Saturday, December 06, 2014

Brett Cameron 4 - The Beav 4

Sitting here during intros just hoping for a better performance tonight. I don't think last night was bad but I also think this team is honestly capable of much more. Let's see if they can repeat their game from two weekends ago eh; dominate them guys! Please.

1st Period:
So a good start. Three demi-chances created in the first couple of minutes; Scott Allen with a shot, Brett Cameron, Azurdia with chance in front. Good energy. Shots says "3" but it's really 5. It'd be awful if our shot counting person gave full credit to our team for the shots it takes.

Blake Leask has been forechecking hard in his first shifts but with 14:10 left The Beav is beginning to find their legs and getting some possession in the UAA end.

Dylan Hubbs had a nice shift; he's really tenacious when trying to get on the puck.

And just like that The Beav evens the shot total.

With The Beav getting a bit more pressure Jarrett Brown gets tagged for a holding penalty. Refs are going to call something when the offensive team is pressuring.

Brett Cameron breaks his goal drought with a nice shorthanded breakaway goal just over the left pad and under his glove of Walsh.

Docken and Arentz introducing themselves to each other here in the corner below the media tables. Derek got the better introduction in the exchange and so of course is the only guy to go to the box.  5 on 3 now.

The 5 on 3 kill was comfortable but after killing that The Beav showed good puck control in the zone and moved it well enough to gain a clean shot in the crease and badaboom it's tied up.

The first four minutes were in UAA's favor by a fair margin and now the last few minutes are stacking up similarly with two real nice shifts almost entirely in The Beav end.  Tatchell and Gerbrandt decided to introduce themselves intimately and are rewarded with a trip to the box.

Kozun is having some hard luck tonight as he's made two nice moves into the zone tonight and had three shot chances blocked.  

Brett Cameron apparently wasn't satisfied with just breaking his scoring drought as now he knocks home a second goal while standing in front of Walsh. It looked to me as if it ping-ponged a bit after he backhanded it high.

So a good beginning and a good end for the Seawolves. The middle bits were mostly in favor of The Beav. 

2nd Period:
So next time you're in a scoring drought; end it with a natural hat trick. Brett Cameron knows that's the best way.  He finished a real nice passing play (very very well deserved assists to Anholt and Freisen) with a goal scorer's finishing touch.

Last night The Beav had a two goal lead in the 2nd. Now we do. 

Hubbs tenacious play on the puck earns him another chance. No flies landing on that dude.

Mantha got a little chance to "feature" his glove hand while Jarrett Brown is in the box and he made the most of it with a huge flourish which of course the fans in attendance enjoyed.  And now The Beav gets their 2nd 5 on 3 of the night with Austin Coldwell sent off for cross checking.  And immediately as the penalty starts, the refs call one on The Beav for "DIVING"!!!

Mantha was screened big time on the 4 on 3 and a shot from high in the slot got through. He never saw it.

These refs now seem to be all about involving themselves in this game. There isn't any untoward or dirty play but they cannot help themselves it seems like as they send Sevalrud to the box for something ... I can't even comprehend it.

And now it's 3-3. 

And now an elbowing call to Duwe.

At least they give UAA a make up call, The Beav's Sam Windle finishes his check on Rassell along the boards in The Beav zone and the refs whistle it for roughing with indirect contact to the head. Rassell is probably laughing about it.

The power play wasn't without chance yet it still produced the same as the last how-ever-many power plays. Nuffin.

Wide open nets without the puck going in are nightmares.  Credit Walsh with getting back quickly to deny an easy 4th goal after he'd left it wide open. I missed who the Seawolf was that frankly "should" have scored on the play.

The period ends with much consternation from The Beav for what was a legitimately clean hit that sent one of their guys to the locker room. Could make for a 3rd period with lots of bad feelings. I'm sure the referees will enjoy that.

If I'm awarding wins-by-period then The Beav get's the nod for that period.

3rd Period:
This period should be good. Every reason for it to be. I expect both teams to let it all hang out.

Seawolves start with a really dominating first shift that ends with Andrew Walsh throwing a big roundabout haymaker on a Seawolves player that had been checked into his crease and grazed up against him.  Refs reviewing for ... I dunno what? Walsh get's two minutes for throwing a clear punch. Should have been tossed. 

