Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Dear 2011 Seawolves Freshmen

Welcome to Anchorage, UAA and Alaska. It's cool here, you'll probably like it and all that ... but summer is over, classes are in session and hopefully you are all taking captains practices seriously and getting fit.  There's a boatload of y'all.  And this year's team is gonna need you all to be fit and ready to go in just less than a month.

Success as a hockey player at UAA is pretty much in your hands.  You all will get chances to play especially in the first half of the season.  Some (maybe all, eh?) of you will establish yourselves during that time.  How you respond to not fully establishing yourself will be a big factor in the success of your career.  You were recruited with that in mind.  Coach Shyiak recruits players with an eye on personal character so we fans are assuming you have the traits necessary to be a successful Seawolf hockey player.

Regardless of all the conference shenanigans currently happening and whatever future alignment happens, the WCHA for the next two seasons is still the damned hardest league in college hockey.  The veterans on this team can tell you exactly how hard.  Listen to them and follow their example.  You don't have a veteran teammate that didn't learn those lessons last season.  Do as they do; follow their example.  When you're asked to fill a role, fill it like it's never been filled by anyone in the history of role filling!

This team took a step last season toward more success and as big as a challenge as it might be for a team with a big freshman class the fans here in Anchorage are going to hope for improvement.  You guys all have a chance to contribute to that.

This letter is the third "Dear Rookie" offering here on the blog.  Here is last years and here is the year before.  Nothing from those will be on final but you should read them for the lulz.


BBEF said...

EPIC... did you get JJ to film that or what dude??? All joking aside, come to CS this year buddy!

UAAalumni09 said...

Wiles, Lunden, and Vidmar are all on the ECHL Las Vegas Wranglers...if I was in Anchorage still I think I might have to cough up the money to see them in action.

Alaska Hockey said...

Home opener tonight for UAA Volley Ball the hockey team usually is there cheering and being Ball Boy's 7pm Thursday at the Wells Fargo center. the parking people usually quit early on a game night. If not see you Friday 4:30 for the all teams meet and greet or Sunday 1pm for the hockey meet and greet at the Cuddy Center on campus...bring a dise dish and see you there.

Anonymous said...

From Eric Hill of the ADN, a few of the new to the crew doing their thing last Friday.



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