Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to the Grind

I have escaped from the clutches of the FKSC-AB (Free Ken Selby Committee-Anchorage Branch).  At least they treated me well.  I'm still not sure how they hacked my blog and posted that picture.  But I assure you that I'll make every effort to keep such things from happening in the future.

Seriously though, I needed the holiday break.  I stayed away (not even moderating comments) purposely to get my mind off college hockey.  The issues that surround our beloved program and writing about them do get to be mentally cumbersome.  I don't mean for UAA Seawolves Hockey to become personally all-encompassing but it does get that way.  As a fan, when aspects of the sport actually manage to invade your dreams; it's a sign you should take a step back.  Now let's all get back into the grind eh?

This Saturday the Seawolves will be hosting an game versus a team made up of alumni.  Here's the text of the release announcing the contest:
The Alaska Anchorage hockey team will compete against alumni members on Jan. 2 at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex. The contest is scheduled to commence at 5 p.m. AST and is free to the public. The doors will open at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. Although there is no admission for attendance, donations to the UAA hockey alumni fund are welcomed and will benefit future UAA scholarships. All current Seawolves will participate in the game, with a few suiting up on the alumni squad. The Seawolves won't return to the Sullivan Arena until Jan. 22-23 against Colorado College.
Cool beans.  I'll make every effort to get there.  It's free.  I'm not sure exactly which alums will be playing but there's enough of them around that it should be pretty entertaining.  It says that some players will suit up for the alumni team.  Don't you think that the coaches ought to dress for the alumni squad?  I do.  I have to imagine that Regg Simon will do so.  At least I hope he will.  But I wanna see Dave and Campbell out there too!  It's been a while since we've seen the team play live and it's going to be a while before we see them again.  So, git your butts out there and fill the joint up.

The guys travel to Denver for a big series next week versus the Pios.  There's lots of interesting potential things to talk about with regard to that series.  Even without all distractions which the last series provides the games will be very very interesting.  There's some urgency for the Seawolves to come out of the gate quickly in the 2nd half.  Last years relative success on the ice (not the boxscore but the game play) versus DU and this season's split tell me to expect a couple of barn burners.  I'm excited already to watch them.

I'm going to turn comment moderation back to off.  With it on there was a barrage of Viagra spam that I had to wade through. In addition, I'm certain you guys don't really want to wait hours to see your comment published.  Quite rightly.  It's not as much of a conversation if there is some big delay and it's not like I can't continue to delete the trolling BS.  I'll just have to do it after the fact instead of beforehand.

I'll have a Sunday Potpourri this weekend and will return to the regular spate of posts (previews, disdain, bitching, ranting, recaps etc) next week.

That's it for today.  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  I hope you all enjoy your New Year's Eve celebrations (I plan to) and I wish everyone the best of everything in 2010.  2010?  Time sure moves faster with each advancing year of age.  Wow.  2010 it is then.


woofiewoof said...

Welcome Back Donald!! ~~ The Saturday scrimmage sounds like fun!

(( *-*-* ~ Happy 2010 !! *-*-* ))

Anonymous said...

Excellent case in point. Canady was a highly touted recruit, and would have been a top line player for UAA.

What did Blais do with his talents? He put him on the 4th line, and Canady saw very little ice time. Why do you think that both Fournier and Bishop both left UND? The grass is not always greener.

And what Blais did was very frowned upon. Coaches aren't going to get away with that kind of crap for very long. It comes back to bite them in the ass.

December 24, 2009 4:40 PM

Anonymous said...
Correct on Hunter...Bishop left UND because the grass was not greener in the Forks. Fournier was run out of town because of poor choices he made as to whether or not to go to class, whether or not to stay in shape, whether or not to gamble, and whether or not to drink to excess. Hell no to the first and second, Absolutely yes to third and fourth.
Back to think Blais is worried about others frowning on his poaching someone else's verbals? Not likely..he can't hear them because his national championship rings are stuck in his ears. (Thanks Patrick Roy)
And look where the poor guy is now..making big bucks coaching Nebraska-Omaha. He'll have them contending for league and region titles before long. Not saying it's right, but Blais plays to win, he often does, and that's what people like about him. Seems UAA could use a little of that mojo nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Not saying the Blais "method" is always right!
Winning would cure many of the UAA ills.
Let's see some wins in '10!!!

Anonymous said...

Dean Blais rocks...he wins wherever he goes!
Won't be long before UNO is mentioned in the same sentence as Miami-Ohio and Michigan consistently.
UAA should be so lucky to land a dude like Dean Blais!

Donald Dunlop said...

Yeah. Dean Blais worked miracles in Columbus right? What's up with that? Oh ... he's no great coach but instead just a good recruiter? Hmmm ... what makes a good recruiter? A good salesman makes a good recruiter.

Personally, I'm fond of what Bill Hicks had to say about salesmen.

Lots of folks wouldn't mind having a liar for a coach as long as he wins. Not me. Hire Dean Blais tomorrow and I'd turn in my media pass and shut down this blog the day after.

Anonymous said...

Was Dean Blais the head coach at Columbus? Missed that.
Hire Dean Blais, and people would line up for your seat at the Sully.
We'd miss your blog, but only for a minute or two.

Anonymous said...

This is my last day reading blogs...including this one. Too much negativity from the peeps and from the blogger.
2010 will be great for UAA.
I'm done with you naysayers and pretend media member.

Donald Dunlop said...

Yes Dean Blais was the Associate Head Coach at Columbus. And no doubt, lots of people would love to have him coach their team. I'm not one of them. I have too many negative connotations with the man. That's just me. I'm that way. A prick.


I'd sure like you to come back tomorrow and show me somewhere on the blog where I said anything that would indicate that I consider myself anything other than a fan sharing his personal views and using his personal time to do so.

Yeah ... that turned into a media pass. What a crock eh? I guess someone in the UAA program appreciated my 4 years of promoting the team in comparison to ADN's consistent ignoring.

Sorry you're disappointed (I guess), I'm working on a plan to refund disgruntled readers.

woofiewoof said...

Disgruntled readers?!? :-O Howzavbout "satisfied" readers? :o)

In fact.. I think you need a UAA Fan Blog t-shirt! I'd better get to work asap on the logo.

~Happy 2010~

Donald Dunlop said...

Make me a Logo!

D said...

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