These refs are gonna cause some augliness if you ask me.

And Cameron scores his 4th goal of the night. Wow.  The puck hasn't been across the red line into UAA's end so far in the first 90 seconds.

This is a huge 3 minutes of domination by the Seawolves; and of course as I type that The Beav actually get into UAA's zone with the puck.

Glad to see Freisen in the line-up tonight. He's had several good moments and of his +/- should reflect it skating with Cameron tonight.

Five plus minutes gone and The Beav have been in the UAA zone twice; the rest of the time the puck has been in their zone. Definitely have them on their heels.

There's not much love between these teams at this point. An attempt to drive the puck into the crease from the goal line ended in several players laying all over the crease when the net came off and Scott Allen had to assist The Beav player from laying on top of Mantha.

Coldwell gets a legit interference penalty. Sometimes some refs let that go but it gets called often enough to not call the refs boneheaded or anything like that. So I won't call them boneheaded.

The Beav isn't shy at this point about running into Mantha. He had his stick knocked out of his hands and came up with a pretty good save (cos he was solidly squared up to the shooter) anyway.

Scott Allen and Blake Leask worked a nice two on two with Allen able to get off a semi-dangerous backhander.

Walsh working on his acting for his post-hockey career is pretty entertaining but honestly it was the worst dive and pretend injury evah.

And with 2:03 left The Beav get a game tying goal that went off Mantha's blocker and into the goal. They're reviewing it but it'll be a goal. It was a bit weird looking but it went in.

Time to regroup for the last 2 minutes.  Cameron, Allen and Tatchell reunited here in the last two minutes. Tatchell stays out with Friesen and Leask. Now Allen, Cameron and Anholt.

And another night of OT. Unlike last night ... I can't say this game deserves to be a tie. But the plain fact is that the Seawolves did not score more goals than The Beav in regulation.

Duwe, Kozun and Tatchell come out to start the OT.

Tatchell had been out tons of minutes both at the end of regulation and through the OT. Just watched him skate off and he's definitely tired. Thomas takes a timeout and Tatch gets sent back out.

Last night with the good tie. Tonight with the "bad" tie.  Obviously the title of the post here is misleading as Brett Cameron didn't single handedly tie The Beav.

I'm not super thrilled with only 2 league points on the weekend. These were hard fought games as Tom Serratore never has had a team that didn't give 110%. There'll be a lot for the players and coaches to consider from this first half during the month long break.

Don't expect too much from me over the next 4 weeks. Things have been and probably will continue to be pretty dynamic for me. The one thing you can expect is some sort of "report card" style analysis of everyone's play in the first half and if there's any breaking news I'll of course cover that.

I'll try to do some housekeeping here on the blog as well and maybe implement a change or two that I have in mind.


Suze said...

That pretend injury by Walsh was pretty funny, especially since his own players stick hit him in the head. :)

Great job by Brent, now Scott needs to break out of his funk too. Nice to see him get some assists tonight. Coach sounded really teed off though, made some comment about some of the guys needing to decide if they wanted to continue to play for UAA (I am paraphrasing).

Donald Dunlop said...

I watched his post game comments and to me it seemed like he was challenging players. I hope and believe that Coach Thomas is learning things about college hockey as I think there's some distinct differences between D-1 and ECHL hockey. And I'm not just talking about the shorter season. He got the nice first season bump from players being happy to play for a different regime and that's common as we discussed earlier tonight. There are things that must be addressed by coaches at the D1 level that they absolutely wouldn't even begin to approach even in the ECHL. Guys like Don Lucia know this.

Suze said...

Congrats to Cameron for the WCHA player of the week award. Well deserved.

Sze said...

According to Doyle, UAA has a new recruit. From the ADN:

"UAA has received a commitment from forward Luke McColgan, a California kid who plays for Chilliwack in the BCHL.

McColgan, 20, owns 12-9-21 totals in 32 games. He played the previous two seasons in the SJHL".

Sounds like a solid player. :)

arcticfox said...

Is it just me, or does it seem like forever since we've played?

p.s... Welcome aboard Luke McColgan!

p.s.s... I hope this doesn't post twice. I thought I already sent it, but I somehow zapped it into the ozone or something. :D

~Happy 2015~

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