Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Potpourri: Sense and Nonsense

It's 9am, Sunday September 27th, 2009 and I pretty much got nothing. You know the Sunday deal by now. A little bit of this and some of that. And before you know it there's Internet blog magic here right? Not today. Usually, I've got several ideas about what to blather about. I'm fully capable of just rambling (err ... extemporaneous writing) but I know you don't want to read a bunch of codswallop.

I could give you some of my commie claptrap. Whaddya think? I'm prescient enough to know you're groaning as you read that, so I'm not about to go there today. Fear not though, there'will be sporadic Marxist proselytizing over time. I can't wait to see Michael Moore's, "Capitalism: A Love Story" when it opens this coming Friday night. Oh wait ... I'll be at a hockey game that night. DAMNIT!


If you're unlike so many of us then you may just be getting around to checking this place out. The rest of us are obsessed, so we've been thinking about hockey for like a month. If you're too lazy to scroll down and check out all my preseason stuff then just click on the following links:

Don't think for a second that I won't be checking to see if anyone clicks those links. I'm always staring at my hit counter thingy. This month I've already had the 2nd highest number of hits EvAh here and if you guys will check back 10 or 20 times each day this coming week then September 09 could go over 9,000 hits for the first time. Since there aren't any hilariously funny "Internet Meme" bandwagons for me to jump on then I'm depending on you hockey readers to make that happen.


Speaking of that moron Glenn Beck. I'm kidding ... I'm kidding. Here's a puck bunny pic. Jeez ... don't be so sensitive.

I like her shoes. Yeah ... that's the ticket. Her shoes are real nice, eh? I swear the Internet is running out of hockey related sexy girl pictures.


All the Junior A leagues have started. Goalie Rob Gunderson is "teh shit" so far ... unbeaten with Brooks in the AJHL, ya know. Without looking, I'm pretty sure that everybody has has scored at least one goal. Three guys have been invited to the Canada West World Junior A Challenge Evaluation Camp (Cameron, McLeod and Gunderson). I will have fully fledged recruit update in a few days. It seems to take that bloody long to write those. And the longer I wait to do it the better all their stats ought to look.


It isn't exactly any sort of Internet "buzz" but the Seawolves are getting a mention here and there as a "darkhorse" candidate in the WCHA this season. Hell, I think we're pretty much a darkhorse candidate any year. Not that anything almost anyone on USCHO's fan forum has to say is meaningful. But hey, I'm trying to give you something other than politics here. If you click on the thread above you'll even notice a Fairbanks fan on the Seawolf bandwagon.

The small existing active Seawolves contingent at that joint could use some help though. In the past, I've encouraged you guys to go over there and post. This is me doing so again. RePReSEnT! If you're already registered then get busy. If you're not then register ... Suggested names to register with ... DTP Clone ... DTP RuLeZ!! ... DTP Sent Me ... Anything along those lines would amuse me. Of course, I could make a sockpuppet and start posting again. Plenty of other banned folks have done so. But I'm not the kind of guy to go back into a bar after I've been 86'd so I sure won't go back there. I'll read it. But I won't post there.


This management of whitespace via these breaks makes unimportant posts like this look really long. It's not that I'm all about things looking longer than they actually are. I'm generally quite comfortable with the actual length of things.


The English Premier League pretty much sucked again for me this weekend. It goes that way when you're always determined to root for the underdogs. Anyone can be a Manchester United fan. I used to be one. How hard is it to cheer for Man U, Chelsea or Arsenal when they have virtually every "superstar" that exists on their rosters? Fulham is 17th out of 20 on the EPL table, I didn't get to see the 2nd half of them losing to Chelsea yesterday. Tottenham is doing nicely in 4th place but of course this season they've lost to Man U and Chelsea for two of their three losses.

Oh ... and don't try to watch fitba (Scottish word for soccer) on the TV while you have one streaming on the computer. I think I missed every goal in the two games I was watching. Plus ... switching/muting the volume back and forth is a pain in the ass. Ick ... now "Serie A" (Italian league) is coming on. Shit I might have to watch the NFL. Nah. I'll watch the PGA instead.


So you're dying to know the big news in the wonderful world of physics this week? There's shitloads more water on the Moon than anyone ever imagined. And by shitloads I learned that if you processed 842 lbs of the lunar material that you'd get 12 ounces of water. More interestingly this week, I learned that there may be glaciers under the soil on Mars at mid-latitudes. You're really excited about all this space water news aren't you? You should be.

Now if somebody would just step up and discover/explain the underlying cause of gravity... I say it isn't mass (as if my intuition meant anything). Mass might just be a sort of artifact of something else. If I knew what that something else was I wouldn't be writing this hockey blog; I'd be across the pond collecting my Nobel prize. I'm holding out waiting for a Nobel category for "die-hard overly-optimistic hockey fans". I think I'd be a shoe-in.


