Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beware The Trojan Horse: S.A.I.T. Preview

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is UAA's preseason opponent this Friday at the Curt Menard II Memorial Sports Center (which is uncomfortably close to the Palin's Wasilla compound). It would be wrong for me not to note that the game starts at 7:07pm. I'm sure you already knew that. I've got lots today that you didn't know about the upcoming opponent.

SAIT's nickname is The Trojans. They are the ACAC reigning champions. Whatever the ACAC is? It's unclear if that's actually a part of the CIS or something seperate from it? Ahem .. the CIS is the Canadian counterpart to the NCAA. Their website says that they're 6 time winners of the Canadian Colleges National Championship. So is all that good? I recognize one of their opponents. The University of Calgary Dinos; but I don't know who the AUG Vikings are. Neither do I know who or what the NAIT Ooks are. But I bet the Ooks are the Trojan's big rival. Too bad they're not the NAIT Durex's ... eh? Get it? Nudge nudge ...

The Trojans are comprised of a mix of former Junior A, CHL and professional players. Yes. Players with more than a little bit of experience playing both A and AA professional hockey (ECHL, IHL, SPHL). Well, 2 of them anyway. They're both 27 years old. Mostly though the team is former junior A players that didn't have the sorts of numbers to get them into the NCAA or former CHL players that didn't get opportunities to go pro. Most of them are in the 22-25 year old range. They're mostly all from Alberta and they're mostly all pretty big but overall not as big as the Seawolves.

The best thing about having this Canadian college team to play against is that they are the first guys that the Seawolves can hit in earnest. Sure ... there are full contact practices. But are you really going to crush your teammate (other than Nils Backstrom of course) the same way you will hit some random Albertan on a half-baked team? There are a couple of great names on the Trojans. Tommy Tartaglione in goal, forward Shadoe Stoodley and another forward named Lust. Who else could a guy named Lust play for but the Trojans? The only thing better would be if they had a player named Jimmy Hat.

None of their players look to be of the goon variety. So that's a good thing. They're in their preseason too. I'd imagine a trip to Alaska is a bit of a cool thing (as opposed to going to Northern Alberta for the 433rd time) so they shouldn't be going home too upset about getting throttled. And the Seawolves better throttle them. I'm just sayin ...

Seriously though. Watch the video. Great stuff. Go back and click the play button now because I know you didn't before you started reading. Everyone needs some 1978 Euro-Pop to brighten their day. And hey ... they're from The Netherlands. As far as I know none of them are related to Mitch "Dutch" Bruijsten. That song was #1 somewhere ... apparently (there are multiple versions of it on youtube!). Gotta "LUV" it.


Now for some important information. The Seawolves will host a free "Skate With The Seawolves" immediately following the SAIT game. They will sign autographs and kids are reminded to bring their own skates to participate. If you bring someone else's skates they might not fit. There are skate rentals available at the arena. Nobody has to fear that I'd sharpen my skates and take a lap. I won't.


Anonymous said...

Seawolves should have no problem. Beware of Geeks, er, Greeks bearing gifts, however. They will be a well coached group under Ken Babey, who has paid some dues on the national and international scene. -30-

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

Does anybody know right now what the line combo's will be for Friday?

A Seawolves Fanatic said...

And, seems like were gonna play a nationaly ranked team and closely picked to finish first in the CCHA, in the weeks to come at the Sully:

Let's pack the arena and kick some BIG ten, ass in hockey this season.

2 more days!!!!!!!!

akhockeyfanatic said...

Just picked up my tickets. Hopefully some Valley hockey fans will show up and it will be a full house. And Anchorage folks need to realize that it's a short drive to the Valley and not the other side of the world. Let's pack em in!

Go Seawolves!!

Anonymous said...

Will be there at Wasilla....and don't forget that the Kendal Classic is next week. On Friday, Oct 9, there is a luncheon for the Classic at the Firetap Ale house, O'malley and Old Seward. Starts at 11:30. Call the UAA Athletic Office for tickets......would like to put 200 people there. Coaches from Michigan, Mercyhurst, _airbanks and UAA will be speaking....should be a good time.


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