Monday, August 23, 2010

Seawolves Finalize 28-Player Roster

The UAA Seawolves today finalized and released their 28-player roster for the 2010-11season.  Everybody we thought would be on the roster is listed.  There are 6 seniors, 3 juniors, 9 sophomores and 10 freshman.  Of the 25 skaters; 17 are listed as forwards, 6 as defensemen and 2 forward/defensemen.  

The school's release includes lots of details that we mostly already know about the rookies.  Coach Shyiak said,
“We will have a large number of forwards fighting for regular spots in the lineup.  This young group will push and create a more competitive environment during practice sessions. Obviously with the loss of some of our scoring from our departed seniors, we are hoping that this combined group can provide some offense for our squad.”
I haven't looked back at past years but this sure seems like the largest roster that I can remember for quite some time.

There is no real way to characterize this years edition of the Seawolves as anything but young.  Including the 3 goalies, there are 19 underclassmen.  The 8 sophomore skaters have a combined 158 games of WCHA experience combined; that works out to 19.5 games per player.

Having zero surprises on the finalized roster is excellent.  Every year I anticipate this release with some bit of anxiety that an expected player won't turn up for whatever reason.  It's a good sign for the program when everything goes according to plan.  And once again this year that is the case.

As mentioned above, this is going to be primarily a young team.  There is some experience both on the blueline and at forward that will contribute to the team's success. But mostly when we look at the 5 skaters on the ice at any particular time this season we're going to be seeing underclassmen.  And they will be playing critical roles at critical times.

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puckdangler said...

Youth can be a good thing. Well... maybe not in the WCHA, but all you can do as a fan is support the team unconditionally. I also agree that when the puck drops, I truely believe the Seawolves are coming away with a win. GO SEAWOLVES!!!

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