Saturday, September 19, 2009

Added Legitimacy

Earlier this week I finally got around to submitting a request to the UAA Athletic Department that I'd been meaning to do for a month or so. Back in 2006, I'd sent them a request for media credentials. I knew other college hockey bloggers had received them, so I thought I might as well try. I was disappointed when I received the answer that such things were reserved for established media outlets. I couldn't argue that I wasn't established. So I toiled for the next 3 years and established myself.

UAA's Sports Information Director Nate Sagan answered my latest request with the following email:
From looking at your blog, it seems you are producing an established and balanced venue for discussing Seawolf Hockey. Your coverage is extensive and consistent. Therefore, we would be happy to credential you for the 2009-10 season.

We only ask that you adhere to the established media guidelines regarding press-box and interview decorum, photography, etc.

Feel free to drop by the office (WFSC Rm 220) to pick up your pass. Please stop in and introduce yourself if I am there. If not, give me a call at 786-1295 or we can chat at the Wasilla game.

Legitimacy at last. It isn't as if I didn't feel legitimate already. Feedback from readers over the last few years has more than sufficed to make me feel so. Pats on the back and supportive comments at the games have contributed. My own natural inclination to self-importance was buoyed by all that reader positivity. Yes ... you guys tended to make me a bit cocky. Well, that arrogance (imagine a "winking emoticon" here) has been rewarded greatly this week with Nate's email.

This all means that I'll have approved access to players for interviews. It means that I can visit stinky locker rooms for post game comments. If I want, I can sit at the press box (note here that my predilection for cheering means I likely won't be) next to actual sports journalists. Fear not Doyle Woody, you won't have to scoot your chair over to accommodate my fat ass; my friends Bob and Suze aren't getting rid of me that easily. The big benefit from my perspective is that I'll get into the games for free.

Thank you very much UAA Athletic Department. You like me ...


hockeybear said...

Way to go Donald! I wanted to add a cartoon of a reporter wearing one of those funky hats with his press credentials in it, but I don't know how to add images here. :o

Are you taking a laptop, or using a steno pad? ;)

Donald Dunlop said...

I have no access at this time to any technologies that might enhance my coverage. I'll depend on my eyes and ears only for information gathering.

I should start taking my camera again so I can get some pics and/or video but don't count on that being very extensive.

I don't know how to add pictures here in the comments section either.

Anonymous said...

Start contacting players and give up some preseason interviews.


Suze said...

Congrats Donald. We're glad you will still be sitting with us lowely pee-ons. :)

Anonymous said...

that means you get privy to the free visitor media guides and all that other good stuff behind Doyle in the "press area". you deserve it all. thanks for all the good work you do for Seawolf Hockey. AH

Runninwiththedogs said...

Congratulations, Donald! I am happy for you.

I'm sure you have access to some modern technologies. Like, pencils and paper.

I don't believe these comments are set up to support photos, though if they do it would be simple HTML tagging. You'd probably have to host the pic elsewhere.

I wish this advancement in your status would convince you to get rid of your political posts.

Neil said...

Hey Donald, congrats. I just got a new canon 50d and I have some big ass lenses that are media quality. If I take some shots I'll pass them on for you to use. I'd love to help out. - Neil

Donald Dunlop said...

That would be absolutely awesome ... I could take a decent pic if I wasn't interested in every second of the game. But I hate missing anything.

There's also lots of good photo hosting sites (I use Photobucket ...) so you could put them all there and then I could link to them and make slideshows etc.

You an instigator ... aren't you? I know your type.

You and Bob are my bodyguards. Plus ... it's the best seats in the joint.

AH aka Richard,
You're "THE MAN".

I will do some of that as time allows. I'm trying to have a life too so don't expect too much.

Will said...

Section 213 wouldn't be the same if you moved to the other side to be in the press box. Most likely they have some sort of dress code and the shorts would have to go, so it's best to stay over with the good folks.

Suze said...

Hey Will! We missed you & Dori at the Meet & Greet. Are you making it to the Wasilla game?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Donald! Too legit to quit, LOL.

Anonymous said...

It's a love-in. Congrats, Donald. -30-

Will said...

Suze and Mr. Suze. We weren't able to make the meet and greet as we wanted to. Yes, we will be in Wasilla for the game. We will see ya there.

akhockeyfanatic said...

Congrats Donald. It's well deserved!

Anonymous said...

The Sully does have free wifi in there, so if you had a laptop, you could blog the game.

Suze said...

Or get an I Phone.

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