Friday, February 03, 2012

Post Game Interviews vs Duluth 2-3

Interview tonight with Coach Shyiak. No thoughts from me, I don't feel like repeating myself...


Anonymous said...

At this point, what can anyone say?

~wolvern~ said...

I know the guys are trying their best. So Im gonna try my best
and keep bringing my butt to the sully.
I thought Anchorage was supposed to be this big hockey town?
On the way out tonight after the game, I was walking in front of
a couple young men with Bulldog shirts on and one said to the
other "Where are all their students? All I see are people who are
probably Alumni and real young kids. " Except for the drummers
Geez, I feel really bad for our guys and Im not sure what the
answer is other than winning.
Come on Alaska, show the Seawolves some love and come
watch some hockey. Thanks <3... ~wolvern~

Anonymous said...

It is the most stale and brutal environment for a hockey game I've ever seen. Whether the seawolves make it or not, any Anchorage fan should go to St. Paul to see the Final 5 at the Xcel Energy Center.

Anonymous said...

The weather was really bad, and I know that played a big part in keeping people home. Still, Anchorage is not supporting these college students, and they do deserve our support.

We are big NHL fans and it's so nice to see all the NHL'ers who were WCHA players. I'm sure there are a few on the Bulldog team who we'll be seeing in the NHL in a year or two. If we win or lose, it's still great hockey.

marooned said...

It's expected to feel frustration in such times. I think fondly of the games I used to be able to see in the late 80's and I'm sure the future will be brighter. I don't care what anybody says about the those other schools leaving the WCHA and forming their own super best friends league; it'll mean more wins for us and more butts in the seats. Two bad there's only two Alaska schools with D1 hockey (c'mon KPC and AvTech).

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