Friday, January 09, 2015

Seawolves Lose 3-2

Good jump in the first couple of shifts but the energy could be negated by a tripping call that shouldn't have been called against Azurdia. Allen, Tatchell and Cameron generated a good shot (but an easy save) within the first 15 seconds of the puck drop. They continued to possess the puck and make trouble.

The penalty kill was effective even though Ferris did a good job of keeping it in the zone. And immediately after killing it the Kozun, Leask and Azurdia line put together a terrific scoring chance but with Motte completely out of position nobody could find an opening through traffic to bang the puck home.

Over the first 8.5 minutes the team has looked real good; shown good energy and moved the puck effectively. They've tilted the ice at times and now Dylan Hubbs takes a bad penalty. 

The penalty kill was again effectively and Ferris never generated any solid scoring chnaces.

Connor Wright got a nice chance picking off an errant pass at the blueline and breaking in, he didn't get off the strongest shot but nice to see him get the chance.

Might very well have something with Kozun, Leask and Azurdia. They've looked strong every shift and are making things happen. 

We're due here and have earned a goal with 4:20 left.

Couldn't be a better time to score than in the last minute of the period right? Ok then, since we didn't score in the last minute of the first maybe we can get one here at the beginning of the 2nd.

Bad change on the power play led to a 1 on 1 off the right side for Ferris which Matayas handled well and on the ensuing rush to the Ferris zone Scott Allen finished a nice passing play from Cameron and Tatchell for the 1st of the game. I say first cos I'm expecting more.

We were overdue and hopefully it'll give the team some additional spark. Kozun, Leask and Azurdia have another nice shift. I can't help but think they'll get rewarded with the next one.

Allen, Tactchell and Cameron are at it again with dominating play in the Ferris end.

The Conti penalty was dumb ... I guess we can be glad Conti didn't nail the guy that he illegally hit in the back. I think it's the result of being pumped up a bit and forgetting about disciplined play. There wasn't much hitting last night and Conti has a big frame that he uses effectively as part of his game. But you cannot be pegging dudes in the back.

The penalty kill came through again though. Ferris isn't going away and are getting chances here and there. A 2 goal cushion would be useful right now.

Also, these Ferris sweaters are still ugly.

And just like I feared; Ferris gets a shorty to tie it up. Lesson to be learned here is last night's meme ... If you don't score a 2nd goal then you're gonna have a bad time.

Pretty tense first 6 minutes. Seawolves still getting the better of the play but Ferris continues to give the Seawolves problems. As I'm typing that a shot goes in for Ferris but the referee immediately waved it off as it appeared a Ferris player made contact with Matayas sending him to the ice as the shot came down the slot. Looked pretty clear to me on the big screen but of course they're in the box reviewing ... no goal: so that should serve as a warning to the Seawolves that this friggin game can go south pretty queickly as it did last night.

If you try to win the puck off a guy's stick in the defensive end versus just clearing it to the boards then you're gonna have a bad time. Ferris' 2nd goal thusly came to be as a result of just such a scenario. 6 minutes to go and maybe get a tie.

If you get caught standing flat-footed in the defensive zone when the opponent has some momentum you're gonna have a bad time. Scott Allen didn't anticipate the Ferris players momentum and suddenly it's 3-1 with less than 4 minutes in the game.

3:33 left and UAA gets a power play. Might Thomas pull Matayas relatively early?

He does and it pays off. The outnumbered (6 on 4) Bulldogs couldn't cover everyone and once the Seawolves actually got the puck near the crease Scott Allen found a way to knock it in. Two minutes and sixteen seconds left. I'm crossing my fingers for another Ferris penalty.

Good game. Monotonous result. Another loss won't be relieved by the good play. We only managed two goals and once again had two miscues in our own end which cost us the game. We also didn't cash in on the mistakes Ferris made in their zone.

Nothing to be done but persevere with hard work at this point and hope that down the line results improve. This team is now officially in a fight to actually get into the 8 team WCHA playoffs.


Suze said...

As I posted on the USCHO, UAA had 17 players dealing with food poisoning. That's why they ran out of gas in the 3rd last night. As someone who had food poisoning a couple weeks ago, I don't know how in the world the managed to play as well as they did! Hats off to them. If they had been healthy I think they could have easily gotten a split or a sweep.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on UAA's new recruit from Sweden? On paper doesn't seem anything special ... am wondering if he is fast and see's the ice well ... we need someone who can feed the puck.

Alaska Al said...

Number 9 is a Junior and does a pretty good job of "feeding" the puck. Granted we always have a need for that type player.
IMO the more immediate need is guys (plural) who can take the "feed" and put it past the goalie and into the net.

AKfan said...

Where is our best cheerleader these days? DD, did you fall off the face of the earth? Come on man, let's get this blog rockin'!

Alaska Al said...

He's out Zammin
Meanwhile the Seawolfs are preparing to do battle with the Nooks

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