Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Potpourri: 4/5ths of Palin is Pain

Is it over yet? Did Sarah bumble enough yet? I'm crossing my fingers because I'm full to the gills with coverage of her. Governor of Alaska is really just a part time job. In the recent past, everyone up here had been equally fascinated with this chick as the nation now seems to be. But there was never enough real news to keep this poser on the TV that much. Not true anymore.

The most uptight of the uptight broads on the planet is on TV somewhere at virtually any minute of the day. Creepy. She's kinda creepy. Thinking about her kinda makes my skin crawl. She reminds me of this overly prim and proper teacher that once put my chin in a vertical lock between her thumb and forefinger (the vertical part here is important ... if I'd ever imagined someone grabbing my chin it wouldn't have been vertically) then led me to the principal's office (with me still astonished at the effectiveness of her vertical chin-lock on me) after I'd shoved little Skerredy McScaredboy down the slide instead of waiting another 2 minutes for him to finally decide to go. Hey, as a seven year old I was pretty tolerant but I had my limits. I wasn't about to stand up there on the top rung of that slide and wait forever. Christ ... even I knew that recesses were only 10 minutes long. It's not my fault that he rode the rail all the way down; if he hadn't been so freaked out at being 8ft off the ground then it would have been fine. Right? Ok then ... As long as we're straight that I wasn't the bad guy.

Now back to the whole poser angle. Any chick that's ever been in one of those beauty contest things knows that winning is all about posing. They've gotta smile and wave within defined parameters. They've got to walk a certain way. Properly standing in a swimsuit and/or an evening gown comes with big challenges. The best of the best come together in these contests in order to pose better than one another. Posing doesn't have to become a way of life but for Sarah Palin it obviously has become exactly that.

We Alaskans are a bit bemused at some of the obvious mistruths Sarah is repeating at stump speech after stump speech. Of course if she stood up and admitted to being the same category of greedy whore that 90 percent of Alaskans fall into then her VP hopes would fail. So keep up with the whole facade that you weren't trying to grub up every federal dollar you could get your hands on Sarah deary; all of your other posing experience has taught you well. You go girl. And whether they'd admit it or not there are 670,000 people up here that know you'd have taken anything that they were giving AND you'd ask for more.

Did you know that Sarah wears the same sort of shoes as Paris Hilton? Who the hell spent any time figuring that out? Wig sales in Sarah's style have skyrocketed. Broads in Minneapolis/St. Paul are virtually lined up at optical shops to trade in their frames and update to Sarah's style. All this while talking-head Dem chicks are on TV telling the world that women aren't going to vote for Sarah just because she has the same genitalia. BS ... a helluvalotta women are going to do exactly that. They see some glimmer or shadow of themselves in her or even just a glimmer of how they hoped they'd turn out and they "relate". That's enough for them they "connect". And here's what all those women's husbands will find appealing:

I won't complain that she was dogging a Minnesota sports team for how crappy they were. Pretty funny actually. But shitty to see a UAA score where they'd lost to Squarebanks the night before. I didn't bother looking anywhere to figure out what year that was. I remember Julie Hasquet on channel 2 but I don't remember ever seeing that chick do the sports. Anyhow, the fact that Sarah is no where near qualified to be Vice-President (much less President if the old guy croaks) will have little (if any) bearing on the outcome of the election. For the next 6 weeks the women in this country for whom thinking is paramount are likely going to see a huge reason to dislike male America. Because for no reason other than Palin makes it into the "I'd tap that" category they will turn out in droves to vote for her. And by the way ... I wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

"All this while talking-head Dem chicks are on TV telling the world that women aren't going to vote for Sarah just because she has the same genitalia. BS ... a helluvalotta women are going to do exactly that. They see some glimmer or shadow of themselves in her or even just a glimmer of how they hoped they'd turn out and they "relate"."

Could we say the same thing about African Americans who will vote for Obama?

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that DD sings Sarah's praise in the first post and then does a 180 in this one.
This is what you said a few weeks back.
Don't think for a second that Sarah Palin can't come close to rivaling Obama in making whatever that connection is with people which we call "Cult of Personality". She is fully capable of doing so. She is exceedingly personable, naturally disarming, charming and her MILF status is well known. She'll turn it all on and the PUMAs will love her. If this thing wasn't close before, it is now. Dems should fear the Palin. She named her kid Trig Paxson Van Palin in partial homage to the band Van Halen. No shit.