The girls on the left look so pathetic. Get some self-esteem eh? Of course, I'm guessing that a Buffalo player or two was tempted to write down her number.

I hate that logo. What happened to the Buffalo? Sigh.

I don't know if the Leafs fan on the right has any self-esteem but then again does it really matter? Click on either or for larger versions.

I'm also guessing that most every single NHL player already has at least one girlfriend, so those chicks on the left shouldn't have waited around too long for the phone to ring. They'd have more luck with college players I'd think. Also, I'm guessing that at least 60 percent of the Sabres roster isn't into girls. Ya know? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that because there isn't. I'm just saying. Thomas Vanek? Drew Stafford? Chris Butler? They all seemed pretty light in the shoes to me when they were in the WCHA.

Edit: Disregard my badly mistaken references to Buffalo above. I stupidly thought the "Sabres" had changed their logo. I don't want much NHL. The broads in the picture are from Tennessee. That in itself explains a lot. It kinda ruins my "gay joke" about those former WCHA players though. Also, what sorts of idiots call themselves the Predators and adopts a logo of a Sabretooth when there's a team in the league called "Sabres"? Answer: Tennesse idiots.


I've got a trio of food challenges for you this week. You really should try all three of these prepared as I describe them. The first is a Banana sandwich. Toast some typical whitebread (you know ... Wonder Bread or whatever) to your preferred darkness. Immediately spread copious amounts of butter (not margarine) on each slice so that it gets nice and melted. Then using your knife mash one medium-sized but ripe Banana onto one slice. Cover that with the other slice and ingest. It's simple and delicious.

The second involves toast as well. I'd recommend a nice Sourdough variety as opposed to that Wonder bread crap. Once again, toast the bread to your preferred darkness and spread a minimum amount of butter (not margarine) on each slice. Top the buttered toast with copious amounts of black raspberry jam (it's acceptable to use blackberry jam if you must, if you only have jelly ... throw it out and go buy some proper jam) on each slice and cover with slices of Kraft American cheese. It's sort of a trailer-trash version of pretentious French fruit/cheese combos. It's awesome. Seriously.

The third is a delectable dessert treat that is incredibly simple. You need two ingredients. Vanilla ice cream and Ruffles potato chips. Dole out your preferred sized serving of ice cream. Grab one handful of fresh Ruffles and crush them up in your hands. Not too small and not too big. Dump the Ruffles onto the ice cream and mix with spoon until smooth. It's "teh shit". Listen to me now and believe me later.

I expect some feedback from you guys on the food challenge. Give it a try. Don't be a wussie. Dean Talafous would never eat any of those. You wouldn't want to be like Dean Talafous.

Oops. I think there was some codswallop in there. Oh well. It's Sunday. I can't think of a better day to write nonsense.


matthew said...

the two pathetic looking girls:
buffalo sabres jersey
nashville predators jersey

Dirty said...

If any WCHA fan would know how to spot a bunch of light in the shoes fairies, it would be a Seawolf fan. I defer to you, Fairy King Donald.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Joe Giordano on your future Seawolves list?

Suze said...

Go away Dirty.

Donald Dunlop said...

Shows you how much NHL I watch.

Buffalo has a mascoit called Sabretooth with the Buffalo logo and Nashville Predators have a logo of a Sabretooth? Wow. Are people in Tennessee that stupid?

My apologies to Donald Audette and Sabres fans everywhere. Nashville will forever be the brunt of my future NHL jokes.

Awww. Did I bag on your girlfriend? Sorry. I didn't know you had a thing for Dru ... I screwed up anyway. I wonder if there are any Nashville players who danced for the Susies? Who does Oshie play for?

He was never a future Seawolf. Blame a communication failure (not on my part).

Anonymous said...

One week into practice, and there should be some line combinations coming together. Anybody been down to see? -30-

Anonymous said...

Article on the boys....

Anonymous said...

The same exact article as what is printed on the WCHA.

Anonymous said...

I hope they are wrong...,17166/NearlyUnanimouslyDenverthePickinWCHA.html

Here is the coaches’ poll:

Team (first-place votes) Points
1. Denver (8) 80
2. North Dakota (2) 70
3. Wisconsin 61
4. Minnesota 58
5. St. Cloud State 55
6. Minnesota-Duluth 37
7. Minnesota State 34
8. Colorado College 26
9. Alaska-Anchorage 20
10. Michigan Tech 9
And here is the media poll:

Team (first-place votes) Points
1. Denver (23) 248
2. North Dakota (1) 205
3. Wisconsin 190
4. Minnesota (1) 186
5. St. Cloud State 152
6. Minnesota-Duluth 118
7. Colorado College 101
8. Minnesota State 88
9. Alaska-Anchorage 57
10. Michigan Tech 30

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked to see CC picked so low. Wow. When was the last time that happened?

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