Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Potpourri: V's Edition

From here on out, everything counts for something. Last year doesn't matter. The day before yesterday doesn't matter. The next game matters the most. The game after the next game matters but not until the next game is over and doesn't matter anymore. Playing UAF in two weeks matters even less. November, December, January, February and March matter so little at this point that mentioning them is complete and total folderal (yes they matter so little that I had to conjure an incredibly obscure word - hey I could have went with a "cow excrement" superlative but it's Sunday and while I'm a complete heathen I'm not necessarily without sensitivity). Now with all that out of the way let's talk about a bunch of stuff that doesn't matter.

So UAA beat Southern Alberta 8-0 and Fairbanks managed just a 4-2 win. What does that mean? Nothing as far as I'm concerned. I know some of you will look to that result as a kind of comparison; but isn't it equally likely that the Trojans simply played 100 percent better on Saturday after being blown out on Friday, as it is that UAA is "way" better than Fairbanks this year. I know everyone looks forward to playing the 'nookies and any indication that the Seawolves are likely to succeed seems like something to hang your hat on, but I wouldn't put any stock in that sort of thinking. For one, read the first paragraph again. Looking forward to that series doesn't matter when the team has two tough opponents this coming weekend. And secondarily, do you really think the UAA/UAF series will be anything other than a war?

Pretty much everyone in the WCHA gets into regular season play this coming weekend. Minnesota plays in the IceBreaker tourney with RPI, BC and Michigan. Wisconsin plays in the Lefty McFadden with Notre Dame, Ohio St. and Mercyhurst. UMD and Michigan Tech take turns hosting LSSU and Northern Michigan (LSSU@UMD and NMU@MTU on Friday then NMU@UMD on Saturday then LSSU@MTU on Sunday) Denver hosts Maine for a pair. North Dakota plays defending champion Michigan State on Saturday in the US Hockey Hall of Fame game. And SCSU munches on a cupcake both nights. CC plays an exhibition vs. the USNDT and Jutting just has his Mavericks picking their noses. Who am I cheering for? Um ... lets see; RPI, Mercyhurst for sure. I guess I'll cheer for our coaching staff's former schools (just to be nice) so MSU over UND, Maine over DU and NMU in both of their games. That means I can cheer for MTU and UMD against LSSU to honor my blog friendships and keep my karma somewhat balanced (it doesn't hurt that LSSU absolutely destroyed UAA on their way to a couple of national championships in the 90's and it wouldn't bother me all that much if they never win another game). Of course I'll be hoping the cupcakes leave a bad taste in SCSU's mouth but they'll likely be fairly sweet. Is hoping Troy Jutting gets a nosebleed going overboard?

I've shipped my UAA preview off to BU's blogger and expect his in return soon as I'd like to get it posted by Wednesday. I guess I should have mentioned that to BU's bloggervvv. I'm saying today that I'll work up a Wayne St. preview and post it on Tuesday but don't be surprised if it isn't there until Thursday. Since UAA isn't playing Robert Morris I won't be putting much effort into any sort of preview for them. It isn't that they don't matter ... well ok ... yes it is. No offense. I'm sure the Colonials are a fine squad and all that; but the Seawolves ain't playin em. It isn't that they're a new school to D-1. I remember what that is like. I'd pretty much ignore the defending Stanley Cup champions if they were the 4th team an UAA weren't playing them. So at least "Bob" Morris is in good company there.

My bird (Indian Ringnecked Parakeet ... no it's not a stinking "budgie" ... it's a REAL bird) crapped on my regular keyboard this past week. Yup. I said crapped. I don't know what else to call it ... especially since it is a REAL bird as opposed to a stinking "budgie". I replaced it with an old keyboard that has a "v" key dysfunction and at least 10 times since I've started this post the "v" key has gone on a binge. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvv..vvvv vvvvvvv v.v... see? So I'm posting this now as isvvvvvvvv .v... without any vmvore editving cos it is driving me nuts. I washed the "crapped on" keyboard so it better work or there may be lots of vees until I go buy a new keyboard. ARGH!

Oh yeah ... I hear the ice will be pink for the Nye Tournament from the Aces preseason games this week which are raising funds for Breast Cancer research. Can't gripe about that; it should be an interesting look and it's definitely a good community service event for them to be doing.


Anonymous said...

Can I Gripe about the Ice being Pink? They should have it cleaned up and ready for the primary tennant, UAA Seawolves. It shows, just one more level of direspect that Seawolves have in this town. Articles and Woody's Aces's Ass Kissin' Blog are all you see about hockey in the ADN. Screw the Daily News, the Sully management, and the lack of strong leadership we should have coming from Campus.

Donald Dunlop said...

Sure you can gripe about it. Allow me though to say that since the Aces are playing on Wed and Thurs that 24 hours isn't much of a turnaround for a new sheet. I would imagine that it is possible however the effort would probably require OT for staff. I can't blame folks for not wanting to do that. Management at the Sully can't force anyone to work OT. But even if it is just a matter of convenience I can't get too bothered by it especially since they're raising money for charity.

