Friday, December 04, 2009

If Can Win Played They Tonight Hcokey

Apparently, medicine nobody took dyslexia for this night.  Drop from the puck, seemed it that green and gold nobody passed could make kind any of.  Team and coach then refereeing into their head got and (which shit honestly was doubt without a) and over game was early.  Teams neither possibly could about brag their play, was as the worst game overall seen have I for in recent memory.

Period 1st was SCSU every in which imaginable way, UAA as gived chances after chances after chances them to.  Sure for, a while in once a Seawolf two or player tried looked to be.  But never sort any of went their way bounces; moreso but they behind every pass went to teammate the every.  Passes if went to front of player not caught.  If as was it drunk was everyone.

2nd period of through halfway, three Seawolves players actually did some things right.  Haddad, Crowell and Portwood were the first line of the night to put anything together in any sort of reasonable way.  They even scored a fluke goal.  Of course, it was taken away by the refs.  And infected the SCSU players too by plays disjointed ugly and.  Shots just look at boxscore in.  World crazy seemed to be it. 

Have I can all say this about.  Deserves more no any.  Yourselves discuss amongst.  Yes and shit were referees the.  Patience end at a is nearly my.  And I've got a fucking headache now.  What a piss poor crowd too.  Ridiculous and embarassing for hockey fans in this town that they can't come out and support their college team.  Pathetic.


Anonymous said...

I see you put as much effort into this article as the team did on the ice. Nicely done.

How can a team play so well against ranked teams, and then stink up the games on Friday night? It has to be on the coaches shoulders. It appears they are not doing their job of scouting the other team and preparing their team accordingly.

The only positive is that the two teams below us in the standings also lost tonight, but UM has two games in hand on us.

This kind of pathetic effort is killing the fans - the few who remain faithful. Like playing in front of an empty arena UAA? It appears you do. No heart.

Ogie said...

I swear I could hear an echo when I was screaming obscenities ref at the. Cavernous...but I suppose fans you cant expect without product quality the.

Anonymous said...

Donald, I found out that the refs were both rookies.....what kind of a supervisor would send 2 inexperienced referees to a wcha game except Mr. Sheppard. These guys lost control of the game and couldn't find their ass with both hands, a flashlight and a road map. It didn't help that for the most part, UAA couldn't pass a puck tonite if their life depended on it. Not sure about the pysche of the team on Fridays but we need some serious MOJO for the rest of the season....oh by the way Donald do you have Daddy Sheppards email address....he needs to know that no body in their right mind sends inexperienced workers to a remote field office and expect them to succeed.....what a moron.....


puckdangler said...

Where the hell are the students at the games? It is 'college' hockey after all. I went back to school at UAA in 2005, and lived in the dorms for a semester. I remember a lot of kids just hanging out in the dorms Fri and Sat nights. The games were free for students for christs' sake! At UMD the students have to pay for admission, and the student section is always packed. It makes me sad, because I remember back in the day when it was really tough to get a ticket at the Sully. I won't ever give up hope for UAA hockey, win or lose they're my team.

akhockeyfanatic said...

I was at the game tonight. Yes, pathetic crowd. Yes, no fire from within from the players except for some plays in the 2nd period.

I'll admit that I have missed several weeks of UAA hockey as I was out of town but.......

1. What happened to the UAA mascot who skates out before the start of the game?

2. No fog machine when the skaters come onto the ice?

3. A recording for our National Anthem? No one is this whole freakin' city to sing it?

4. No UAA merchandise set up for sale during this game?

Mon dieu, what is this world coming to?

LG said...

Yes, the crowd sucked. The fan base has stunk for some years. I don't understand why no students go, it's free! As for the general public, I can understand why they don't want to pay $16.50 to witness that kind of a display.

And to akhockeyfanatic, the new mascot is terrible, it was a relief to not see it-- it was not missed (at least the person in the suit can skate though, unlike last year).

The first period was just awful, some of the worst hockey I've seen us play in my ten years of regular attendance. The penalties didn't help, I was right behind Lee (SCSU's goalie) in the stands in the first period, and I had a clear view of the 5 min. major; that was not a checking from behind, total crap. The refs lost control of the game and after a while they weren't sure who they were making their make-up calls for-- some things were miscalled, and blatantly missed going both ways. This was one of those games where you just knew punches would be thrown at the end... just a good thing they weren't thrown at the refs.

