Friday, December 05, 2014

Seawolves 3 - The Beav 3

An generally evenly played game ended up with an even score. There was good and bad play at various points from our guys. Goaltending was good. Defense had a few mistakes but not costly ones. We had scoring chances that didn't get finished; so did The Beav. 

1st Period:
Can't say it's any sort of good start in the first couple of minutes. Bemidji already getting the better of the play by outworking the Wolves. We did get into their zone once in the first three minutes and had a face-off.

Zach Rassell and Tanner Johnson have been the best looking players for UAA so far.  Rassell led a nice charge into the Bemidji zone and got off a decent shot.  Van Allen did similarly shortly later but since the shot counter person here at the Sully is blind; well you know the rest if you've read my blog before.

Nothing wrong with Hayden Trupp's play early on. Showing good energy with Anholt and Cameron.

Around 8 minutes past and UAA is showing more energy and winning more battles for the puck.  Again it's the Rassell line (Conti and Hubbs with him) doing good stuff.

Several defensive mistakes haven't cost the Seawolves yet but could have. But around ten minutes Austin Coldwell made a strong defensive play with his skate to deny The Beav any opportunity.

The Sevalrud penalty was bullshit. Sorry, no other way to say it. He got tripped and then The Beav player fell over him.

Tatchell's goal at 12:56 was a decent wrist shot that Walsh wishes he had another chance at. It's was karmic though after the terrible call that led to The Beav scoring on the power play.

With 5 minutes left the Seawolves are getting the better of the play though at this point it's been about 50/50 overall.

Pretty sure I'm not wrong but tonight is the first time we've seen Blake Leask on the point during the power play. The power play wasn't horrible but only generated one chance as Scott Allen threw a shot high on Walsh's glove side that seem to have him fooled briefly.

And as too often is the case, just a few seconds after the end of our power play The Beav tallies a 2nd goal. Shot seemed to just beat Mantha who has been otherwise sharp.

2nd Period:
Effective penalty killing to start the period.

And that power play was just crap from the Seawolves. Only one brief possession in The Beav zone by the Rassell line and zero chances overall.  On both power play chances the Seawolves have just used their standard lines; no power play "unit" per se.  Dunno what that's about except perhaps Thomas trying to spread the duties/responsibilities around since apparently a couple of weeks ago there was some "blame game" going on amongst the team.

Just looking at the stats from the first period and they're unsurprisingly very very even between the two teams.

Kozun showing good energy when he's out there but it hasn't been in situations that might lead to any scoring chance. Still though, it's nice to see the effort.

So it seems we've got referees who love to call penalties during face-offs as now Conti gets sent for a slash and The Beav goes on the PP.

And now it's 3-1 with two power play goals given up to The Beav. 

Another power play for the Seawolves ends without any real danger of scoring.

Great pass from Austin Azurdia from behind the net to a waiting Blake Leask (who's been playing both center and defense tonight ... and not just on the power play) high in the slot. Leask buried the chance. That was a badly needed goal at this point in the game.

3rd Period:
Duwe backhands home a goal early in the 3rd after the face-off in The Beav end; he was standing right at the top of the crease when Tatchell got the puck to him. That's a good start and obviously very important to get the game back to even.

Seawolves getting good pressure and hemming Bemidji in a bit and after they were forced to ice it, Serratore has to use his time out to rest his guys legs.

I'm really going to like Tanner Johnson over the next 3 1/2 years. Just sayin. He has quick eyes ... really sees what is developing and makes the good choice with the puck so often.

So The Beav is getting the better part of the play through the middle part of the period (5 mins in through 5 mins left). Now a UAA power play combined with the last TV timeout of the period could help the guys turn the tide a bit. So this power play with The Beav player off for charging is very very important.

And nothing.

The Beav back to getting the better of the play and the Seawolves just looking for any sort of break. 

It was the most uneven period of an otherwise generally evenly played game. The statistics at the end of the game favor The Beav slightly.

We won the draw in OT.  I'm typing that because only a few seconds later The Beav almost ended the game and I wanted something positive to note.

Can't say that the referees didn't give UAA a chance to win. The late power play in the 3rd and then waving off The Beav goal (the guy steamrolled Mantha so it's a valid call).

Timeout for UAA and I'm on the edge of my seat.

And it ends in a tie. I never like not winning but you can't argue that it wasn't a very evenly played game and I suppose it deserved to be a tie. 


AKfan said...

Nice commentary DD. I am so disappointed in the play of Scot Allen. He played like crap tonight and I really think coach should sit him a game or two. He's not really contributing much out there. Numerous times tonight I watched him pass the puck to the Beav. Not what I expect from a senior who scored 17 goals last season.

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