Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Jokey Baker Award

The leading goal scorer in the WCHA Tommy Grant was rudely snubbed this week by the Hobey Baker selection committee. Paul Crowder currently sits at #15 nationally in total points ... he is nowhere to be found on the initial list either. Each year the committee lists 50 players from which a final 10 are selected before narrowing it down to what they call the Hobey Hat Trick. Among the list of 50 players are the following ridiculously ignorant choices and their current stats:
Dain Prewitt - Bentley - #100 nationwide in points with 9g/7a
Cody Campbell - UAH - #85 nationwide in total points with 4g/10a
Everet Sheen - Holy Cross - Unlisted nationally - 8g/4a - 4th on team in points
Jeff Gumaer - Bentley - Unlisted nationally - 7g/5a - 4th on team in points
Patrick Galivan - Western Michigan - #100 nationwide in points with 6g/10a
And oh so many many more amongst the group of 50 from which the winner will be chosen. Most of them from shit teams in the AHA, CHA and EZAC. Is there some sort of artificial limit on the number of players nominated from one conference? The WCHA has 12 players represented on the list. Of course North Dakota didn't get snubbed ... defenseman Chay Genoway made the list with his 2 goals.

The list of 50 is prepared so that fans can get their 1% voice for the final 10. Every year though fans from one school or another stuff the electronic ballot box which essentially invalidates that 1% of the process. What a fucking joke. Apparently, all 58 coaches receive a ballot to narrow the list to top ten. They each select three players from their league and 3 players nationally. I suppose that means a player not on the initial list could end up in the top ten ... but I doubt that will happen.

Coach Shyiak should return his ballot unfilled as a political statement. The Hobey website ... which I won't link to because it is distasteful to me to do so ... says that print and electronic media, NHL scouts and American Hockey Coaches Association are represented on the selection committee along with one representative from USA Hockey. I'd like to see the geographic spread of these folks. Exactly what percentage of them are located west of the Mississippi River? I doubt it's many.


Anonymous said...

GENOWAY is a DEFENSEMAN. It's not his job to score goals. His job is to play defense so the other team doesn't score as many goals. Leads the team in scoring and plays practically the ENTIRE game EVERY game. Bitterness is a very unappealing quality.

Donald Dunlop said...

No wonder the ENTIRE UND fanbases is so unappealing. Thanks for the heads up.

So all the UND fans moaning about former Hobey winner Duncan not being on the list are ... um ... what?

Anonymous said...

I was pissed about Crowder and Grant not being on the list. I voted for Chad Johnson from UA_ instead.

seawolvesfan said...

what do you expect? ever heard of the NCAA's continued effort with the BCS system instead of a college football playoff?

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