Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Night: UAA 3 - DU 2 (OT)

We never win in overtime.

I wrote that at the beginning of overtime. Thanks to a clear never say die effort the Seawolves made me look stupid for typing it (even though they had no idea). Good on all of the guys for hanging in there and finding a way to tie the game. And good on you for not giving up when DU was matching you chance for chance in OT and you'd hit a bleeping post. You could have given up right then and just played not to lose. But nobody did, the quality chances all weekend for the Seawolves were nicked just wide all too often; so its good to see that persistent attempts really do pay off. Pats on the back to Curtis Leinweber for finishing it but everybody on the bench at the end of that game deserves praise as well.

The Seawolves tried to hand the game to the Pios in the third period with a series of undisciplined penalties that gave the Pios almost 6 minutes of power play time in the last 7 minutes of the game. But a Paul Crowder led shorthanded rush with a perfect cross ice pass to a streaking Mat Robinson at the far post tied the game. The Seawolves were shorthanded going into the OT and DU had their share of chances. Bryce Christianson came up big when he was needed.

That's 6 points in the last 6 games. It isn't great, but it isn't bad either. For the future, there is work to be done, for the day, hurrah. There are more wins in the boys I'm sure. I know nobody is happy with the loss on Friday but a well-earned win on Saturday at least makes the plane ride home better.


Anonymous said...

The team won playing tough, penalties are part of the game, after clark's hit on denver's player they folded up and we took it to them.
Great team effort.
Let's get the fans out next weekend and show our appreciation, this team is starting to put things together.


Runninwiththedogs said...

Great job, UAA!

OT is so stressful. And it's so short. UAA was not satisfied with one point; UAA teams of the past would have been thrilled.


Donald Dunlop said...

Clark did nothing more than shrug the guy off. It was an unfortunate mix of physics that sent the guy into the boards (most of it his own momentum). It was over-called because nutinme stayed down for so long.

superseawolffan said...

Awesome!! I am so happy to see the wolves come back with a great win. Keep skating hard. I agree with the other comments I've read- UAA needs to market this team. I think DI hockey is the best brand of hockey anywhere, and is a great value. Anchorage fans get off your ass and support this great team!!

Will said...

A solid team effort tonight and a well deserved win for the guys. Killing off penalties was what the team was doing earlier in the year and they did it again tonight. I thought Bryce was the difference although credit should go to the coach for putting together the lines that played well together. Points on the road are always great. Great game guys.

MeanEgirl said...

I am so proud of this squad!! And I LOVE how UAA took the point from DU with 17.5 seconds left!!! I only wish it had been with 16.8 seconds left so they would know how it feels to do that to someone! I'm sure they got a good idea of how it feels tonight though.

And 6 points in 6 games... not great?!! F you!! That's almost Tech's ENTIRE season's worth of points in a piddly 6 games. :P

Wolfman said...

I was screaming here in Louisiana!!!! Great win SEAWOLVES!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the PP get a goal. Also a great job by the PK unit, even got a shorty. The defense is also starting to step its game up. All three goals tonight were by defensemen. Christianson was awesome in goal tonight. They are going to win alot more games if they get goaltending like that. Since everyone is such a Shiyak hater on here I would like to through some love his way for making a ballsy move and sitting Grant and Lunden. Obviously sent a good message to the team.

Does anyone know why Backstom didn't play this weekend????

Donald Dunlop said...

The Backstrom question is a good one. I'll bet Kurt had the story on the radio ... anyone know?

akhockeyfanatic said...

Perfect....this is exactly what the boys needed for their heads and what the fans needed too! It's the first day of the rest of the season. Now lets everyone get to the Sully Friday and Saturday night. Bring a friend and tell that person to bring a friend too. Let's pack them in and show the team how proud we are of them.
We love you Seawolves!!

sitkafan said...