I don't disagree with you about the 1st program in this town (and the progenator of the Aces) is getting disrespected. The ADN certainly does its share of ignoring UAA Hockey. At times they even seem to take pleasure in some of their reporting about UAA Volleyballs woes. I don't know what the Administration at UAA can really do; I certainly hope Steve Cobb (and others) take every opportunity to leverage (whatever amount they have) their position in any way they can. I know the hockey program doesn't go out of its way to open its doors to the ADN anymore as a response to the poor coverage the local paper gives them. I have posted my blog information in Doyle Woody's comment section and when it's appropriate I'll certainly encourage ADN's readers to check my blog out but only online users will see those comments.

Not to blow my horn here but I do provide a lot more information and analysis of the team than the ADN does (and that's without press access ... btw, the school denied me when I initially asked indicating such credentials are reserved for "established media outlets" ... I try not to say this but the school is hurting itself by not granting me that sort of access ... but lemme be clear ... I ain't asking them again). If they wanted to issue me media access all they have to do is email me.

You'd think Doyle Woody would at least throw me a bone and publish a link to my blog or give it a mention. I considered emailing him and requesting that he do so. But I decided against it. I know that all sounds cocky of me but I honestly don't mean it to be that way. But when a guy that is really just a fan with a hobby and can say all that then the whole thing is kinda SNAFU isn't it? Of course there is always the fact that I'm a reactionary polarizing loudmouth.

I'd rather see the ADN cover the team like they used to. If that were the case then I could lessen what I do here. If the Fairbanks Daily Miner can do as good a job as they do covering UAF Hockey then the ADN really has no excuse. I did what I could with a long letter to their cheif editor. He gave me an answer that was basically "more people like the Aces".

It's a tough situation. The positive will be that when UAA starts kicking ass and taking names that the ADN will find themselves with an hour of access a week and more than a just a few readers wanting much more. Let's all just hope this season is the start of or at least a step forward toward the those kicking ass and taking names days. I'm convinced Dave Shyiak and his staff (as well as Dr. Cobb) is committed to doing what is necessary to return to that sort of success. When this sophomore class are seniors we sure as hell ought to be a top five WCHA team and in the NCAA's (if not before). That sort of success will help keep local elite players at home. The arena planning is underway and we should see funding for its construction next year. That will be another piece of the GET THE BEST RECRUITS pie.

I know all these things aren't certainties but they will have to become reality for the program to get the respect your talking about from all the entire community.

Sometimes I say too much. Perhaps this is one of those times but it's a pretty day out and I'm in a good mood.

Anonymous said...

This is what I posted on the USCHO about the Nye Classic:

"I think the player to watch for BU is Pete MacArthur (number 16). He is a senior and last year he was the teams leading scorer with 16 goals and 20 assists (he played in all 39 games). BU also returns their second leading scorer Chris Higgins (number 10). They are both on the small side, 5' 10".

I would bet that their weakness/unknown will be in goal. Their #1 goalie, John Curry, graduated last year. He played in 36 games. Gillespie and Bennet split 5 games between them, but both had great save percentages. Adam Kraus is a freshman from Alaska who played for the Av's last year, it will be interesting to see if he plays this weekend. I saw him several times last year but wasn't overly impressed.

Wayne State lost their top two leading scorers from last season, and next in line was Jared Katz with 11 goals. I was surprised to see four goalies on their roster (3 are freshmen). I would expect to see Brett Bothwell in net, he split the duties evenly last year.

Robert Morris is heavy with seniors (12), so they certainly have an experienced squad. I bet Christian Boucher will be in net. They received scoring from lots of players last season, but Ryan Cruthers was their leading goal scorer with 17."

A BU fan replied this:

"We will be looking to see if our incoming freshmen, specifically #33 Wilson, has the offensive game to spark the team. The offense last year was sluggish at times, forcing the success to start with the goalie position. Suze is right that with Curry graduating we are looking for a new goalie to step up and take the job, but there is a confidence in the two guys coming back. We also lost half the defense, but are bringing in a couple high profile kids that should be able to play solid D."

Anonymous said...

Well said Don, well said! Keep up the great work, you are totally legit as far as UAA Hockey coverage. Anyone wanting to know whats really going on, this is the place ;)

UAA needs to step into the light to see that bloggers, you in particular, are legitimate and knowledgable in the subject matter you're covering. UAA is being rather short sighted in not issuing you a media pass, imo.

What part of "fan" don't they understand. Geez. Yet, they gave Doyle Woody the key to the City (UAA sports/Hockey) all those years!! HA! How ironic is that.

It's high time we have someone "reporting/blogging" on the UAA Hockey program. A person that has passion for it, getting people excited and informed about the game and the Student Athletes.

Even without a media pass Don you have surpassed any expectations, that the other "reporter", could only dream of achieving.

Woody who?


Jeff said...

I think i'm getting a media pass for the games this weekend. Otherwise i wouldn't be able to do my next story for the northern light

Donald Dunlop said...

The school damn well better give the Northern Light reporter a media pass.

Anonymous said...

The ice will be white for the UAA games.

They had the regular ice sheet down, sprayed it with pink, a thin layer of water, then freeze. All they have to do is scrape off the pink with the Zam. Waaaa la, white ice!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gator Girl. I saw that on the news tonight as well. They said they were going to scrape the ice down for the UAA games. I hope they can get it all and that it looks good for the tourney.

Anonymous said...

Hey Suze! Yup, stripey streaky pink would not be good, lol, but I know the ice team at the Sully will get it right ;)

I wouldn't have minded the pink anyway, it's a great cause.


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