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Saturday, March 15, 2008

UAA @ CC: Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

The Seawolves final series of the year mirrored their season. Friday night they lost a game where they outplayed to opponent by a score that in no way reflected what happened on the ice. And tonight in a closely played 60 minutes they were every bit a match for the #3 team in the country. But just as happened so many times in 07-08 the Seawolves came up short when they coulda, shoulda or otherwise woulda won. I've said it, the staff has said it, the players have said it and opponents have all said the same things; a bounce here or there, a missed opportunity, an opponent that didn't miss their opportunities. Blah blah blah and on and on. It's a tired refrain but that doesn't make it any less true. It defines the season.

The trend began in the first two conference games of the season. A tie and a loss to Mankato in games that they coulda won. Then a loss and a tie on the road in St. Cloud and one of the games that they woulda won if the referee woulda been someone other than Derek Shepherd. Then after getting a decent split with the Gophers in their barn, the Seawolves play two of their best games of the year and shoulda came away with points against CC at the Sully. It coulda been frustration from the CC series that lead to a 3 point weekend in Duluth. But then DU comes to the Sully and the Seawolves woulda won the first game if Mannino doesn't play what Gwozdecky called his best game of his career. I mean come on ... UAA outshot the Pie-in-ears that night 36-16. Sigh. Then after securing the meaningless Governors Cup from the lackey's up in Squarebanks the team goes to CC and plays it's two worst games of the year; no shoulda's no woulda's, and no coulda's that weekend. Just one team eating another teams lunch. Then 2 games against Wisconsin at the Sully that they sure coulda won before going to UND where they brutally outplayed the Sioux and woulda won if they didn't give up two soft goals. Then the best weekend at home taking 3 points from MTU, but you know what? They coulda and shoulda got 4. No shoulda's or coulda's the next weekend I think. The games against the Mavericks were close enough but they just played better for 120 minutes. Then back home against St. Cloud and two games UAA definitely shoulda won. A freak goal for the opposition that had it not happened UAA woulda won. Then the Seawolves clearly outplay another team outshooting them 31-13 and lose? A definite shoulda. The rest of the games were all coulda's in my mind. If only the Seawolves coulda found the back of the net.

The team was in virtually EVERY game going into the 3rd period this year. Virtually EVERY single one. None of that makes it any easier to swallow I guess.

I'm proud of the way the team played this year; I'm not proud of the results. Sometimes karma isn't with you. I swore at the hockey gods openly and often. Everyone grasps for straws to explain it. What am I supposed to say? Shit ... a few bounces here and there and it could have been a bit different all season long. There are any number of excuses besides the coulda, woulda, shoulda bullshit. The team is young. But honestly it isn't much younger than anyone else in the league. This player or that player was snakebitten. Man ... those were some long lasting snakebites. I can go back and forth with first one excuse and then an equally reasonable point to counter the excuse. It really just comes down to the old "if" equation. "If" my grandma had balls then she wouldn't be my grandma.

There's nothing to do but wait until next year. I'll be back tomorrow with some sort my regular Sunday Potpourri .... I guess. Then during the next week I'll have a final recruit update and then I'll have the UAA Fan Blog Awards. After that I'll have one final entry before retiring for the off-season.


MeanEgirl said...

Meh. UAA deserved better. :(

Neil said...

I like this group of kids more than about any groups that has been her in the past 10 years. I really thought they had a chance to break .500 this year. It is disappointing to say the least. I sure hope we don't have any of the major guys transferring or "going pro". Keep these guys together for the next two years and see how it all shakes out.

Anonymous said...

We need to find goalscorers bad..

Will said...

There was no letting up by this team. The coach was positive all year long at least when he made comments to the media. I also hope the team can stay together over the summer as everyone can play and contribute to this team and play in the WCHA. Being a season ticket holder for the last 16 years, it sure was frustrating watching our team play as well as they did all season and not get the points that were there for the taking. The guys must be just as frustrated and disappointed with the outcome of another season.

Thanks Donald for giving us your weekly comments, insight, and positive support of the team.

Anonymous said...

UAA deserved better? 3-19-6 in the WCHA and they "deserved better"??? Must be a Tech fan, as they always "deserve better" also...meh.

jjack said...

It's really frustrating that they looked so good and did so poorly. It just seems like they had a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory all year long. Six ties, an OT loss last night, how many blown leads in the third period?

It's too bad, really. The worst part is my playoff beard never reached Amish proportions. Good thing baseball is just around the corner I guess.

Anonymous said...

lets break down the year and see how well the team played. 3-19-6 in league for last place. 1 victory the second half of the season.54 goals scored for last. 89 goals against for last. 7-21-8 for the 5th worst record in division one hockey. How did you think .500 hockey was attainable.

Anonymous said...

If you had any hockey sense you would see that it actually was attainable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donald, It just kills you that the Aces are dong great, doesn't it? I saw your post on about how the Seawolves would beat the Aces. If you really belive that you are more off you rocker than I thought. I love the Seawolves and would love nothing more than to see them be competive but you are blind. You can't bring yourself to love 2 hockey teams. You are not a real hockey fan in my book. Get over you little self.

Donald Dunlop said...

The Seawolves could beat the Aces in a series. No doubt about it. The same goes for every other WCHA team versus any ECHL team.

If you don't know that then you know NOTHING about the game.

I have no idea "how" the Aces are doing. I don't follow them. I don't look at their scores. I don't look at the standings. I have no interest in them. I also don't cheer against them ... know why? Cause I could care less how some team in a lesser league than the WCHA is doing.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Donald, UAA would beat the Aces. More skill, and more size. The Aces have nothing but ECHL talent level with the occasional call up to Peoria, whoopity-frickin-do. The Seawolves will have more guys capable of playing in the "A" than the Aces could ever hope.

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