Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I know I've never written you before. I hadn't thought it was mandatory since there's that whole line "he knows when you've been sleeping, he knows when you're awake; he knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake" in the song about you. But just in case I'm wrong I figured I'd hedge my bets with you.

I'm skipping the snail mail though and just publishing here since I KNOW you visit this blog (I've seen the hits from North Pole). Anyway mah bud ... here's my list. Fill it as best as you can ok? Generic substitutions are allowable as you deem appropriate.
Michigan Tech: A GLI Championship
Minnesota-Duluth: More Connollys
Mankato: A Chinese restaurant that isn't in a strip mall
St. Cloud: A team full of panty-wearing Lady Bing contenders (oh .. they already have that?)
Minnesota: A team full of NHL 1st round hockey/football dual-sport homegrown messiahs
Denver: Damien Goddard hired as new Athletic Director
Colorado College: Adopt Black Bears as new nickname
Wisconsin: To Be Swept
North Dakota: That everything stay exactly as it is within that forlorn state's border ... forever.
UAA: You know ...

Nils Backstrom: Keeps playing exactly the same way
Brian Bales: Less posts
Jeff Carlson: A breakthrough/out
Bryce Christianson: Zen
Kevin Clark: Telepathy so he can literally "get into their heads"
Paul Crowder: Backhand scoring chances by the dozen
Tommy Grant: "Gun" nickname catches on as he maintains scoring pace
Nick Haddad: To be rewarded for his work
Trevor Hunt: A better fishing hat
Kane Lafranchise: Power play points
Curtis Leinweber: 40 mins/game
Shane Lovdahl: A coupla game winning goals down the stretch
Josh Lunden: Power play points
Tyler Moir: Stays in the groove
Jon Olthuis: Wallness
Craig Parkinson: Pork Chops Pork Chops ... Greasy Greasy ... we can beat your team ... Easy Easy
Jade Portwood: Wellness for "Wings"
Mat Robinson: All WCHA team honors
Ken Selby: Plays in every game
Dusan Sidor: Patience
Jeremy Smith: Scores a gwg versus UAF and the crowd chants RUDY RUDY RUDY
Jared Tuton: 5+ hits per game
Luka Vidmar: Zero penalties the rest of the way
Sean Wiles: Finds his scoring touch

And oh yeah ...
MEg: Gets dream job in Anchorage
RWD: More Connollys
All Seawolf Fans: Ecstasy
All Other Fans: Lumps of coal
So that's pretty much all I've got. Drive safe.


Runninwiththedogs said...

Donald, that's so sweet!

But I really wish you had asked my permission before using that photo of me in your post.

Donald Dunlop said...

It was the only PG rated one that I could find.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where else to ask this, but when UAA travels to Minnesota, Coloroda, etc, do they travel on Wed. or Thurs.?

Anonymous said...

Wednesday is travel day.

Anonymous said...

Right now the powerplay is number 1 in terms of priority fixs. In Wisconsin in the first game The 5 on 3 Powerplay that wasnt converted on cost points and maybe an comefrom behind win. This along with secondary scoring will get UAA back to some success but there are going to be a big problems if the Man Advantage isnt fixed... They also need to settle on the Goalie that gives them the best chance to win and go with him.

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