Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Potpourri: Don't Bother Reading

I write these Sunday entries differently than posts on other days of the week. I open the editing window and write this or that as the day passes. I'll do whatever minimal chores and/or errands that have to be completed and sit down when something comes to mind. Usually, that means a little of "this" and a little of "that" gets onto the blog. Not today.

I've got nothing. I could speculate about the team and what we might see. But honestly, if you look back over the last month I've done TONS of that. What else can I say? I think the team will be much improved. They could have their best season since joining the WCHA. I know that's a pretty big leap and virtually any fan from any other WCHA team expects exactly the same thing from this years squad as they've seen the last three years. I could make a more concerted effort to dispel those conventional beliefs but that's a waste of time. So few other college hockey fans take any time at all to consider their opponent's status that nothing I say (if anyone other than fervent UAA fans believed me) would matter.

I could make fun of Sarah Palin but I sense she's becoming enough of a caricature that my efforts aren't required. Not to mention that it is apparently unacceptable to some of my readers that I wander off-topic into the political realm on a random Sunday. Don't think for a second that I'm not aware that my personal political beliefs are probably shared by less than 1% of the American populace.

If there were some major breakthrough in Physics/Astronomy then perhaps I'd fill a day like today with that info. But alas, we're still stuck with the same answers as yesterday regarding the origin of the universe.

The WCHA Coaches Poll will probably be released sometime in the next couple of weeks. Woohoo. They'll pick UAA for 10th. Guaranteed. No point in talking about how meaningless they are. We all know the reason they play the games is to determine such things. Polls are dumb. Discussing them as if there is any relevance is dumber.

I could talk a little bit about UAA Alumni and how they're all progressing in their pursuit of playing in the NHL. But you know what? Doyle Woody does an EXCELLENT job covering all those connections. I read him to find out what's up with ex-UAAers and you should too if you're interested. Don't bother looking here. Following ex-players is just too much interneting for me.

I'll save a brief recruit update for next Sunday or the Sunday after that. It's early in the season, and to get any idea of how each might do requires more time. So for now I'll let the recruits simmer and hopefully they'll provide something tasty later on.

Maybe I just didn't feel much like writing. I hope you didn't spend any time reading all this nothing; but hey ... I warned ya. But if you did then at least let me offer 13 UAA Hockey Fan Blog "points" to whomever correctly identifies the woman pictured at the top of the post. 100 UAA Hockey Fan Blog "points" can be redeemed for a free beer at the Sully.


Anonymous said...

That'd be Jane Mansfield


Donald Dunlop said...

She has the same sort of classic beauty as many of the great beauty's from old time cinema. However, it is not Jane Mansfield. If I'd pick someone from back then it would have been Merle Oberon. There is a very subtle hint as to her identity in the post.

For guessing you get 2 UAA Hockey Fan Blog posts to add to the 30 I secretly already gave to you for agreeing with me in a previous comment string.

Anonymous said...

ReCruit Mickey Spencer is Starting to tear it up in the BCHL.Named Player of the week. NICE

Anonymous said...

Gretchen Mole

Donald Dunlop said...

Anon@625 shoots and scores!

Gretchen Mol is correct (no points lost for spelling).

Anonymous said...

thanks for the guessing points. lookin forward to some hockey.

Anonymous said...

What if I would have said Gretchen Mole (spelling still wrong) but added schwiiiiiing! Do I get any points then?

Donald Dunlop said...

I didn't mean to imply that anon@625 didn't get the 13 points. If anon@625 is you then you got the 13 points. Of course, collecting the points will be a problem since you're anonymous but hey at least you got them.

She is quite simply "sex-on-legs" isn't she?

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