Tomorrow night couldn't possibly be worse... we shall see.

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

I hope tomorrow night, things are competely different, kinda surpised anybody was actually trying to sell food, do they get the night off tomorrow?

It really seems to me that Steve Cobb has given up on the UAA Hockey team, I mean yeah he hired Derek Donald to help out, but he was hired to help out all the athletics.

With the Aces, at .500 you think intrest would go up for the Seawolves, but the complete opposite.

And, thanks D for putting up the videos on Youtube, and those pop-ups are amazing.

Mike said...

If that's our offense...something has to change...I'm just saying

akhockeyfanatic said...

The point that I was trying to make is that not only have the fans nearly given up on the Seawolves,but the pregame hoopla is slowly disintergrating as well. As far as the UAA mascot being "terrible" - we don't always have the most talented voices singing the National Anthem either but someone singing live sure beats a recording most of the time.

I'll be at the game tomorrow night as all UAA fans should be. Seawolves, rest up and don't hang your heads low. Tomorrow is Saturday and we know good things happen that day of the week.

LG said...

I'm not anti-mascot, I just don't see why they replaced the previous one. Hard to build traditions if they keep trying to fix the things that aren't broken. Attendance was not down because of the goofy furry mascot.

Donald Dunlop said...

The 1st period was a clusterfuck of galactic proportions. They couldn't complete a pass through the whole period. Then they let the shit call get into their heads. If whatever they'd been infected with in the 1st hadn't of infected SCSU then it would have been another brutal blowout.

UAA definitely didn't deserve to win. And even though the 2nd and 3rd periods were better they still pissed down their legs often enough to make it one of the ugliest hockey games I've ever seen.

Both refs were not rookies. Welker has reffed up here in the past. Shyiak was right about them not letting them play. Apparently, after the game he made some inference about it being "womens hockey" refereeing or something along those lines. He is right. I can only hope he does something about it. He has to make some sort of statement. Hitting is part of the game and the continuous whining from the Gretzky-lovers is influencing the way games are being called. It's been a steady progression over the last 3 or 4 years.

Someone in my section mentioned pulling the team off the ice in protest and I can't disagree with something like that.

The Clark call was bad. Is Kevin supposed to not try to challenge for the puck? Both him and Raboin were BLAZING towards the boards and Kevin made some contact that he probably shouldn't have made. But it certainly wasn't checking from behind and it certainly wasn't a 5 minute major. What that little twat Roe did immediately after though was TWICE as bad. He went into the fray with an intent to injure. That little fucking bender should have been tossed for that.

I won't be surprised one night when Shyiak pulls a Lucia and just tells the guys to go out fuck the other team up. I'm almost hoping it will happen at some point.

Anonymous said...

As i watched the first period and saw the wolves give up the 6th shortie of the season i looked up some stats. 7.8 percent on the PP, 9th in offence and 9th in defence, The first period was apparent that the huskies skated and covered the ice better than UAA. When it got to 3 - 0 the game by stats was over as UAA only averages 2 a game. Shyiak was blaming the refs but it was poor all over the ice and against both teams. Your PP can't score and you have 6 shorties scored against you. The players didn't bring it and looks like the seawolves were outcoached. Hopefully you can manage a split and salvage some points.

Anonymous said...

This team is SHIT! The coaching is SHIT! The whole Athletic staff is SHIT! This program is SHIT!
Who in their right mind would want to go to a hockey game where the team plays like SHIT on Fridays, yet comes in on Saturdays and turns the game around 360 degrees? Blame the coaching staff, and blame the players. Something has to give...and the players have the talent to win, just look at Saturday night's games. It's the coaches that can't get this team on track. This team should feel ashamed to play like this, when they know that they can do so much better.
As for the Athletics staff... the intermission t-shirt tossing and the bicycle racing games....SUCK! Nobody wants to waste their time watching 2 people trying to race and put on hockey gear then run all the way back down the ice! Whoever came up with these lame ass intermission acts should be fired...end of story!
And why is it that we still have bad music pumping through the Sullivan Arena's sound system?! Hire somebody else please!
The truth is...if the team is giving up, so will the fans! It starts with consistancy. Find a way to get it done and the rest will come. Until then...Saturday nights are the best nights to see the real UAA team come out and play. At least we're doing better that one year we only won 1 game under John Hill! They are getting some wins, just not playing with heart! And that starts with more players like Kevin Clark. The rest of team are a bunch of beer drinking, womanizing, college idiots! Wake up boys! Don't you even care to play with pride?

