Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some Delicious Tidbits

I suppose "delicious" is a matter of individual taste but here's some stuff that might at least tide you over until the main course. Jeffrey Hopkins is a regular contributor here in the comments section and unlike me has actual credentials. Jeff is writing for the UAA Student Newspaper, The Northern Light. If you follow this link you can read his first submission this year covering the UAA Hockey team. The article contains quite a few comments from the players and focuses on both the upcoming season and the Nye Frontier tournament. Give it a read. Nice job Jeff! Hopefully, you're Anchorage's future in hockey reporting!

Also in the Northern Light this week you can find Suzanna Caldwell's article about Wayne State's final season. She has quotes from Head Coach Bill Wilkinson as well as SID Tom Gorman both of whom emphasize that this season is a showcase for the players. My facetious question regarding the departure of Wayne State is; since the exemption they gain by playing up here in Alaska isn't going to be used can the Seawolves have it to schedule an additional home game?

I've meant a couple of times to post this information but keep forgetting. KTUU Sports is doing a pretty good job covering the pre and early season. They've been to at least 3 practices and had a camera and reporter at the exhibition game in Wasilla. They did mistakenly report the final score as 7-0 but other than that I'm giving them high marks. The nice thing is that they post each nights sports report on their website. To be honest I've found their website to be a little clunky to navigate and the audio on their archived sports reports is ridiculously low but take a look and you can find game highlights and interviews. As a side note I'd hoped to include game highlight video this season but my machine is so grossly underpowered as to completely negate that possibility. Video capture capabilities in testing proved to be of horrid quality due to frame loss so I bagged that whole idea. If someone out there has a media quality machine and wants to grab the goal highlights from GCI's webcasts I'd be happy to post it here though. I'd just ask that it be 30fps and under 10mb for me to post it. I'm sure that's easily doable with a decent machine. KTVA has no such archiving of reports on thier site and KIMO's sports reports are only sporadically archived, so neither get any kind of link here.

In a bit of a Twilight Zone moment I was checking for anything I could share in this post and found an entry on Clarkson's hockey blog called, "Where's the Beef". I thought for a second that somehow the listing had become confused but it wasn't so. Must be my use of it yesterday somehow creeped through the ether and invaded the subconcious of their blogger. I didn't know my thoughts were so powerful. I'll make an effort in the future to not allow them to creep through the ether so easily. For now I must apologize for my obvious metaphysical prowess. If you didn't already know Clarkson copies UAA with the whole Green and Gold theme too. Sheesh.

I haven't received the BU preview but I promise to post it as soon as it shows up. Also, Chris from Western College Hockey is working on season previews and emailed me a set of questions this morning. I dutifully responded to his queries and he's posted the exchange at this link. No doubt plenty of bloggers feel busy this week. I know I do.

Finally, the ice at the Sullivan this weekend shouldn't be pink. The Alaska Aces are doing a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research and have tinted the ice pink. My earlier assumption that there wouldn't be enough time to get the pink out was entirely incorrect however. I'd thought they'd need to remelt and put a new sheet down to accomplish the task but since the pink ice was sprayed on it should just be a matter of scraping and Zamming to put the ice back to normal for the Nye.

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Nice job with the questions posed to you by the WCH blog. Very well spoken and articulated!

See ya in 2 days!

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