the NCAA Rules Committee members. Sign the petition here. If you are one of the wayward few who think that shootouts are needed. Then don't sign the petition here.

Since I'm starting off a new season then I thought it'd be useful to set some expectations for you the readers.

Don't read here if:
You can't deal with being grossed out by at least one picture a year.
You don't understand the internal processes of "fandom".
You don't enjoy the occasionally well-placed elite-level expletives.
You think the team you cheer for is unbeatable. They aren't.
You are looking for some faux-journalistic BS from an ass. There is no faux-journalism here.
You are a child molestor. Really, go read SCSU blogs or something. Just don't read here.
You can't take me busting SCSU's chops regularly for whatever reason I can come up with.
You are really dumb and prone to making dumb comments. I will eat your babies alive.
You think George Bush is keen. Really, what I said to the child molesters. Go away.

Please read here if:
You like truth and love and sincerity and trustworthiness and ... clean toilets.
You know that Dick Cheney should be in jail.
You understand the definition of the word irreverence.
You like puppies.
You have half enough brains to recognize a full brain when you see it.

That's right. My brain is full. And I plan to use it this season to provide you with the best analysis available of the Seawolves. You can expect something every Sunday with my regular Potpourri post (the only regular Sunday post in the college hockey web world). I'll have a couple of previews most weeks and game recaps and analysis for every game. I'll share my understanding and my opinions regularly. Welcome to 08-09: Just like 07-08 only different. My next post will be a preview of this years returning Senior class.


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Jesmi said...

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