Anonymous said...

I see this team out at F Street Bar and Rumrunners the day before and after their games. Do they not have a curfew? And why should they be out partying when they just lost? Kind of pathetic if you ask me. Seems to me that the coaches are clueless on what this team likes to spend their time doing. Yes the loses has nothing to do with their partying. But still, do they even care about playing hockey for their college and or town?! Get to work and start focusing on the bigger picture! Grow up UAA!

Anonymous said...

The CFB call shoudn't have been made????? That was as obvious a call as I've ever seen. Plowing into Raboin from behind, and Raboin bein 3 feet from the boards...was lucky he wasn;t seriously injured. Were you drunk also?

I'll revise your stellar prediction: "Expect an SCSU sweep". Thing is, SCSU plays like crap on Fridays also...Saturdays they have ben very good. See YA!

Anonymous said...

Skyiak should realize wcha referees could not care less how we want to play our game. Kevin Clark is a target for all referees, they will not allow him to play his style in this league. We have one of the biggest teams in the league, but our guys still do not hammer them. We are not a tough team, all our penalties our tripping, hooking and interference.
Clark play the canadian stlye game not allowed in the wcha.
He is better suited to the whl or pro hockey. Clark sat on the bench for the first 10 minutes of the game, than after we killed our first two penalties. He was sent out all wound up and cranked a st. cloud player. We never use him on penalty kill or powerplay, even though he leads the team in these categories. If it is true all the team does is just party. Than we have a repeaat of last years denver group.
Maybe we need a captain and assistants to have a little more say on this team than the coaches.

Anonymous said...

If students get in free, why are tickets not distributed at the university during the week before the games.
What does the marketing department do.
Do we seriously want to promote our divisin 1 wcha team or not.
No mascot, no smoke before the games. No cheerleaders, no excitement. Maybe we should send some of our marketing department to study how other teams in the wcha market there teams.
At least they would get a free trip to und or minnesota.
The partying the nite before the game still bothers me, if true.

Anonymous said...

haha i am a uaa alum lived in the dorm for 3 years your not going to get the students there because student would rather drink and get high because they see uaa as comunity college. I worked 3 years to change that. To blaim the coaching staff for poor performance on friday night is bull the staff puts a plan on the table and it obvious works saturday so it has to be exicution on players. i love the wolves but guys you have to find a way to win of friday

Anonymous said...

Refs, coaches, players, fans, students, mascots... society is to blame, and we'll be charging him too. Hockey has, albeit sadly, evolved into a special teams game, and the Seawolves have no powerplay. It was the difference again last night. Perhaps when the goals against surpass goals for on the PP, it will be mission accomplished. The coach said on the post-game show that "obviously" the PP isn't clicking. Wow. Why not roll the lines through the powerplay and get some vets to buy back into this team? A this moment the vets are discouraged and the rookies are wilting under undo pressure. Here's a suggestion, and no sarcasim intended: give the bench to an assistant and give coach the night off to observe from upstairs. Sometimes we all need to get away for a little while. (And I guess after tonight everyone will have a month to get a clear perspective of what we're trying to accomplish here.)

LG said...

Hey anonymous scsu fan, were you at the game? I don't see how you can call that an obvious call. No matter how biased you are, that call was marginal at best. You should be calling it a lucky call, that's what I would say if I were in your shoes. I know I'm biased the other way, but I watched it twice-- once from behind the scsu goal as it happened, and the second time on the video replay later on at home from the other angle. I still disagree with the call. It was one of those times where the player (Raboin) went down really hard in an awkward way, the refs looked up, saw it was Clark (a guy with a reputation as a trouble-maker) and called it with their gut reaction. Doubtful that they actually had a decent view of what happened.

And about the bar hopping thing, shameful, just shameful. I've played my share of athletics at a serious level and any coach I've had would have laid down the law, and then benched any obvious violators. Somehow I doubt you'll find any of our women bball players out at F-Street the night before a game...

Anonymous said...

Regarding the partying issue with the Seawolves - if it is in fact true.........

For a team that won a WCHA academic award last season, these guys arent using their brains. There are still many of them on the team who paid the price of getting caught for curfew and drinking in season last year in Denver. You'd think they would have learned something from that???

