Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ryan Berry (Spruce Grove/AJHL) Commits to UAA

According to Chris Heisenberg's Recruit list Ryan Berry from Spruce Grove in the Alberta Junior Hockey League has committed to UAA. He is a 6ft 182lb veteran defenseman with decent offensive numbers. His bio on the Spruce Grove site says he's good at both ends but what that means really is anyone's guess. He's in his third year in juniors ('85). There is no announcement from Spruce Grove. They're just starting a second round playoff series with Drayton Valley. Spruce Grove is where Kane Lafranchise (the kid coming in 07) also plays.

This is a pretty interesting addition. I hadn't expected to see any new players added for 06. We're losing 5 skaters (Johnson, Parez, McMann, Underwood, Gilchrist ... 3f/2d) and we're bringing in 7 skaters (Felde, Clark, Selby, Lunden, Hunt, Crowder, Berry ... 4f/3d).


Chris said...

Apparently there's a chance Felde might go to the WHL instead of playing for Anchorage.

Donald said...

That'd be a huge waste of his time in my not so humble opinion. No doubt a kid like him has professional ambitions but the NHL isn't looking to give defenseman his size a chance. You play defense and you're that size you better spend four years in College and rack up some conference or national individual awards to establish that you can play. Of course if he is just looking for AHL paydays then he could go WHL. That'll get him there.

Truthfully UAA has got to be one of the easier places to go to school and play four years of hockey.

Anonymous said...

plus we are getting another goalie -Olthius (sp), rumour has it that Lawson may sign a pro deal in the coming weeks.

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