Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Random Thoughts About the UAA/UAF Rivalry

Dump Bears Doing What Dump Bears Do
What is the UAA/UAF rivalry about? It's about 2 days away from renewing itself. That's what. In case you missed it, since the first day of 2006 the Seawolves are 16-11-2 against them. Apparently, UAF has won six Governor's Cups in that time. Or maybe it's seven or only five? You tell me cos I don't really care. I think the majority of the cups they've won were awarded by virtue of winning a shootout.

So what? I don't personally care about that trophy. I care about the record. If some rubes want to run around thumping their chests because they won 3 or 4 shootouts then who am I to shit on their stupid parade? Someone decided the trophy must be awarded every season. So we have shootouts for it sometimes. YAWN.

The UAA/UAF rivalry is akin to the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames rivalry. The battle for Alberta and the battle for Alaska. I tend to relate UAA to Calgary though that won't probably fly with a certain UAA player and his pops. Oh well, Fairbanks isn't really like Edmonton. Cos, Edmonton is a nice city. But for the sake of the comparison, I have to go with it. 

Calgary hosted the Olympics. Anchorage was the USA's bid for the Olympics a couple of times. Fairbanks wasn't and Edmonton didn't host the Olympics. Also, the Oilers traded for Curtis Glencross and then didn't keep him ... guess who they sent him to? Calgary where he flourished against the Oilers and became somewhat of a fan favorite.

Dump Bears in their chosen habitat
If you don't already get it, this rivalry is as much about the two cities as it is about hockey teams. Anchorage is just better in every way than Fairbanks. It starts with the name. Anchorage is an accurate representation of the function of this locale when it was first explored by westerners. It was a good place to drop the Anchor and check things out. 

Conversely, Fairbanks was named for a dude. He wasn't even that cool of a dude. Also, the Chena River which meanders through the town categorically doesn't not have banks which are fair. They are muddy and gross and stupid. Don't even get me started about the mosquitoes up in that joint ... nightmarish I tell you. 

Most people that leave forsaken Fairbanks but stay in Alaska end up living where? Yeah ... Anchorage. Cos it's better. Subjectively or objectively ... it's just better. Oh, except Fairbanks has a better large scale composting facility than Anchorage. Seriously, they're excellent at turning excrement into something useful. Good on Fairbanks.

That's what this post is really all about. Fairbanks deals with shit quite well. So there's that. Let's heap some on the Nanook hockey team this weekend.

DeezGuys like the dump


Anonymous said...

King of the Dump......until a brown bear shows up.

Anonymous said...

I see the UA_ Alumni are holding a pregame tailgate party 2 blocks from the sully and some homeless camps….. I am sure they contain some UA_ Alum’s. Maybe somebody should drop a dime and point out free food and beverages.
They need all the help they can get.

Anonymous said...

Coaches Corner 6 pm tonight Thursday in the Alaska Airlines Center at the Varsity Sports Grill.
Voice of the Seawolves David Tuttle hosts.
Junior forward #18 Brad Duwe will be the player guest and UAF coach Dallas Ferguson will be there to shed some light on what's happening with the Nanooks.
Coach Thomas, as always, will provide lively commentary on the Seawolves.
A game worn jersey #40 worn by Daniel Naslund will be one of the door prizes.
Great food and drink are available for purchase.
It's shaping up to be an exciting and entertaining time.
See you there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Bears dumped on you, took 3 out of 4 points on the weekend. Our team is better,our fans are better and yes our town is better. Our rink is better our radio guy is better.Our school is better and the people who live here are way better.See you in March,oh and try to bring some fans for support, you are going to need all the help you can get to win two games here. See Ya.

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