I've got a kid playing a D-1 sport in another state. My child is no rookie in the arena of partying but there is NO WAY IN HELL that particular group of athletes break curfew, drink, go out to bars and carry on partying during season. To start with, they have respect for their team mates, coaches, parents and fans. The coaches of this particular team will not tolerate rule breaking and the athletes understand the consequences. As far as the Seawolves go, we can say "Boys will be boys" or "It's hockey, what do you expect?" But the bottom line is that these guys have to care ON and OFF the ice.

Where is the leadership on this team? When you accepted that "C" or "A" for your jersey, that meant you took on a much different role than you previously had with the team. And what are the coaches doing? It appears that the coaching staff needs to be doing curfew checks the night before games.

Most of you are going to disagree with me that this isn't the brunt of the problem with the team. Maybe it isn't, but you have to start somewhere. Having some degree of respect is a good start.

On Wolves said...

I had to watch the game online as I'm out of state. Maybe the tv view was different than the view people (all 10 of you) at the Sully got. Bottom line, stop complaining about Clark's checking from behind. That play is exactly what the rule is in place to prevent. Clark very, very clearly lined him up from directly behind and drove him into the boards. Speaking as someone who's been on the receiving side of a cfb, it should be penalized harshly. Not because Gretzky lovers don't like hitting, but because the safety of players still matters.

I don't have anything to say about the game... I've said it all before.

Anonymous said...

ok people, yes some go to f st after the games. BIG DEAL!!! That has been going on forever. To my knowledge there is no curfew when the team is at home. I've seen the Freshman @ friday's after the game and actually talking about what they need to do the next night.

Anonymous said...

Raboin started to lose and edge and fall BEFORE Clark even touched him. He would have fallen into the boards either way, and a player can't stop on a dime to prevent hitting a player who falls in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Clark unfortunately has not played that way this year, but his first year he did. Once referees know that they call penalties. St. Cloud is a chippy team and gets away with it.
Let's put it behind us, and let clark get his saturday revenge by popping in a few goals and helping the team to a victory.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:22

No curfew at home? F Street has been going on forever? Big deal?..... And how many years have we had a losing program?????

My kid's d-1 program three years ago: 1-22. Players rule; coach doesn't give a shit. Coach gets canned. Last season with new coach at helm hired only 4 months before season start: 5-17. One senior graduates. Coach institutes higher standards and different mindset, basically same team returning. This year's record 14-10.

Let's face it. Changes have to be made and attitudes need to change. Status quo isn't going to cut it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:58

Your kid play club hockey? No team that is NCAA D1 "varsity" is 14-10. The most games played this season by any team is 17.

Club hockey is not D1 hockey.

On Wolves said...

ACHA would be my guess. Not club, but not NCAA D1 either. Either way, dude with the hockey playing kid is right.

Suze said...

The replay of the game is on channel 1 right now. Haider interviewed Wiles after the second period, and Sean actually said "We feel like we are playing good hockey".

Well, you were Sean, but the rest of the team wasn't, and if they think they were then they need to watch the first period on tape.

Donald Dunlop said...

If for once GCI can actually post an archive of the Friday game I promise to post a replay of the Clark/Raboin incident.

Suze said...

Just watched the hit on Backstrom, #16 clearly hit him knee on knee, no penalty was called. I hope Nils is going to be okay, it looked like he was in a lot of pain. I am watching to see if he ever made it back on the ice or not.

Donald Dunlop said...

And oh yeah ... these "concerns" about the team out "partying" are overblown if you ask me. Let's have some respect for these men. They're all grown up. They're not 17. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a few beers the night before a game or the night after a game. NOTHING.

As with any adult drinking there is room for abuse. But unless and until someone is willing to step up and make a specific allegation (which includes putting your name on the comment) then these sorts of comments are just BULLSHIT CHILDISH INNUENDO.

I don't like bullshit rumor mongering. If I see it before anyone else begins commenting here I can promise it will be deleted.

Suze said...

I didn't see Backstrom come back on the ice, and he was limping pretty good after the game. I don't expect to see him tonight.

Here's an idea, put Leinweber on D and Selby as a forward.

Anonymous said...

Dear Seawolves Foil up and play hardnosed hockey until they rename the league.....Women’s Checkless Hockey Alliance

...Alaska Hockey

Anonymous said...

A team never one a championship with a bunch of figure skaters.
Let's take it to st. cloud tonite, we took on und, denver and colorado.
I doubt we are scared of little st.
Clark and the team will rebound tonite, and play there usual strong saturday nite game.
This team will not quit as some fans have.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Naslund has 1 penalty this year and 17 shots on goal in 17 games.

