Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seawolves vs Ugly Dogs

The Seawolves record versus the incoming and defending national champion UMD Bulldogs in the last twelve contests is 5-5-2.  Past records of course don't really mean anything on the ice this coming weekend.  What might matter a wee bit more is that UMD is 17-5-4 and UAA is 6-16-2 so far this season.  They come to town after getting only one point on their home rink versus MTU last weekend.  The Seawolves lost a pair to them back in November; 5-0 and 3-1.

It's almost February now and there are only 10 regular season games remaining for our boys.  The goal of home ice for the playoffs is all but impossible at this point but moving up for better positioning in the standings would be beneficial.  To do that there is one thing the Seawolves must do: start playing like they are capable.  I don't want to say that the team hasn't looked decent since returning from break because they have in some areas.  But there can be no arguing that giving up 4.8 goals per game in the last six is anything but decent.

Last year we saw a team that down the stretch played a committed defensive game.  They manned up well in their own zone, blocked shot after shot after shot and gave loads of support to their goaltenders.  The veterans on this squad all should understand that.  They went through it.  They made it happen.  It's time to start making that happen again.  And for that to happen they all need to develop that committed mindset.  Hard hard work is the only thing that is going to make a difference between frustration down the line or something they can hang their hat on and call success.

From the fan perspective it sure seems like a good time for our guys to break the 7 game winless streak.


vizoroo said...

Not a good weekend to have tdogs come to visit. Coming off last weekend they may be a bit rabid. :O
Too bad Kevin Clark is gone, because I'm sure he could get TJ Brown to take some unnecessary penalties.

Mike said...

^^Vimax.....lol get lost spam bot.
Read this and comment please as I myself see the same for UAA in the new WCHA. http://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2012/01/29_present,_future_rivals_headed.php

Another plus to the new league should be some tourney activity around the holidays instead of 2 months of inactivity.

Alaska Hockey said...

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Donald Dunlop said...

Twice Deleted Nate Bauer,
Do not bother reposting that tired old ignorant troll of a question. In fact, just staying away from this UAA Hockey Fan Blog wouldn't be a bad idea for you as I expect I'd delete just about anything you might choose to add here.

AKfan said...

Guys, try to put the past behind you and start playing "playoff" hockey. Just as Donald said, last season we had upperclassmen (2 in particular) block a ton of shots to help out our goalies, that is not happening this season. Get back to playing solid defense and you won't have to score 4 or 5 goals to win.

T Revelator. said...

MTU plays up to the competition,and seem to save their off-games for lesser opponents. I saw MTU against the Gopher's at Mariucci earlier this season,
and the Huskies deserved a 3-2 overtime win. I'm sure that was the case against UMD. The Dog's are good,but I don't think they're that good,and are probably due for a flat spot. The Dogs can be had.

Anonymous said...

How can we lose a game to one guy. 4-1. All goals scored by one kid!!! J.T. Brown. WOW!!! How about trying to double team this guy. Time for a change people.

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