Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Housekeeping: New Email Addy

I finally got around to getting an email account for this Blog. If you want to email me regarding anything here then click here to go to my Blog Profile or use the very same link to the right to access the profile and you'll find an email link there.

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dggoddard said...

I think you'll like this.... :-)

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Re: Minnesota Gophers Off-Season Thread

Actually, I do know why the team went into the crapper. During the Thursday FF play-in game Lucia and Hill were sitting a section over from me. Since I was in my Seawolf garb, a buddy of mine and I went over to the two of them and demanded an apology from Hill for leaving UAA. Lucia took offense and said, "An apology for what? Living his own life?!" I'm pretty sure Lucia was ready to throw down. Anyway, the famous "Curse of the Seawolf" was inadvertantly unleashed upon Lucia when he started getting lippy. The curse quickly trickled down and infected most of the team, hence I ruined the Gophers magical season. Seriously, it was unintentional. Sorry, guys.

Donald said...

So Hill and Lucia are sitting there. A fan comes up and demands an apology from Hill and Lucia answers? Hill has no stones.

I've told this story at the rink but haven't ever written it down. My main impression of John Hill was formed during the final of UAA's tournament vs. NMU (a game NMU won 1-0) (Hill was assistant). I'd bought tickets right behind our bench because nothing better was available and I wanted to give some bandwagoners that were with me something new.

I'm fairly loud and was giving it my usual effort all night. Periodically after I yelled something John would look back because I was hurting his ears. He had that look that people give you when they inadvertantly walk through your cigarette smoke. If my yelling could have made him do the little fake "heh heh" girlie cough he would have.

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