You are all over the place.

Donald Dunlop said...

That wasn't singing the chicks praises ... That was a warning. My recognition of her positive attributes does not mean I like her. She repulses me.

Palin Fan in Minnesota said...

I would much rather vote for a candidate that is cozy with Wrong Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers and Rezko. Yeah Palin is really evil...

Donald Dunlop said...


Thanks for providing such a quality example of wearing blinders. You criticize Obama because he went to a church led by a loon. Yet you'll vote for a ticket with a candidate who abused her power for her family's sake, made her hubby Co-Governor, espoused FUNDIE beliefs equal to those Al-Queda promotes (i.e... Yahweh is on our side) in her church and lies continuously after promoting her administration as open and transparent. This broad thinks George Bush was a good guy.

Because you are in Minnesota you really wouldn't know that when the whole "Troopergate" story broke (weeks before she was nominated) she ASSURED everyone in this state that she would FULLY cooperate with ANY investigation. You wouldn't know that 8 republicans and 4 democrats vote for an independent investigator.

Bottom line here. This broad is not bright. She is the ultimate poser. I can imagine that every night she goes to bed wondering if tomorrow everyone will figure out what a fraud she is. It's a shame that most of you won't figure that out.

I'm thinking about voting for the doddering old geezer and his arm candy just so this country learns a lesson over the next four years.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is that poser is going to be the next VP of the USA, I can't wait to see what you have to say when this happens.

NOBAMA'S poll numbers are falling faster than a prom dress on prom night at an after prom party...

Talk about your thinest of thin resumes. Palin has more experience than the community organizer, who has spent 143 days in the senate and the rest of his time running for office. So it sounds like Donald is one of the 20 percent that doesen't like her. I guess you approve of the trooper tasing a 11 year old boy?

Anonymous said...

she is a dumb bitch

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap. Stick to UAA hockey. What a lib.

Anonymous said...

i agree stick to hockey, leave politics alone

Donald Dunlop said...

Americans will get exactly the government that they deserve. Just as they did for the last 8 years.

Did you know that Sarah and her family ATE the moose that they are now complaining about Wooten shooting without a permit?

It's clear from all the coverage that Wooten is a jagoff. The whole incident just shows what a despicable fraternity that law enforcement types belong to. They protect their own. That bastard should have been fired the night he started shit in a bar and was tossed then pulled over by a coworker who gave him a ride home instead of taking him to jail for DWI.

Palin was probably justified in her dislike for the guy. But that doesn't give her (and her hubby) the right to badger the Trooper's top guy to fire him. She abused her position. That's sleazy. And now every Alaskan KNOWS she is lying about it and not living up to her own words when she said to hold her accountable with regard to those incidents.

Doesn't matter anymore anyway. The convolution of the facts by the McCain campaign is pretty much complete. He doesn't have to worry that 600,000 Alaskans know the truth. His campaign has spun it well enough to the rest of the country for it to harm her/him. Notice how the argument isn't about Wooten anymore? Instead it is about the investigative process and politics.

She is quite the piece of work. But then again she was raised in Wasilla ... so it shouldn't be a surprise that she's a lying pig.

Anonymous said...


I check in for the first time in weeks and we are talking politics, jeez, If I want to read/hear about how evil Palin is I would watch pMSNBC or the CommunistNN. Give it a rest and tell us what's happening with the team.

Anonymous said...

I hear Palin is gonna give the UAA hockey team a pep talk before their first regular season game. Maybe that will result in another win or two...

See, just tie in hockey with politics and everyone will be happy. As long as hockey is mentioned, people will not complain about political takes. But when it just involves politics alone, people get bored.

Donald Dunlop said...

In the last 15 days I've written somewhere around SEVEN THOUSAND (not counting my participation in the comments sections of each post) words with regard to the UAA Seawolves.

Find ANY other blogger or media outlet that has put more text on a page regarding the team they're covering than that and I'll never write about anything that interests me again on this blog.

What? You can't find anyone else that wrote that much about their team? You mean NOBODY else gave player by player previews of EVERY player on the team they write about? Ok then ...

And hey ... my "chin lock" story was precious ... "Skerredy McScaredboy"? Come on ... that was pure gold.

Anonymous said...

well put Donald!

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