First off, we finally got a PP goal! That was a big boost.
Second, that was a great short-handed goal at the end of the game. We had three guys in their zone, it was a great attack.
Third, they never said die when it came to playing 65 minutes of hockey.
Fourth, DU went 0-9 on the PP including the 5 minute major from Clark. Coming from one of the worse teams on the PK, way to go!
Fifth, with SCSU coming up and them being three points ahead of us, big weekend is ahead and whichever team gets the better weekend will stay out of the nine hole.

HawaiianHockeyFan said...

I just finished watching the game, I had to record it because I was at work. Wow! What a comeback! The way this team played Saturday reminds me of how they played at the very start of the season. Kicking ass and taking names! They played with intensity for the most part of the game. When I saw it was 2-0 DU, I was rolling my eyes and hitting the couch! But after watching them out hustle and out hit DU, I was thinking these guys could pull it off if they keep playing like this! Granted we still are having trouble staying out of the box, but our PKillers got it done tonight. Also, pat on the back to Bryce, he kept us in it til the end. Along with the goal post! I love hearing that "Clank!" when its the opposing team! What did I tell you about Trevor Hunt?! This guy is starting to develop a wicked shot! This was a whole team effort tonight. These guys should be proud. I didn't like the fact that Grant and Lunden was missing from the lineup, but after watching how they played Friday, I can understand why. Stay out of the box! Get your feet moving! Clark's hit was not all that bad. He just threw his arm out and nudged him away. The player just went into the boards awkwardly because of his momentum. It certainly didn't deserve a game dq. The player did stay down too long and the crowd certainly got the refs attention. But if it happened to us, we would do the same I guess. Overall, our boys deserve some support in their next home series, so let's get that Sully full and get your game faces on. Because I hope to expect these boys to continue their rock em and sock em attitude! I'm out, gotta get some rest for the Superbowl! Til next time guys.

Anonymous said...

Who was the number 1 star tonight???

Suze said...

I thought UAA looked so-so in the first half of the game, but killing off the penalties gave them a big boost. As the game went on and they kept DU off the scoreboard, their confidence grew.

Nice comeback guys! I loved Portwoods diving to clear the puck out of the zone, and the passion that Parkinson had out there. That's the way everyone needs to play, with a "give it their all" effort.

Congratulations to staff and players.

Anonymous said...

As I commented yesterday, physicality knocks arrogance out of hockey teams like DU, and riding the pine don't hurt prima donnas. Watch Grant back home Friday--he'll be flying. Playing for the jersey is what it's all about. Last night proved that, a lesson to both teams. Seawolves can look to this game as a turning point to season's past. This team can win anywhere. -30-

Anonymous said...

UAA definitely showed improvement last night, but there is still much work to be done.

Other players are still playing below their capabilities. Clark had 40 goals nad 76 points for the Winnipeg South Blues, he needs to start putting some of those shots away.

Anonymous said...

how 'bout a line of Robinson, Leinwebber, and Hunt......... hee,hee

way to go wolves!!!!


Anonymous said...

I like Lovdahl playing D and Leinweber playing forward, just like in the Saturday game.

Anonymous said...

If you want clark to score more goals, let him center grant and lunden, between the three they should be able to score 2 to three goals a game. I watched clark play junor a hockey, put him out with another speedster on the penalty kill and they will score shorthanded goals also.
Ryan Duncan and his teammates do this everytime they play us.


Suze said...

Clark's problem isn't his linemates, it's his accuracy! He has had SO many scoring chances, but rarely gets his shot on net.

Anonymous said...

Grand and lunden have 4 or 5 assists each, clark, crowder and bales set up players all the time.
Tic, tac, toe passing and getting the goalie out of postion scores goals. The defense is scoring now, the forwards must play as a unit, it is not who scores it is the line playing as a unit.

All the best this weekend.

Jack Ryan said...

Down here in Mawwwwwwwwwwntana we get Fox Sports Rocky Mountain and it was a pleasant surprise to be flipping through the channels and see....Alaska Anchorage at DU. Awesome game. I'm a "believer" but who would have picked UAA to come back from an early 2-0 deficit?

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