UAA Fan in Florida said...

1st - Officiating was terrible.('Nuf said.)(Well, almost, losing our top goal scorer 10 minutes in tends to ruin some plans.)

2nd - Goalie(LEE) pulled net off the moorings on purpose, not even delay of game penalty.

3rd - Freshmen on P.P. Baldwin is not quite sure what to do yet. Please put a more experienced player on point, please?!? In fact, everytime I looked up, there were more often than not, more frosh on the ice than vets.

4th(but maybe should have been 1st)Sean Wiles has come to kick ass and chew bublegum, and he's ALL OUTTA BUBBLEGUM!

5th. Officiating was terrible.(This was mentioned as number 1 also, but it deserves 2 places.) #27 is a bane to college hockey.

6th. 2-3 period was not pretty, but at least UAA showed some grit, limiting the Cloud to 3 shots.

I'm sure there was some other stuff that bothered me, but I can't think of it now.

Let's go play the Saturday game we seem to get up for. Go J.O. you are the man now, play like you want it for the rest of the season.

UAA Fan (not)in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Power play has 6 goals for and 6 against (SH) in WCHA play; a net zero! That is the no.1 thing that must change.

Anonymous said...

power play clark, grant and wilie up front, backstrom and lineweber on point. Let's go with experience.
All the best.
Predition uaa 4 to 2
do not care who scores the four goals, just need a win for the xmas break.

Anonymous said...

I bet we don't see Backstrom on the ice tonight. I wager we will see Leinweber, who has been sitting since he misplayed the puck at the blue line last Friday in Colorado.

Baldwin did that a couple times last night, maybe it's time for him to sit? I doubt it will happen, the team is too short on defensemen right now.

Play Leinweber on defense and give Selby a chance at forward or wing. FREE SELBY!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like these guys out on the pp. Grant, as he moves the puck well. Wiles, as he is hot right now. Portwood for his strength and Haddad for his hustle. Clark for his ability to get things going. Put Leinweber forward on the pp as he moves the puck well. Put Hunt with Lafranchise at the point. They both can hold the blue line well and have the shot. They each had a couple of good chances last night. Backstrom is out tonight and Lafranchise is a maybe as well for tonight with an injury. Work hard guys. Good luck tonight. CHEER LOUD SEAWOLF FANS!

On Wolves said...
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Anonymous said...

gci not working where i the chat line donald

Anonymous said...

does anyone have the link for the game tonite?

On Wolves said...

Hey Dunlop, I noticed that you took someone to task for posting something as Anon. I just want to say:
'And oh yeah ... dude ... save the fucking vinegar for non-UAA fans eh? A little respect? Please. Thank you.... But [there are] a wide variety of readers here who's attachment to this program might surprise you. Their anonymity here is all good with me. K?'

So just settle down on the Anon's, their anonymity is all good.

Anonymous said...

clark pops first goal, more powerplay goals needed

Anonymous said...

Try this one, let me know if it works

Anonymous said...

No more discussion on partying but just want to clarify that I, writing as Anon 9:29 am, never mentioned my kid played hockey. I said a "D1 sport in another state". I made another post at 10:58 and said "my kids' D-1 program".

Nope, my kid doesn't play hockey but assumed by a couple of readers that it he did.

Go Seawolves. Still enough time to turn this game around

Anonymous said...

good effort in the third period.
all the best will heal up over the holidays.
we had a excellent 2nd half last season, no reason not to improve.
The second half is the most important part of the season.
To all the players and parents of the players, merry xmas.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 7:36 Thank you. It worked. However, I wish I had missed the 2nd period. haha. Have a good Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Excellent 3rd period. Keep that kind of play up in the 2nd half of the season.

akhockeyfanatic said...

Great 3rd period! That's the kind of hockey we're looking forward to seeing after the holiday break. Still plenty of hockey left in the season. Good luck with finals and enjoy the holiday season with your families! We'll be waiting for your return to the ice in January.

Donald Dunlop said...

Hmmm ... well. I guess I'll just enable comment moderation. Maybe that will work better.

Donald Dunlop said...

Comment moderation turned on. But I took word verification off. Hope that helps.

Suze said...

Good luck with your finals guys! Rest up and heal over the holidays and have a wonderful Christmas.

Come back raring to go in January!

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